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Undead people who survive on blood

For an overview about all vampires in Touch of Magic check out the Vampire-category 

Vampires are one of two main supernatural species in Touch of Magic. They are immortal and feed on blood to survive. Depending on the type of blood they choose, they are classified in types. They are known to either form groups or live rather isolated. They have a minimum pressence in society and mostly live in the shadows of the everyday world.


The curseEdit

The oldest vampires were created in the nomadic period ; When a group of nomads travelled by they met another group. The nomads saw that these other people had cattle , so they took the cattle and killed it for meat. The sedentairy group was angry , and since they were witches , used herbs to cast a spell on the nomads , cursing them for an eternal life where they'd only be able to survive if they drank animal blood.

This dozen of 'First Vampires' quickly slimmed down to a handfull , since they either killed eachtother of died of thrist. Untill one of them found the satisfaction of human blood , which made them stronger , faster and better overall. These hunters now became a superior species and they expanded their race as the human blood drinking vampires created a toxic , that turned humans into vampires.Quickly , some vampires began to group and became more and more powerfull and gained in numbers. This main group of vampires was called the First Coven and settled in Scandinavia.

First CovenEdit

Around the 14th century , they ruled most of the countryside of Europe. Their recruitements where masked by a mythe saying every couple should give up half of their children , otherwise it would rain blood.

A few hundred years later , a new power emerged in Europe , called the Miller-coven. But the First Coven didn't take action as the Miller group made the cross-atlantic travel.

The big twoEdit

But with two big vampire-groups on either side of the ocean it was meant to clash sometime. When May Miller ordered the attack on the First Coven , it came as a surprise and May won. The members that survived moved to the South , the mediterainian , where it was torture for most vampires because of the heat. They based on Andros , a small little Greek island , and renamed themselves the Anconi group. They slowly started to grow back in numbers , and were planning an attack. However , they managed to came to an agreement when May gave the Anconi her daughter ; a pure vampire infant baby. Jade was considered a truce offer and the two groups decided to leave eachother alone.



Vampires are classified in several types, distinguished by their nurture. Along with their diet, several other elements play part in separating different types, such as human interaction and fertility.

For more information about their types, check their pages Type A-vampires
Type B-vampires
Type C-vampires
Type D-vampires

Human FoodEdit

  • Sticktly Type A vampires usually don't eat human food. They might rarely for keeping up appearence , but usually not willingly.
  • Type B vampires despise human food completely and they don't come near restaurants and kitchens. A bright side is that chefs are usually not on their menu because of this.
  • Type C vampires are characterised by their preference for human food. If the type C-vampire makes this comitment, it can fill up the need of certain nutrients they'd otherwise would have to get through the blood. Having to consume less animal blood, they improve the ability to interact with humans (see Human interaction)
  • Type D vampires are born with both human and vampire-DNA and therefore their bodies need both blood and human food to survive. A Dhampir (or type D vampire) usually doesn't develope any bloodthirst untill the age of 12 , when their fangs are developed. However , it may occur that unborn Dhampirs use blood from their mother to grow and most Dhampirs are given little amounts occasionally to maintain tolerance for blood through childhood.</p>

Human InteractionEdit

  • Type A vampires tend to have a pressence in society but avoid much human interaction. They are usually the type of families that 'often make family trips' or 'move around the country a lot' in the eyes of the community in order to explain their frequent absence. But in reality they usually stay very much unde the radar.
  • Type B vampires are overall anti-social towards humans. They will only interact when them to feed on them. Some exceptions are high-ranked vampireleaders who interact with humans to maintain their power (think of lawyers, realators). Some vampires enjoy a thril that comes with the human party-scene. Clubs and bars are a frequent hunting ground for them, which is where they do interact with humans.
  • Type C vampires are specialized by their interaction with human. The lack of any human blood in their system will automatically put the craving for human blood down , which gives them the ability to interact with humans without wanting to slice their neck open. The consequence is that the vampire must maintain a steady amount of human food and animal blood to prevent the bloodthirst from taking over. This can take practise. Vampires who attend schools are usually experienced type C vampires
  • Type D vampires are, because of their genetics, born to interact with both humans and other vampires. They are a combination of both species and have no boundries when it comes to human interaction, like the type C vampires have.

Human ReproductionEdit

  • Type A vampires are not fertile because animal blood contains a nuclei that stops the production of oocytes.
  • Type B vampires are not fertile because human blood contains a nuclei that stopts the production of oocytes. Instead, the human blood will cause the creation of a toxic, that can turn others into vampires.
  • Type C vampires are not fertile, unless they lower their blood intake to the point where their bodies does start producing oocytes. The possibility of this theory on it's own is also unsure since the only known cases of fertile type C-vampires included some usage of magic.
  • Type D vampires are 100% fertile because of their human DNA..

Below are listed all the cases of vampire parents :

  • Alyson and Dylan with their adoptive daughter Aylin McKenzie, through legal adoption
  • Jason Dawson with Alena , AJ and Amore due to low blood-intake and magic (Payton)
  • Seth Dawson with Amanda and Alexis due to low blood-intake and magic (Claire)
  • May Miller with Alyssa and Jade due to low blood-intake and magic (Anconi fertility potion)
  • Grace Miller with Liam due to low blood-intake and magic (Anconi fertility potion)
  • Jared Carrington with Jade due to magic (fertility spell)
  • Alyssa Miller with Damien and Daphne due to being a dhampire and being the product of a vampire pregnancy
  • Jade Miller with Charlotte, Oliver, June due to low-blood intake, and magic (Pierre + fertility potion)
  • Liam Miller with Sophia, due to physically turning human (stripped of maternal vampire DNA)
  • Emilia Brown with her daughter, due to magic (Nick + fertility spell)

Life StagesEdit

New VampiresEdit

New vampires in general are ought a burden and difficult to maintain. The only way a new vampire will be succesfull is if it's trained amongst others. This is the case with the Anconi and The Millers. Other new vampires usually end up killed by their master or the rest of the world. A bad mentoring can also lead to future problems, such as the case of Ivy Woods.

Experienced VampiresEdit

Experienced vampires will have more self control. They are often able to interact and blend in with humans. The First Coven is notorious for their disguises among the common people. They have mastered the art of camouflage in human interractions flawlessly.


All vampires share the same ways to kill them ;

  • Decomposition if they don't get enough blood
  • Wooden stake to the heart
  • Vampire Toxic

The latter is a toxic in witches blood. It is a secret weapon from the Elders which power was revealed when Payton used it to kill May Miller. She forced them to remove the toxic from all witches in her next meeting with them. It is the best kept but also the hardest kept secret weapon to kill vampires, that has only been used twice (arguably once), in the death of May Miller.


But just like many things in nature, there is a loophole. Vampirism can also be cured. The cure is the blood of a Witch/Wizard Dhampir. Since these people share DNA of both witches/wizards and vampires, nature has found a way to balance itself out with this new breed. That blood would turn out to reverse the curse put on the first coven, making the vampire human again.

The cure only works if the donor is from the bloodline of the dhampire, or the dhampire's sire and if the curse is activated by one of the donor's magical ancestors. Essentially, both sides of a Witch/Wizard Dhampir genetics would have to cooperate to create the cure.

  1. Liam Miller's blood could cure vampires he turned as a vampire himself, or vampires turned by his mother, Grace, who is his sire. A witch from the Greene Bloodline would have to assist, considering Liam is the sire to his own vampire bloodline himself.
  2. Alena Dawson's blood could cure vampires she has turned herself, or who were turned by her father, Jason, who is also her sire.
  3. Amanda and Alexis Dawson's blood could cure vampires they have turned themselves, or who were turned by their father, Seth, who is also their sire.
  4. Charlotte Ambroise's blood could cure vampires she has turned themselves, or who were turned by her mother, Jade, who is also her sire.


Transition is a state of being that some vampires experience. Transitioning is only noticed in vampires who are in love. After a certain amount of time the heart of a vampire will start to respond to the heartbeat of the person of their affection, if it is mutual. This will cause friction with the vampire body which will not be adjusted to match a human body's heartbeat. This will resolve in lots of violance and bipolar behaviour as two sides to the vampire in question will start to fight for dominance.

In this fight, a vampire will loose the ability to use special powers linked to their cause of death. The raging violance will also disable them from being in proximity to the person they love. Afterwords, the vampire will either desert his or her clan and live on in seclusion (usually turning into a type B vampire if not yet the case) or either return to their love and live a loving and caring life.

In a relationship, only one person will transition, seeing as the process affects both people. It is usually the male, although there are reportings of females.

Notable examples of transitioned vampires :

  • Jared Carrington (May Miller)
  • James Dawson (Elisabeth Dawson)
  • Alyson McKenzie (Dylan McKenzie)
  • Jason Dawson (Payton Silverstone)
  • Seth Dawson (Claire Silverstone)
  • Nate Dawson (Lauren Dawson)
  • Liam Miller (as a vampire - Mila Romano)
  • Alyssa Miller (Justin Saphire)
  • Jade Miller (Pierre Ambroise)
  • Aria Woods (Matt O'Connel)
  • Antoine Blanchard (Maria Delgado)



Several laws have been drawn up to protect the species from a civil war. The Anconi oversees these laws being followed and executes the punishments if they are broken. Laws are decided upon by the vampire community in a meeting held once in a decade.

  • A vampire can not kill another vampire unless in self-defense.
  • A vampire can not turn more than 10 people within one year.


North-American ContinentEdit

The North-American Continent knows four significant divides. The Millers control everything west of the Mississippi river up to the Great Lakes and Ontario. Illinois and Wisconsin are grey areas, but technically free territory. They along with several other states form a buffer between other territories. Most notable is Lake Winnipeg (and the province of Manitoba) which acts as a buffer between The Millers and the Dawsons.

The Dawsons territory in the north fades into free territory, and in the south at the Oregon/California border, extended horizontally untill the border with the buffer states, also bordering territory of the independent vampires with Nebraska. Wyoming, Denver and Nebraska are considered a grey area. as a meeting point of three territories.

The Eureka's control most of the south except Texas and anything geographically above it. They also control northern mexico, up until Monterrey.

African ContinentEdit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

South-American Continent Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA

Known VampiresEdit

Categorized by sub-story

Touch of MagicEdit


  • Kyle Dunbar (introduced in TOM S6, Season One onwards)

Blue MoonEdit


First Vampires were part of the First Coven and turned several people

  • May Miller : Turned by one of the First Coven ,went on to create her own group
    • Jason Dawson (née Carrington) : Turned by May Miller , joined her group but stepped out and joined the Dawsons. Co-creates new Miller-coven : Miller 2.0
      • Annabeth (Beth) Raleigh : Turned by Jason but left behind. Joins several groups before chosing seclusion. Joins The Millers 2.0 as an advisor.
      • Alena Dawson (undirectly)
      • Andrew Dawson (undirectly)
      • Amore Dawson (undirectly)
    • Jared Carrington : Turned by May Miller , joined her group. Became her mate and remained that 'till death , although he was seen hanging around other groups too.
    • Thomas Chamberlaine : Turned by May Miller , joined her group. He is responsible for the creation of the majority of the Miller army.
      • [[Elanor Rho : Turned by Thomas Chamberlaine , was trained by the Dawsons , joined the Millers (against free will)
    • Alyssa Miller (undirectly) : Biologically born as a half-human , officially became a vampire and joined the Millers (officially , practically she spended more time with the Dawsons). Creates new Miller-coven : Miller 2.0
      • Alyson McKenzie : Turned by Alyssa Miller , joined the Dawsons.
      • Dylan McKenzie : Turned by Alyssa Miller , joined the Dawsons
        • Nate Dawson : Turrned by Dylan McKenzie , joined the Dawsons
        • Lauren Dawson : Turned by Dylan McKenzie , joined the Dawsons
      • Damien Saphire (undirectly) 
    • Jade Miller (undirectly) : Biologically born as a vampire , was raised and trained by the Anconi , officially joined them , crossed them over to join the Millers 2.0
      • Charlotte (undirectly)
      • Oliver (undirectly)
      • June (undirectly)
  • Grace Miller : Turned by First Coven ,founded her own group along with her sister
    • Liam Greene (undirectly) : Biologicaly born as half-human and half-vampire , officially became a vampire and joined the Millers
      • Antoine Blanchard : Turned by Liam Greene , joined the Millers , stepped out of the Millers , joined again (against own will) , remained with the Millers 2.0 (with free will)
      • Maria Delgado : Turned by Liam Greene , joined the Millers , stepped out of the Milles , joined again (against own will) , remained with the Millers 2.0 (with free will)
  • James Dawson : Turned by First Coven , founded own coven : The Dawsons
    • Elisabeth Dawson : Turned by James Dawson , joined the Dawsons
    • Seth Dawson (née Delaine) : Turned by James Dawson , joined the Dawsons
      • Amanda Dawson (undirectly)
      • Alexis Dawson (undirecly)
    • Lynn Sullivan : Turned by James Dawson , chose seclusion , joined the Dawsons
  • Juliette Dawson : Turned by first coven , founded own group (coven)*
    • Mason Woods : Turned by Julie Dawson , attempted to join the Millers , (chose) seclusion , joins Millers 2.0
      • Finn Mitchell: Turned by Mason Woods, joined the Millers because of Grace, joined the Millers 2.0, became part of the personal guard (Justin's personal body guard)
    • Matt O'Connel : Turned by Julie Dawson , joined the Millers , helped founding and joined Millers 2.0
      • Meghan Combs: Turned by Matt O'Connel, joined the Millers to clean up the mess, joins Millers 2.0, becomes member of the personal guards
      • Ingrid Clearwater: Turned by Matt O'Connel, joined the Millers, joined the Millers 2.0, became the personal doctor of Alyssa Miller
    • Ivy Woods : Turned by Julie Dawson , joined Dawson Group , stepped out & chose seclusion (with Tom)
      • Tom Wayland : Turned by Ivy Woods , (chose) seclusion (with Ivy)
      • Melissa Foster
      • Chuck Foster
    • Aria Woods : Turned by Julie Dawson , became secluded when Julie and John died.
  • John Dawson : Turned by first coven , joined Dawson Group
  • Vincent Taylor : Turned by first coven , started own group
    • Cordelia Taylor
    • Andrea Williams
    • Emilia Brown: Turned by Vincent, seclusion, joined the Millers, joined the Millers 2.0, became personal assistant to Alyssa Miller
  • Cassie Davenport : Turned by first coven

Covens and GroupsEdit