Paul wesley
Tom Wayland
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born April 2,1940
Turned N/A
Died Blood drained by Ivy in a victim trap
Age 50 (24)
Occupation Paramedic (formerly)
Residence The club's appartment
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color green
Portrayed By None
I wanted to know who you were
— Tom to his sire Ivy in A New York Minute

Tom Wayland is a recuring character in Once in A Blue Moon. He is a vampire and long-term boyfriend of Ivy woods, who turned him. He is a doctor at the local hospital and assists most vampires in their emergency supply of human blood


Tom was an aspiring medicine student. In spring of 1964 he returned home with his new car to visit his parents. He met Aria at a bar and the two made out untill John interfered and kicked Tom out of the bar. Proceeding his journey home, Tom encountered a body on the road. He stopped, and discovered the same girl he had kissed earlier was laying there. However, it was truely Ivy Woods, Aria's twin sister. He tries helping her, applying his medical knowlegde. At this point, Ivy bites him. On a human killing spree she is intended to kill him like the many other humans she killed, but her subconscious thinks otherwise and she accidently uses toxic in her bite. She stops, noticing something is wrong, but laughs it off saying she wants him to suffer.

Tom blacks out and awakens in the hospital as a vampire. He sees his best friend and fellow med student who was driving behind him and kills him. He escapes the hospital and kills 3 more people. He picks up the news of a notorious vampire killing all across the continent. Tom is intrigued as how this person keeps this secret so he starts following it's traces but looses the path in Malibu.

He decides to go to the Hamptons to visit an old friend of his, but realizes just in time that his parents couldn't find out where he was. He stays in Montauk for a few more days before taking off to Chicago.

Almost fifty years later we find Tom in New York. Early 2001 he steps into a bar and is overwhelmed by the scent of blood a few minutes after one of the servants ran to the back. With an attack in mind he goes out there to help, only to find a girl drinking an enormous amount of blood. (See more : Ivy and Tom)

After getting into a romantic relationship with Aria, they end up in some troubled situations and are forced to run and hide from the Millers. In this, Tom makes and ally out of Jade Miller who he met while they were both tracking down his 'monster'. (see more : Jade and Tom).


1964 :Turned by Ivy Woods

1965-2001 : Type B

2001 (9/11) - 2002 : Type A


Tom is kind and very intuitive. He likes to think he knows best, often crashing with his clevver girlfriend Ivy. He always comes up with ideas and sollutions, but he also causes trouble and problems equally as much because of his sometimes over-estimated self-confidence. His brain is like Stiles Stilinski's


Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Friendly RelationshipsEdit


  • Ironically, Tom is Greek for Twin. Ivy and Aria are identical twins and he kissed both of them (unknowingly)

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