WC town square (Lisbon , Ohio)
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Waterfall Creek

Downtown Waterfall Creek is a region in Waterfall Creek. The name refers to the city centre of the oregon coastal town. It includes the town square and several small businesses surrounding it.

City gatherings are held in downtown Waterfall Creek, such as Fall Festival and Spring Festival. The park is one of the most recommended places. 




Wadson HouseEdit

WC city hall (Auburn city hall)

Wadson House/Town Hall

Wadson House is the unofficial name for the City Hall. It has been known as Wadson House for many generations ; During the founding of Waterfall Creek , Wadson House was built as a residence for James and Elisabeth Dawson. But as soon as the inhabitants started to notice how the landlord and his wife didn't age, they moved away. The property belonged to the city ever since , who turned it into the City Hall.

The garden of Wadson House is now the city park , with a large fountain.

Waterfall Creek ParkEdit

Waterfall Creek Park is the town park at the back of town hall.

Pizzeria CabelloEdit

"Pizzeria Cabello" is a little but very famous pizzeria in Waterfall Creek located at 238 Madison Street. The restaurant is runned by Jordan and Maria Cabello. Mila worke at the pizzeria throughout her senior year, which is when her friends got to know the delicious cooking of the Cabello's, and since then it is thé place for youngsters in Waterfall Creek to eat wonderfull Italian food.

Located at Madison Street, named after Madison Long, wife of the first mayor, the pizzeria only has some concurrention from small local supermarkets and a sushi-restaurant.

Pedro's CoffeeshopEdit

A local coffeeshop and hang-out place.

Creeton CraftmanshipEdit

The small craftsman business of Paul Creeton