Saphire House
Location Information

Chris Saphire
Justin Saphire
Alyssa Miller
Elenora Rhodes (guest)




Waterfall Creek


36 Colonial Street

The Saphire house is the former residence of The Saphire Family. It is situated on 126 Johnson Street. Justin's parents lived there untill their death in 2010. Justin and Alyssa moved in there when they returned to town in 2014. The house is vacant for a few years after Justin and Alyssa move out to expand their family, and eventually Chris and Phoebe move in once Chris retires as The Shadow.


Before the Dawsons arrived in town, most of Claire and Payton's weekends took place at the Saphire House. Justin spent most weekends here ever since moving there. In Season Three Justin briefly considers selling it, but decides to keep it in the family.

In Season Four Justin along with Alyssa move into the house, much to the disaproval of Chris. He eventually moves in too, at first residing in his old room, but later transforming the garage into a guesthouse.

In Season Five 

In Season Six, Justin and Alyssa consider moving out of the house because it holds too many painful memories for them. 

In Season Seven, Justin and Alyssa move out after they finished building The Saphire-Miller House. In the flashforward at the end of the season, Phoebe and Chris are seen moving into the house to start their family.