Thomas Chamberlaine
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born November 4th 1612
Turned N/A
Died Willingly turned by May Miller
Age 22 (402)
Occupation Recruiter/Spy for the Millers
Residence the Miller Compound
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard vampire abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 6'4"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Portrayed By None
Thomas Chamberlaine was a recurring character in touch of magic. He was a lover of May Miller, and he also had a former (sexual) relationship with Alyssa Miller. He has a frenemy-ship with Matt O'Connell.

He was an advisor for the Millers, working closely together with his sire May Miller. He died in the Queen Bee Masacre, allong with most of the Miller-army he sired.


Early LifeEdit

Thomas ChamberlaineEdit

Thomas was born as the third son of a rich cowboy somewhere around the 17th century in Chamberlaine, South Dakota. His father owned a big ranch (his father was actually European and had come to America around 1604) and Thomas was expected to work on the ranch from a young age. His mother left them for another man, when he was just 10 years old. His father was a grumpy, but fair, man. As the youngest child of the family there was never a prospect for him to take over the ranch. So he needed to find something else to do with his life. He always wanted to travel, so by the time he was 17 years old and he had saved enough money, he packed his stuff and left.

He traveled through the desert to get to a destination he didn't know yet. During his trip he encountered several opportunities, dangers and women. By the time he was 20 he had been with so many women that he couldn't even tell you their names anymore. And that wasn't strange, because he was handsome, cheeky and very good at flirting. When he was watering his horse one day he heard something in the bushes behind him. When he turns around he doesn't hesitate and he pulls the trigger of his revolver. He knows he is in dangerous territory and if he would not have acted he could have been dead.

When he sees he has shot a gorgeous woman he starts to panick. He would never have intented to hurt her. He saw the dress turn red from the blood, but her life never left her eyes. She just smiled at him and said: "You silly boy." He was intrigued by the fact that she was still standing and by the beauty that she held. He had never seen a girl like her. So he walked up to her and just asked her why she wasn't dead yet. May liked the fact that this boy had some guts and wasn't scared of what he had just seen. He wasn't supersticious and he seemed smart. She actually followed him around for a while. She needed someone to help her with some things that she couldn't do herself. And he seemed the right candidate.

She knew she couldn't do this like usual and she decided to just ask him to join her. This was the first time she actually asked someone to join her. But she saw his potential. He was alone. He wasn't scared and people just loved him. She needed that. So when Thomas listened to her request he didn't flinch. He just stared her in the eyes and let it all sink in. He always wanted to have a purpose in life. He always wanted to do something different, something special. And now finally someone threw it his way. He just nodded and agreed to what this gorgeous woman was asking from him. On one condition. That he could show her what he was really good at one night.
Thomas chamberlaine

Thomas Chamberlaine

Thomas Chamberlaine at the MillersEdit

May wasn't able to resist his offer and they spend that night under the stars. She fell for the fact that he wasn't intimidated by her, men usually ran away from her. She promised him that the next day he would wake up as a vampire. And so he did. When he opened his eyes to the sun the next morning he felt a certain kind of pain on his skin and a thirst to blood that actually did scare him. He had never experienced something like this before, but he was up for the challenge. He saw all of this just as a game. As a way of proving that he wasn't just a lost boy.

He got trained by May to be fearless, smart and merciless. And he liked the way he was treated by her, because he liked the power he gained from that. He spend several other night with her, but they never had a real realtionship. Just when things got so heated up between them, they would spend the night in each others arms, making other vampires who joined the Millers rather jealous. When Thomas was send off to recruit new soldiers he found himself int he middle of the Mystic Massacre in 1637. He found out that observing people while fighting you could see what they were good at, who was strong and who was weak. He started to develop an eye for it and when May found out everything he had learnt she was very pleased.

Over the years Thomas travelled a lot and fought in a lot of wars and massacres, just to see which people were strong enough to be joined into May's army. Like the Mexican-American war in 1848 and the civil war in 1861. So over the years he recruited a lot of vampires for May and trained them to become the vicious killers May wanted them to be. After doing that for so many years he finally asks May if there is a possibility for him to do something else than train and recruit vampires. She then askes him to be her spy for a while. When Mason Woods wanted to join he was kind of reluctant towards that. He really didn't like the person and he was to gready if in Thomas' opinion. When he found out that Mason was dating Grace Miller, it started a fued between the two vampires. He feared for his job and denied Mason Woods at the Millers.

Thomas garage

Thomas in the 1950's

So in the 1950's he moves to Waterfall Creek and keeps an eye on Jason and the Dawsons for a while. Jason actually never met Thomas, so there was no way of him finding out that he was being watched. Thomas only had to be carefull not to run into Alyssa, because he knew she was one of Jason's closest friends. He was dating her at that time and he needed her to stay out of his spying business. He took a job a a local garage and worked there for a couple of months until he had found the information May wanted. Jason had moved on and was just living his life, with no intention of coming back to the Millers. May always secretly wanted Jason to come back, but things seemed to have changed over the year. He wasn't the man she once knew. Thomas also dated Ivy Woods in that period of time and therefor had a secret agenda, dating two woman at the same time. When Ivy found out that he worked for the Millers and dated Alyssa Miller too she broke up with him.

Season Two

Thomas gun
When Thomas moved back to the Millers and joined May as one of her right hands he took his old position of recruiting vampires, but with the addition of being a spy once in a while. When Jason started dating Payton, May got somewhat jealous and she send Thomas back to Waterfall Creek to spy for her.

Season Four

After he had been reporting back to May for almost a year, he was called back and send to Greek Hill to assist May with preparing her vampire army. In Greek Hill he was responsible for the logistics, keeping track of how many vampires came in, went out and died during their stay at the vampire training camp.

Season One

We learn more about his actions there through the Hainasoni witches. One of them, Naomi, was brought there to make spells and potions and Thomas was also the one responsible for her behaviour. She made it hard on him occasionally, but he was able to crack her soon enough.

Season Five

After he had completed his job at Greek Hill, he was send back to Waterfall Creek to provide the army with a main base. He found an abandoned motel, and changed some signatures to get it into May's possession. During his stay, he also scouted the woods to see if there was plenty of food to be found.

One night he stumbled upon a couple of teens camping. He kept an eye on them for a while, untill he was able to lure Nora out. She followed the noises back to the Motel, which is where he came out of the shadows and attacked her. He bit her and turned her, but then left her for dead when May called him.
Thomas and Noah

Thomas and Noah

Once May had put the plan in motion to attack the Silverstones, Thomas stayed at the Miller Motel. Thomas died in the last battle between May and the Silverstone sisters. He was sired to May as she turned him, so when she died it meant his death too. Unfortunately for Noah this meant the same thing. She was sired to Thomas like most members of the Millers, therefore they all died.





Thomas is described the best as tall, dark and handsome. He has a very casual clothing style.


Thomas was very headstrong and also an overachiever. He wasn't satisfied with a situation rather easy, and kept pushing for the best. This also made him rather greedy and materialistic.He is a mayor ladiesman and will do anything to get a girl in his bed. Most of the time he ends up killing them in the excitement. He is not a person to give up easily and he usually gets what he wants. When he doesn't get it, he can become very aggresive. May had some trouble with this in the beginning when he was still a young vampire, but over the years she was able to form him the way she wanted him to be. He was a puppet of hers and would do anything she said. 


Thomas is really good at persuaing people. He has a talent for manipulation and is great at spying. He can become someone else in a matter of seconds and isn't easily scared. Because of the fact that he isn't scared of anything, that makes him quite dangerous too. He doesn't have anything to lose. He can shoot a gun very well and he taught May as well. Aside from being good with a gun, he is also a very fast runner. This is something he always was and therefor this was exaggarated when he was turned.





Thomas and Matt are friends to the extant that they both worked for (and had a romantic relationship with) May Miller. They are to be seen as competitors for the same position, but overall they act friendly towards eachother.

Thomas and Nora were friends briefly. They are both vampires and Thomas is Nora's sire. After turning her he promised her guidance and mentorship, but after a few days he left her behind.




  • Thomas is one of the Miller members who (once) have/had a relationship with May and Alyssa. The other 3 men are Matt, Jared and Jason.
  • Thomas was responsible for turning a majority of the Miller army either himself or on his command. Most Millers were descendants from his bloodline, and died due to his siring to May.
  • Thomas lost his control when he turned Noah. It wasn't supposed to happen.
  • Thomas' favourite drink is a Bourbon Whisky. 
  • Thomas is the reason why Mason never was able to join the Millers. 
  • Thomas died because he was sired to May. 
  • Thomas never really loved someone. Because he always had to share the love of his father with his three brothers, he never experienced what it was to be loved. And because of that he never felt real love as a vampire. 
  • Thomas actually visisted Waterfall Creek a lot, but no one ever noticed him, because he was so good at pretending to be someone else. 

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