Beveled indented squares seamless wallpaper background forest green
The Travellers
Also Known as The Dawson Group
Founder Julie Dawson
Founded None
Status Deceased (all but Ivy Woods and Aria Woods)
Membercount Unknown
Base N/A
Motto N/A
Allies none
Enemies The Dawsons
The Silverstones
The Travelers, also known as the Dawson Group, is a group of vampires. The group is lead by Julie Dawson and also consists out of her brother John Dawson, and twins Aria and Ivy Woods, of whom the latter is just a formal member.


The group was founded by Julie Dawson and her brother John. They were turned into vampires by someone of the First Coven and Julie has had a mission of revenge ever since on her elder brother James , who escaped their abductors and got away , in her eyes abandoning them. 

When applying to the Anconi to be recognizes as an official coven of 3 members, to earn the right to be part of the vampire political world, the Anconi declined with the excuse a coven with the same name already existed, and so they should join James' coven. The true reason was most likely the Anconi's attempt to reconsile the Dawson siblings, or maybe an even darker intention of supporting Julie's path of revenge in the hopes of destroying James Dawson.

Julie attempted a second time when she had recruited the two Woods-twins, Aria and Ivy. However, Ivy left which the Anconi took as a sign of weak leadership and the request was declined yet again.







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