Through the Looking-Glass
Type: Commercial
Founded: 2015
Founder: Claire Silverstone
Location: 400s Main Street, Los Angeles
Through the Looking-Glass is the clothing store of Claire Silverstone, co-owned by Alyssa Miller. The store is located in the Silverstone Enterprises headquarters in Los Angeles.


The concept of a second store first emerged in late 2014, after Alyssa Miller made several business trips to Los Angeles. When the Silverstones decided to found Silverstone Enterprises Claire decided to carve out a place for her designs. This then turned into Through the Looking-Glass.

Significant EventsEdit

  • In 2015 the store was opened in Los Angeles


The store is a clothing store that displays uniquely collections by Claire and/or Jacob.

Mad Hatter Collection

This collection is the first male collection to be created within the brand. This specific collection is largely designed by Jacob Thompson. The concept of the collection was created in summer 2015,and produced in Fall 2015. It debuted in the Winter 2015/2016.



  • Jacob Thompson (co-designer)

Witches and WizardsEdit

  • Claire Silverstone (owner, head designer)


  • Alyssa Miller (co-owner)


The store is located within the Silverstone Enterprises building. It is located close to the workshop of Jacob Thompson on the third floor of the Hellman building, who is co-designer of the collections that appear in this store.

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