Touch of Magic is a story that follows the inhabitants of Waterfall Creek, mainly the witches Claire and Payton Silverstone who have to deal with the arrival of The Dawsons while maintaining a normal life as boarding students in SJBS. We follow these people as they navigate through normal life and their teenage years, including falling in love and graduation. After that we follow them on a journey where they fight for their life and their family when facing the demons from their past, as well make new alliances and new friends. A Next-generation spin-off named Once Upon a Blue Moon follows the new generation of witches and vampires in Waterfall Creek almost 25 years after the start of Touch of Magic.

Touch of Magic has several spin-offs including Bloodlines, focussing on the other magical bloodlines and their story, and Justice, the story of an ordinary human trying to fix the problems in a city that was the epicentre of magical mayhem in a recent history. Also part of the same universe is Written in the Stars, a story that follows the events of the magical dimension and the reign in a land of magic, and Bloodline-spinoffs 'Descendants' and 'Originals'.

Cast and CharactersEdit

The main series revolved around a group of characters, although several important characters from the series feature a larger background in the spin-offs. Touch of Magic stars :

And more (view for a general overview of all characters.

Seasons and EpisodesEdit

Currently Touch of Magic is in the story's 6th season, and a 7th season is being planned, potentially to be the story's last.

Since these seasons share a timeline with the other series in the universe, a certain corelation exists between them :

Season Five runs parallell to Season One of Bloodlines. Season Six runs parallell to Season Two of Bloodlines including three crossovers between the two shows. Season Seven also runs parallell with the first season of Justice after a backdoor pilot in Season 6.

Origin and HistoryEdit

Touch of Magic originated as a supernatural role-play, inspired by the supernatural phenomenons of franchises like Charmed and Twilight in the 2000's decade. From 2010 the show began taking shape with set actors for every main role, and with logical storylines within the limitations of a supernatural world.

By 2013 a dutch novel-version of the first part of the story was written, which was later used as inpsiration for the english re-write in 2015. In between the wikia was created to function as a database for all the information regarding the series.


On June 29th 2012, the first video of Touch of magic was created. As of 2016 there are 35 videos on the former channel (TotallyTinkerbell95) and 57 videos on the current channel (TouchOfMagic).

Video subjects range from romantic couples to episode and season trailers, as well as to family stories. 

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