Silverstone House
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Payton Silverstone
Claire Silverstone
Jason Dawson
Seth Dawson
Phoebe Curtis
Liam Greene
Lillian Silverstone (formerly)
Christopher Greene(formerly)




Waterfall Creek



The Silverstone house is the house that has been owned by the Silverstone family for many generations. It is situated in Waterfall Creek, the adress is 1403 J.L.Meierstreet. 


For events at that happened here, see the events page : The Silverstone House/Events

The house has been part of Silverstone-heritage since it was built when the town was founded. Since it is a spiritual point containing a portal to the magical dimension , it has been the assignment of the Silverstone-family to protect that portal. The task has been passed on through generations , and up untill the death of Lillian and Christopher , a Silverstone has always lived in the house.

When Payton and Claire wanted to regain the house (after it had been sold to the bank and abandoned) , the elders were originally against it because the house would be purchased by vampires. They punished the sisters for it , but after Payton said that they were the reason they couldn't pay it themselves (since the elders had kept Claire's money for them untill she turned 18) the sisters are given back their powers to protect themselves early in Payton's first pregnancy.

In Once in a Blue Moon the Dawson children all live here too, indicating it will remain in the family eventhough they don't have their maternal last names. Eventually all the children will move out. Alena will return to it after the death of her parents and she will live there, along with Amanda and AJ.


Silverstone familyEdit

The Silverstone family has resided in the house since it was build in 1897. It has been part of the enheritance of The Silverstone Family. They have been living there for many generations, as protectors of the magical portal that is situated in the house.

Silverstone-Dawson familyEdit

Claire Silverstone moved in here first during her senior year of high school. She lived there along with Seth. A little while later , Payton and Jason move in aswell. Because of this , they made a few additional changes to the layout of the house , such as expanding the sunroom , kitchen and laundry room , as well as creating 3 bedrooms above the garage.

Currently the residents are :

  • Payton Silverstone (owner)
  • Claire Silverstone (owner)
  • Jason Dawson (former owner)
  • Seth Dawson (former owner)
  • Alena Dawson
  • Andrew Dawson
  • Amanda Dawson
  • Alexis Dawson
  • Amore Dawson
  • Phoebe Curtis
  • Liam Miller (temporarly/occasionally)
  • Chloë Curtis (temporarly/occasionally)


The house is described as 'the biggest house in the street' by Mike once , but that might not be completely true. However , it is rather large with counting originally 6 bedrooms (now 8). It has a large living room and dining room and a spacious kitchen. One of the best places in the house is the sunroom. In total the house has a square footage of 4000 square feet.