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Waterfall Creek

The Waterfalls are a region in Waterfall Creek. The name refers to the several cascades and the surrounding forrest, which is used by The Dawsons as their main huntin territory.

The city is named after the waterfalls, and tourists still visit them often as it is one of the most recommended places. The waterfalls are a big characteristic feature of Waterfall Creek and the people of Waterfall Creek protect the waterfalls and the forrest at any cost. 


The first thing discovered at the place where now Waterfall Creek is were the waterfalls. The founders stumbled upon them and figured it would be a great place to build their home in. The waterfalls would keep them in touch with nature and the area was just really beautiful. It had great potential for the future. When the founders settled in their homes and people started coming to the town many people decided that the waterfalls had something magical over them. They said it was a wonder of nature and that the spiritual powers were very strong there. Therefore a lot of people went to the waterfalls to pray and honour nature. 

When the years past it wasn't neccesarily a place to go and pray, but it became more of a place to hang out with the family. Take a hike and enjoy nature. Tourists came to Waterfall Creek to admire the wonderful waterfall. It also became a place for people to go to in the summer and take a cool swim. Teenagers went there at night and started bonfires. Nowadays the Waterfalls are a great place to just relax or have fun with friends. And to make it romantic... Lot's of people have proposed there. 

Season OneEdit

In Season One, Seth takes Claire there on a walk in the late fall. When they get there, Seth shows off his skills as he jumps from the top all the way down. Claire is amused at this. They then have their first kiss. A while later Claire and Seth have invited Payton and Jason to a picnik closeby the Waterfalls when they find out the Dawson siblings are just across the border.

Season SixEdit

In Season Six, Simon Fell is enjoying a day by the waterfalls with his husband and son when their son gets stuck in a tree. Payton stumbles upon them and uses her powers to get the kid out of the tree, revealing the supernatural world to Simon. Out of gratitude, Simon promises to never reveal anything about magic to the rest of the world.