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Human interraction is our oxygen. But royal interaction is the blood in our veins.
— Payton to Elisabeth

Witches and wizards are a species in Touch of Magic. They are supernatural creatures but unlike vampires the magic manifests in the person itself, and is passed down, resulting in the fact that witches and wizards can only be born as such.

Most witches and wizards in Touch of Magic are royals whereas they only represent a small percentage of the magical population. In the magical dimension lives the majority of the magical community of witches and wizards.


The first magic was created through Imaya, the Mother of all witches and wizards who was burn on a lunar eclipse, creating the first connection between humans and nature. Her 7 daughters all gained magical abilities, and are referred to as the Ancient Witches.

Imaya's spriit was channelled to create the Magical Dimension, a beacon of magic in a parallell Universe, that is accessed through portals. The Ancient witches are also responsible for the creation of the First Coven, the first vampires on earth who were cursed because they stole cattle and endangered the survival of the witches and their newer generations. When the vampires discovered human blood and the plan of the witches failed, they relocated to the Magical Dimension.

A while later, trouble began to rise within the sisters when Doreaha and Ayla wanted to return to the human world, and Ayla had created the plan to take her infant niece and sacrifice her to the vampires in exchange for their lives to be spared. Pretending to agree with the plan, Doreaha agreed to take the child, and she sent Ayla through the portal back to the human world. When Ayla didn't return, Doreaha informed her other sister that she had died, and that they were now safe from the dark spirit that their youngest sister harboured. 

When Ayla wanted to sacrifice her niece to the vampires to negociate their return, she travelled through the portal back to the human dimension, but she never returned, leading her sisters to believe the imbalance of magic must have killed her. Later on it gets revealed that the oldest two sisters had conspired for Ayla to travel through the Portal, because her dark soul would negatively influence their survival in the new world.

The Ancient Witches then settled into the new world they had created, and had children themselves who took over when they were old enough. The Ancient Witches then dissappeared from the map some time after that, believed to have died while their magic lives on inside their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.

The third generation that followed the legendary Ancient Witches proved to be explorers when they suggested testing the portal once again. Parts of the existing bloodlines relocated back to the human world when the portal proved to work, and many witches and wizards returned to a world without magic to settle within humans. This proved to be a fatal mistake for many, leaving only the strongest of each generation to survive. This select group, often firstborns, became known as the Royals, those the portal had spared. 

Unable to return to the magical dimension and the rest of their species, they were forced to demesticate the real world where they settled in parts of Eurasia and Northern Africa, close to the mediterainean sea, using the Greek Island of Andros as a meeting point. This remained untill they started branching out, particulary when the vampires discovered the sacred symbolism of the island. Vampires started to invade, causing the Royal families to flee and spread out across the world, a majority of them relocating to America (aside from  the Ambroise Bloodline and the Courtois bloodline

To this day, the Ambroise bloodline is by far the biggest bloodline and is scattered globally, although mostly concentrated around Western Europe, mainly France, and french speaking countries of Africa. As a result of this most of their spells are either in latin or french.

The Haines bloodline took the part up north once in America and landed in Canada, and eventually the isolated region of Alaska.

The Silverstone Bloodline did similar, settling in a little area at the Pacific Ocean. The Greene Bloodline eventually settled in the area around Lake Tahoe and Nevada with extentions to California and Texas.

The Arlen Bloodline settled around the Great Lakes.

"Witch Trails"Edit

Around the start of the Early Modern period (1480) the witch trails started in Europe. When the witch trails started in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 it caused a lot of fuzz in the magical community. A lot of  humans were unrightfully convicted and many witches wanted to expose the secret to stop the witch trails by explaining they were good people with healing abilities, etc. The magical community therefor held a meeting. They decided not to reveal themselves to the world, but some disagreed with it. As a result , some réal witches were killed in the witch trails as those who did expose themselves were executed by their local witchhunters.

From the 20% of world population in Ancient Greek, after the medievals less than 1.2% of the world population were witches and wizards. 

Post "Witch Trails"Edit

The Silverstone bloodline got reduced to one family, who gave the bloodline it's name : The Silverstone family. The Greene bloodline died out for the majority. However it is believed one branch besides the Greene family was kept alive. The Courtois bloodline grieved the loss of their family members in Europe but remained in America and consisted out of 3 families : the Whitehill , Westbrook and Courtois family. The latter remained throughout time and gave the bloodline it's name. The Haines bloodline consisted of 4 families : The Thorntons , Haganos and the Ignatius family. All three of them still exist. The bloodlines is not named after a family , but after a location. This is the same af the Ambroise bloodline , consisting of 5 families. There are an estimated 136 witches and wizards part of the Ambroise bloodline currently alive.



Royals are the strongest type of Witches and Wizards, and leaders of the kingdoms in the magical dimension. They are the only type of witches and wizards capable of living in the human dimension, where they balance their magical duties with human lives. 

Royals gather in the human dimension to open portals, something that requires great magical strength. Royal families are stronger when they live close to their portal because they can pull magical energy from it. In the Magical Dimension they don't gather as frequently, except when a royal dies. In that case, the royal families might send a representative to the spiritual ceremony (as was done with Lucy Greene, queen of Divitia.

Royals have a strong connection to eachother and their magic grows significantly stronger when they are close. Royals can pull from eachother's magical energy if needed. Royals often experience what is described as 'entangled souls', where they share strong connections with other royals. Mostly this connection remains amicable, but sometimes it develops into romance such as was the case with Lillian Silverstone and Christopher Greene.

If a witch and a wizard procreate, a twiceblessed witch or wizard is born, as was the case with Payton and Claire, as well as Sophia Greene. The twiceblessed offspring shares equal rights to the throne of their parents respective kingdoms, but they don't necessarely need to rule simultaneously. In the case of the Silverstone-Greene children, their aunt Lucy ruled over Divitia for another 15 years after her brothers dead, only then passing the throne to her nieces briefly, who were already on the throne of Divitia.

Royals follow the birth order in the line of succesion by default, but sometimes the bloodline will decide to choose a Primary, an important member of the bloodline who can cut in line for the throne in certain events. Pierre became a primary, next in line for the throne of Solos over his entire extended family in his efforts to re-establish connection with the other bloodlines, mainly the Silverstones, as well as being born with a very rare power within the magical world. Liam became king of Slivatica as a birthday present from his sisters, after he lost his vampirism and became a wizard. Payton and Claire stepped down as queens of Slivatica, but remained quees of Divitia. Phoebe became a primary for similar reasons as Pierre, and hereby didn't follow in the footsteps of a family member, but in those of a regent, like Payton and Claire when they were coronated in Divitia. At age 18, Phoebe is then currently the youngest queen, although Payton was coronated at age 15 and Claire at age 13.


Our powers are not just DNA. They don't come from talent. They come from love. And in the absence of that, they come from pain.
— Payton describing magical powers

Witches or wizards can only have active powers when the bloodline is activated. A witch line will activate when the lives of the witches are in danger (f.e. by presence of vampires , the natural enemies of witches). From the moment a bloodline is activated , it can never be de-activated. Every single descendant will be an active witch/wizard.

There is one loophole : You can lose active powers (temporarly) due to a descission made by the elders. In this case witches/wizards are still considered witches/wizards because they are able to practice the basic powers but in a limited form , and they can cast some spells(for their own protection). More advanced powers however will be disabled. The subject will have to go to the Elders to execute this.

Known cases of people losing their powers :

  • Christopher Greene lost his powers before Claire was born because he interfered and objected in the descision made by the elders to have Payton put in magicschool and under their care. Because of this , Christopher's next daughter , Claire , doesn't enherit any of her father's active powers. He is given back his powers when his family is under attack. However , he begs the elders to give his powers to Claire instead , as he was trapped anyway. Claire end up getting his powers and was able to be protected from the attack , and thus survived. Claire herself was unaware of this untill she was told about it by her sister , Payton.
  • Payton and Claire Silverstone lost their powers for a few months in late 2009-early 2010 from the moment they allowed the Dawson's money to help them buy their house to the point of Payton's pregnancy reveal. They were only returned because Payton threatened the elders and because they placed the welbeing of the unborn child over the actions her parents had done.
  • The entire The Curtis Family lost their active powers because Linda Curtis was to blame for the death of her two oldest children. Phoebe Curtis, born afterwards, was given active powers to renew the bloodline's history of troubled parenting and domestic abuse.
  • Bryan Thronton and Peter Thornton had their active powers taken away because they endangered the continuation of the bloodline by risking the lives of their children. Their powers were only removed after they refused to fight against The Anconi with the other witches and wizards.

An overview of all powers that exist in Touch of Magic :

Elemental PowersEdit

  • Geokinesis
    • Pyrokinesis (All active witches - Specialty of the Hainasoni witches)
    • Aerokinesis/Anemokinesis (All active witches - Specialty of the Arlen witches)
    • Aquakinesis/Hydrokinesis (All active witches - Specialty of the Arlen witches)
    • Agrokinesis/Anthokinesis (All active witches - Specialty of the Greene wizards)
    • Photokinesis (All active witches - Specialty of the Ambroise witches)
    • Terrakinesis (All active witches)
  • Atmoskinesis (All Silverstone-Dawson witches and wizards)
    • Brontokinesis/Fulminokinesis (Amanda and Alexis)
    • Solarkinesis (Alena, Andrew and Amore)
    • Heliokinesis (Amanda)
    • Lunarkinesis (Alexis)

Mental PowersEdit

  • Empathy (Payton)
  • Mindreading (Claire)
  • Tactile Hynosis (Pierre)
  • Cogitokinesis (Amore)
  • Hallucikinesis (Charlotte)
  • Mnemokinesis (Sebastien)

Kinetic PowersEdit

  • Gerontokinesis (Cassidy,Kendall)
  • Haemokinesis (Laura, Lydia, Louis)
  • Telekinesis (Payton, Claire)
  • Amokinesis (Phoebe)
  • Electrokinesis (Amanda and Alexis)
  • Necrokinesis (AJ)
  • Ferrokinesis (Oliver, Lucas)
  • Nucleokinesis/Nitrokinesis (June)
  • Thiriokinesis (Camille)
  • Retrokinesis - no humans (Hailee)
  • Symphokinesis (Connor)

Other PowersEdit

  • Healing (Payton)
  • Flyrokinesis (Claire)
  • Oneirokinesis (Liam)
  • Omnikinesis (Sophia, Payton and Claire (together) , Camille and Lucas (together))
  • Quintekinesis (the Witches of the Ambroise (in the form of Vitakinesis) and Garfunkle bloodline(in the form of Thanatokinesis))


Do your wondertwin power thingy...
— Liam referring to Twiceblessing at his sisters

The occurance of Twiceblessing if the birth of a child from both a wizard and a witch. This event happened twice in the 20th century, yet becomes more frequent once the Bloodlines of witchcraft get more intertwined. Payton is the original Twiceblessed, furfilling the prophecy in 1991. Claire is second, Sophia is the third case of this.

Twiceblessed witches or wizards are incredibly strong. They are first and foremost Royalty in both kingdoms, above any other family member, yet they can assign Regents. They posses the ability to survive in both dimensions without any effort. Their powers often include rare powers, and are magnified intensely. When two or more twiceblessed beings connect, they are said to be able to control everything and everyone (Omnikinesis).

  • This was portrayed by Claire and Payton in the battle against the Anconi. Despite power-blocking wristbands and with the help of Alyssa, they selectively killed all Anconi vampires without moving an inch.

Ancient WitchesEdit

Name Myrya Doreaha Samyra Nerilla Lysra Yara Ayla

Sarah Gadon


Bella Heathcote


Aly Michalka


Nathalie Dormer


Saoirse Ronan


Riley Voekel


Nicola Peltz

Specialty Divinity, immortality, life, sun Fire and blood Wealth, leadership and moon Water and air Earth and woods Compassion, love and emotion Ferocity, Fierceness and death
Bloodline Ambroise Bloodline Hainasoni Bloodline Silverstone Bloodline Arlen Bloodline Greene Bloodline Curtis Bloodline Garfunkle Bloodline
Activator Pierre Ambroise in 1990 Joseph Hainasoni in 1820 Gracie Silverstone in 1621 Jennifer Arlen in 1785 Constance Greene in 1715 Samantha Courtois in 1836 /

Bloodlines and HousesEdit

The Ancient bloodlines are the bloodlines of the 7 Ancient Witches. They are always dominant to other (human) bloodlines, and as a tradition the witches usually keep their ‘magical’ last name. Most bloodlines are also Matrilines.

The 7 Bloodlines are further split up into sub-bloodlines, that are called Houses. Every bloodline has at least one or a few beside the main house (the house of the royal family and the house that has the name of the bloodline). The main house is dominant over the other houses in the bloodline, despite the fact that they have less of a pressence in the magical dimension.

  • Ambroise Bloodline
    • House Ambroise - Royal family
    • House Manderlys
  • Hainasoni Bloodline
    • House Thornton - Royal family, consisting of the Thornton, Hagano and Ignatius family.
    • House Blackfyre
    • House Thorne
  • Silverstone Bloodline
    • House Silverstone - Royal family
    • House Sellister
    • House Kent
  • Arlen Bloodline
    • House Winchell - Royal family
    • House Swann
  • Greene Bloodline
    • House Greene - Royal family
    • House Hornhall
  • Curtis Bloodline
    • House Curtis - Royal family
    • House Cerwyne - Regent family
  • Garfunkel Bloodline

Most members of a main house are royals residing in the normal world. Lesser houses do not carry enough magic to have a pressence in the normal world.  

Some Houses could take over as Regents in the Magical community with the consent of the Royal Family, such as was the case with the Curtis family when their powers were taken away.

Known Witches & WizardsEdit

Categorized by sub-story

Touch of MagicEdit


  • Sebastien Ambroise (introduced in TOM S1)
  • Linda Curtis (unactive) (introcude in TOM S4)
  • Chloë Curtis (unactive) (introduced in TOM S5)
  • Louis Ignatius (Season One onwards)
  • Laura Thornton (Season One onwards)
  • Lydia Thornton (Season One onwards)
  • Nick Thornton (Season One onwards)
  • Cassidy Thornton (Season One & Season Two)
  • Naomi Thornton (Season One onwards)
  • Kendall Thornton (Season One onwards)
  • Ariël Curtis (unactive) (Season Two onwards)
  • Connor Curtis (unactive) (Season Two onwards
  • Charlie Ambroise (Season Two onwards)
  • Calliope Winchell (introduced in TOM S6, Season Two onwards)
  • Ruby Lennox (Introduced in TOM S3, revealed in Season Two)


Blue MoonEdit

  • Alena Dawson (introduced in TOM S3, aged up)
  • Andrew Dawson (introduced in TOM S4, aged up)
  • Alexis Dawson (introduced in TOM S5, aged up)
  • Amanda Dawson (introduced in TOM S5, aged up)
  • Amore Dawson (Introduced in TOM S6, aged up)
  • Sophia Greene (Introduced in TOM S6, aged up)
  • Charlotte Ambroise (Season One onwards)
  • Oliver Ambroise (Season One onwards)
  • June Ambroise (Season One onwards)
  • Camille Ambroise (Introduced in Season Two)
  • Lucas Ambroise (Introduced in Season Two)


  • The oldest living member is considered the leader of the bloodline in corelation with holding the royal title in their respective kingdom. There are 2 exceptions to that :
    • Phoebe Curtis lead her bloodline, despite being the youngest child of 6 in her family. She becomes Queen and later agrees with Liam to hand over the rights to Sophia Greene, her niece.  Phoebe trains her niece in all things magic, and later hands over the leadership to focus on her family.
    • Laura Thornton lead her bloodline from 2016 onwards, after she and her siblings and cousins had made a coup d'etat on their parents. She has trapped her father, the oldest living member of her bloodline, in Sanguis. She passes the rights over to Kendall Hagano as a marriage present for her and her Solos-native husband Tobias. Laura remains active leader of the Hainasoni Bloodline in the human world.
  • Witches have a mortality rule, stating all witches must remain mortal to keep the balance of nature. However this rule was broken several times
    • The Valkyriesexperimented with immortality and the spell used to create vampires.
    • The children of Pierre, Claire and Payton being Dhampires made them immortal. They're still accepted by the royal community, but not so much in the Magical Dimension.
  • Witch magic can be transfered to objects partially or entirely.
    • The lifeforce of a Hainasoni witch was used to make Alyssa, Jason and Seth's rings.
  • Witches are taught from a very young age to hide their powers, and to some extinct it is based in their DNA as seen by Payton and Claire as kids, and Phoebe untill she reached adolescence. They're generally also goot at deceit towards the human world, and they sometimes have entire false identities.
    • If humans who are not supposed to know find out, the witches have a contingency to create a memory-potion but the ingredients have grown rare because of the overuse in the 80's/90's. Some humans are trusted by the witches to know their secret, such as Mila, Mike, Justin, Mike, Heidi,... They all have some sort of affiliation with a known witch/wizard/vampire
  • Laura, Bash, Payton, Calliope, Liam and Phoebe are referred to with codename 'Alpha' by hunters. The groupname 'The Alphas' points to the most prominent members of witchcraft royalty as a target.