Type C vampires are generally characterised by living on animal blood, a high pressence in the society, sedentary behaviour and strong restraint and dedication with focus on human interactions. Type C-vampirism is a lifestyle-distinguishment, less biological.

Vampires who are type C vampires :


Type-C Vampires are like any other vampire considered both dead and immortal at the same time. Technically their heart doesn't beat on it's own, making them classified as deceased. They remain alive by feeding on blood, which finds it's way through the body. When the consumed blood comes in touch with the hart, laced with the venom that turned them, the reaction mimics a heartbeat, causing the vampire's body to be 'alive'.

Aside from their heart, other organs only work in a minimal way as the new bloodflow will focus on additional muscle strenght and speed, instead of vital organ functions such as kidneys, liver and longs. Vampires have been known to survive without these vital organs even functioning at all.

In the case of Type C vampires, a large majority of organs will remain functioning, and they have less excessive strenght and speed, but still above normal human capacity.

Animal blood has the same amout of red blood cells and protein as human blood, but the human variation lacks a nuclei (RBC-) that animals do have (RBC+). This causes fysical weakness in Type-C vampires, and it disables the production of toxic. As a result of this, Type-C vampires can not turn other vampires.


Vampires look like humans. When a vampire is turned, the toxic will correct some natural born flaws, like poor eyesight or disfigurements. This brings out vampires who are often considered more beautiful than humans.

When their vampire nature is fully aroused their fangs appear,which are usually hidden. Their facial features become more primal and their eyes can shift to bright colors or dark if they are at a low fuel point. Type C vampires are more resent to this, and they do not need as much feedings as they add food to their diet.


Vampires are known to be sexual due to different hormone levels. Type-C vampires might have a better grip on these. Their interactions with humans might give them more sexual temptation though, but overall they are able to resist that.

  • Seth originally was against any sexual activity until Claire turned 18, calling in the statutory rape argument. Claire eventually convinced him enough for him to prepare a special night on Valentine's day 2009, which was when Claire ended up losing her virginity to Seth.
  • Payton and Jason first slept together in May 2008, when Payton was almost 19.
  • Justin and Alyssa first slept together late 2009, putting Justin at age 18, almost 19


Type C vampires usually have a strong emotional mind. Their human lifestyle is at the base of this.

When a Type-A vampire chooses to become a Type-C vampire, it requires a lot of emotional effort from them. They have to learn how to adapt to humans in various situations, as well as learn how human emotions are triggered, since it's different for vampires.

Type-C vampires usually don't make transitions to this lifestyle untill their second century, but it depends on the emotional desire to be around society of each individual. Sires will rarely  suggest a Type-C lifestyle, this is often something that comes natural or happens gradually by accident.

Some sires do, however. James has send out Jason and Seth on missions in human society, most notably Sint-Joseph's Boarding School. May has attempted to send Thomas out into the society, but this has failed when he ended up killing humans, reverting back to Type-B vampirism. Some could argue that Alyssa Miller is an example of unintentional Type-C transition, as well as Jade Miller.

One of the plus sides of Type C-vampirism is not having to feed that much. They only have to feed once a day, which minimalises the guilt of any type of killing, being human or animal.

The choice for Type-C vampirism is often permanent, as it is a very gradual proces and it's not easily triggered, except if the foundations for Type-A vampirism are already bad.


Type-A vampires are known for their sedentary and their high pressence in the community. They often choose to live in one particular place for a long time, and are attached to their environment. Their human lifestyle often urges them to be around people more. They chose to live in a real home and make their life as normal as possible.

Type-C vampires are also very cautious about human living spaces. Despite their descent exposure, they tend to avoid very concentrated areas, such as the SJBS dorms or the Silverstone House. It usually takes them a while before they are able to manage the scent.

  • Alyssa briefly visited Payton and Claire's room in Season Two when she was looking out for Liam. Even though enrolled in SJBS in Season Three she doesn't visit Justin's dorm untill around thanksgiving. She first spends the night there around mid-december.
  • Jason and Seth both kept their blood-intake high enough in the earliest month at SJBS to be able to handle the high concentrations of vampires. Seth first visited the Silverstone dorm in early October. Jason visits the dorm the week after.