Year 2Edit

===Januari : ===

1 – Return from Honduras (Sundayafternoon)

2 – Start of classes at Sint-Joseph’s college after winter break (Mondaymorning)

6 – Jason & Payton’s official first date (Fridayevening)

7 – Alyssa brings Holiday presents. Alyson throws hers away but Claire saves it. She later hands it over to Alyson anyway as a start of a reconciliation between Alyson and Alyssa.

===Februari : ===

10 – Midterms (until 14th)

===Maart : === ===April : ===

23 – Relatie Mike & Mila

===Mei : ===

17 – Claire’s 17th birthday

===Juni : ===

6 – Payton’s 19th birthday

11 – Finals week (until 15thth)

22 – Sophomore (Claire , Seth & Justin whose date is Alyssa) and Junior (Payton , Jason , Mike & Mila) prom (Friday)

23 – Claire gets kidnapped by Jared ,who tortures her to telling where her sister is. She perseveres , but it almost costs her her life. The others are able to find her thanks to a note with coordinates they found. This will later appear to be a note from Alyssa , who left town out of guilt for ignoring Jared’s threats. Claire ends up in shock and a coma. Mike & Mila find out about the magical world when they come to ask how Claire is. Payton and Jason tell the two of them plus Justin about it , but Justin forgets due to Alyssa who made him forget about everything that day. (Satruday)

27 – End of Claire , Seth & Justin’s sophomore year + end of Payton , Jason , Mike & Mila’s Junior year

===Juli : ===

7 – Vertrek vakantie Italië (until 21st)

22 - De dag na hun terugkomst uit Italië worden Claire en Justin aangevallen door Liam , terwijl Claire hem over magie probeert te vertellen, Seth redt hen en Alyssa vertelt Justin dan over magie.

23 - Liam probeert Mila de dag nadien aan te vallen in wraak , en dat lukt hem ook deels.

24 - Liam komt erachter dat hij de halfbroer is , Alyssa overtuigt Claire om met hem te praten

25 - Christopher word opgeroepen , en de relatie van Grace & hem word bevestigd

26 - Alyssa en Liam besluiten Claire tijd en ruimte te geven en verhuizen naar Portland om Liam te introduceren aan zijn andere halfzus , Payton (en nemen hierbij Nate's taak over)

===Augustus : ===

23 – Wedding anniversary of Lillian & Christopher : Diner in a restaurant Lillian and Christopher went to a lot. They also visit the house , where they find a paper stating it will be sold publically in one week time

24 – The Dawsons buy the Silverstone house. The elders call the Silverstones sisters for an explanation , but when the sisters state they agreed on them buying the house ,they get punished and they lose their powers.

===September (start PSU for P - Start senior year for M&M - Start junior year for C&J) ===

04 – Start of Seth’s transitioning : Fight in locker rooms  + lockdown in cellar (Thursday)

06 – Payton’s graduation + Seth and Claire’s last evening together (Saturday)

07 – Seth’s departure to South-America at 1.00 (Sunday)

08 – Start Classes SJC (Monday)

10 – Claire finds out Seth placed her up for junior prom queen + Liam’s visit to Mila + Payton receives Jason’s goodbye letter + Claire and Mila get invited by Mike to Dough’s party

11 – Pierre returns to Waterfall Creek

12 – Mila & Pierre’s date (lunch , movies) and One night stand

15 – Start Classes PSU

19 – Dough’s party

20 – Opening Pizzeria Romano (Mila’s parents)

22 – Jason’s birthday

===Oktober : ===

03 – Payton comes to Waterfall Creek (guardian issues) : Payton casts a spell to make Pierre forget about that day because Pierre told her about Mila and him (after Mila accicently told Payton)

04 – Payton and Claire go shopping : Claire tells Payton about the anniversary

07 – Payton returns to Portland to start training with Liam & Alyssa in martial arts. (Sundatafternoon)

19 – Homecoming : Payton gets waisted because she thinks she doesn’t deserve the homecoming title. (Fridayevening)

===November : ===

èPayton is being trained by Liam and Alyssa while Jason is still gone. She still attends PSU in the meanwhile. Claire tries to live with Seth not being there while prepping for Junior Prom Queen elections and balancing her friendship with Justin.

===December : ===

13 – Jason shows up in Portland and (his vampire side) tries to kill Payton , but Alyssa stops him just in time. She makes Payton forget about Jason’s attack/visit and Alyssa helps Jason dealing with his transition in Canada. (Thursday)

21 – Winter formal (Fridayevening) : Alyssa and Justin meet again but he doesn’t remember that the last time they saw eachother , she was the one telling him about vampires. She says she was actually the one to tell him , and when he asks why , she reveals the vampire-side of her to him , which he finds cooler (he likes female vampires more than males , appareantly)

24 – Christmas eve at Payton’s apartment in Portland : This evening is the start of Alysstin friendship. Justin remembers Alyssa from Winter Formal and they talk about vampires and stuff. During a Nauren mistletoe kiss Alyssa catches Justin staring at her. She slowly starts to regret shoving him off all the time. (Monday)

31 – New Year’s eve party at Waterfall Creek : Alyssa and Justin hang out on the rooftop of the Romano pizzeria where everyone is enjoying pizza , while they are watching the firewoks. Alyssa tells him to remember this moment. He nods adding he wants to make it even more special but when he tries to kiss her he is surprised by the fireworks and almost falls of the building. Alyssa saves him from falling , but just to be sure he avoids kissing her again. (Monday)

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