The Thornton house is the new residence of The Thornton Family after their departure from The Hainasoni Compound. It is situated in the suburbs of Seattle.

History Edit

After their departure from the Hainasoni compound the youngest generation of the bloodline travels to Waterfall Creek, along the way stopping by the hospital where Cassidy worked. After a brief stay Cassidy suggests they should stay in Seattle. Before they leave, Alyssa Miller writes them a check for 20 million dollars.

Soon they realise that Cassidy's condo is too small to accomodate all of them, and Laura starts a house-search, stating a house is a solid investment for the money they got from Alyssa. They find the property at the end of Season Two. Laura and her daughter Caitlyn move in, and she signs the lease along with Lydia. Nick also moves in, while trying to figure out a plan to get his sister back. As they're moving in, a vampire representing the Millers asks them for help with the fight between Alyssa and Matt, to which Nick agrees, and he packs up his stuff leaving merely paint-swatches on his newly appointed bedroom.After Naomi's rescue from Greek Hill she recovers at the house where Nick and Emilia eventually also spend a lot of time.

In Season Three, Louis spends several weeks after splitting from his siblings and cousins after leaving Waterfall Creek. He builds Caitlyn a swingset in the backyard, and comments on the architecture of the house several times. Then, the house gets a bit more life when Laura starts dating Carter, and he spends a lot of time there because before he lived at his parents house. With the house getting very loud at certain moments, Lydia finds it hard to focus on her spells and she goes back to Waterfall Creek to talk to Phoebe on how she's able to live in the Silverstone house, drawing many similarities between the two residences.

Residents Edit

The house is in Laura and Lydia's name, but many of their extended family has lived there.

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