This page is an overview of important events that happened at The Silverstone House.

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Silverstone Masquerade BallEdit

The Silverstone Masquerade Ball is an event organised by Claire Silverstone in the assignment of the elders.It functioned as the magical housewarming party, where the official portal to Divitia is reopened after more than a decade.


  • Claire Silverstone (host)
  • Payton Silverstone (unofficial co-host)
  • Peter Thornton
  • Victoria Thornton 
  • Louis Ignatius
  • Laura Thornton 
  • Bryan Thornton
  • Dawn Hagano
  • Sebastien Ambroise
  • Celeste Ambroise
  • Pierre Ambroise (secretly)
  • Stephan Silvester (secretly)
  • Iris Garfunkel (secretly)
  • Brooke Garfunkel (secretly)
  • Linda Curtis
  • Sam Greene
  • Ben Greene

Unofficial guests

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Season SixEdit

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