Tristan Davis
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born March 12th 1993
Turned N/A
Died N/A
Age 22
Occupation Vampirehunter
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Human (hunter)
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Tristan is a strong guy and can take almost anybody. Except for Kit. He is very strategic and knows how to use any weapon in existance.
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 6'
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By None
Tristan Davis is a recurring character in Touch of Magic and Once Upon a Blue Moon. He is the half-brother of Justin Saphire and the son of Neill and Samantha Davis.

Through his father (and mother) he is part of the Davis family of hunters.


Tristan's mother was a trouble addict and fell pregnant after a hook-up with a cool motorcyclist. She gave birth in rehab and gave her baby up for adoption. A wealthy family adopted him. In that family his mother, who was a NYC doctor, and his grandparents kept a close eye on him. Under the pressure he ran away while on school camp one day in the Ashley National Forrest at age 7. Members of his father's hunting team found him and saw a resemblence to their leader, bringing them in. Neill took samples for a genetics test before Tristan got returned home by the police. When he was 10 his grandfather died and Tristans final fatherly figure was gone, so he reached out to 'GunMen' , his father, and he joined the hunters now that he was seen as Neill's son. He was reported missing after he ran away on his grandfather's funeral and ever since his family hasn't seen him anymore.

From that age he lived with the hunters and got introduced to what it was like being one. He was the youngest trainee ever at 11, and he completed his mission at the age of 14 by killing a vampire with a crossbow who was going to attack his dad. Ever since, it's his weapon of choice. When a few months after that he heared of an alledged mugging he knew there was more to it and that vampires were behind it. He pitched the event to his family and he got send off to his first mission.

On this mission across the country, he met up with a girl named Riley. His interest in her sparked the rest of the family in researching her background. But Tristan was quicker, and discovered before they did that she was his half-sister. He brought her to his father and comforted her that things would be alright, having gained her trust from before. 

When they were comfirmed as siblings the 2 of them grew close. Riley brought out Tristan's intelligent side and the two of them began working as a team to come up with plans. Tristan on the other hand, sparked Riley's sense of duty and made her realize this was what she always was supposed to do. Riley was also chosen as the one to tell him that his mother had died, as part of her initiation mission. During this, Tristan was trapped to a plate with explosives, and she needed to persue him to remain calm or the movement would kill him. She succeeded. Afterwords, Tristan went to complain to his father, who was angry that his son disrespected his leadership. Tristan took the blow instead of Riley, who was supposed to be persuasive enough to prevent it. This was the start of Tristans sense of responsibility and leadership, also towards his other siblings who were some months older. Kit, the only other male sibling, became his friend and they started to often train together. Tristan soon realized he was no longer the best fighter but came in a close second... That shifted to Tristan's favor again when he found out who his biological mother was. Now cleaned up and working as a realator, Tristan started talking and connecting with her far more then he ever did to his adoptive mother to the point where Savannah regretted giving him up. Tristan didn't blame her, and he introduced her to his father. The two now grown-ups began a relationship and they went on to became the powercouple of the Davis hunting family.

Despite that, he was still the middle Davis child, but the youngest to be trained. This allowed him to step up and become the leader of their team. Team Beta, consisting of all the children of Neill Davis, was formed and opperated around Tristan's 18th birthday. This leadership came with privileges, female ones, which Tristan thoroughly explored. This was much to the displeasement of Riley.


Tristan was a bit of a wild projectile when he was a child, but turned out to be a sniper's shot in his teenage years. He went from being a bratty upper east sider, to a though son for his dad to be proud of. He dropped his brat history by befriending Riley and his personality shifted to a mastermind with an anger outlet in shooting things. This displayed his temper which can flur up sometimes. Especially when injustice towards his friends and siblings is in place, or when someone breaks his trust and dishonors his respect. He evolved a bit of a party-side in his late teens, early tweens that comes along with a bit of the cockyness he never truely lost, but in a more fun-way then severe like it used to be. Overall he is a descent guy, with the heart on the right place.


Tristan's best assets include fighting, using his brain for the practical side of masterplans and shooting crossbows at moving targets. He has been ranked second best fighter after his brother Kit, and is considered the mastermind of team Beta along with Riley. He is unbeaten with a crossbow, but he doesn't shy away from guns and swords, as well as the larger equivalent ; a bow and arrow.








  • Tristan used to be the oldest sibling in his family before Justin was revealed. Like many oldest siblings in TOM he also had a leadership role. Other examples include Payton Silverstone and Laura and Louis Thornton.
  • Tristan hit a girl once in school, which nearly got him expelled. But his mother put a lawyer on it and he went free. 
  • Tristan loves drinking and he has been arrested a couple of times for drunk driving. His favourite drink is a shot of Tequilla. 

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