Miller 2.0
The Millers (2.0)
Also Known as The New Millers
Founder Alyssa Miller and Jason Dawson
Founded None
Status Existent
Membercount Unknown
Base The Miller Motel
Motto N/A
Allies The Dawsons
The Silverstone Family
Enemies The Anconi
When it all goes up in flames, we'll be the last ones standing
— Alyssa Miller

The Millers 2.0 are a group of vampires in Touch of Magic and Once Upon a Blue Moon. They are the restructured members of The Millers after the death of May Miller. The Millers 2.0 are being led by Alyssa Miller and Jason Dawson.

Notable members include Matt O'Connel, Skye Moreno, Emilia Brown and Antoine Blanchard.



Changes from The MillersEdit

New Leaders

With the passing of both leaders, the Millers needed suitable replacement. In the legislation from The Millers it states only direct family of the former leaders and/or their their spousse was allowed to take up leadership. This meant that Alyssa, Jason and Matt all qualified, after a written agreement with Liam, and with Jade's rights being a secret to the rest of the vampires. 

Jason's indisputable connection to his older brother, Jared made him a clear candidate and he was coronated first. The second leadership position was disputed between May's oldest dauhter, Alyssa and May's husband from an elopement in Vegas, Matt. Ultimately, they had a duel as ordered by the legislation. Alyssa won the duel, but rather than following the rules she did not kill her oponent, rather exciling him. Following these events, Alyssa acquires executive responsibilities while Jason contributes more to the ceremonial part of the vampire group. This was by mutual agreement.

New rules

The Millers 2.0 were a rebirth out of the ashes of The Millers, and therefore Alyssa decided to change some rules after the defeat of the Anconi.

  • The former legal system surrounding the thrones was thrown out and replaced for a more suitable 'court and council' structure. The Court includes the current leadership, their spousse and issue. The Council is made up by ttrusted advisors.
  • The person next in line shall no longer have to be connected to the Throne. Alyssa has the contingency of passing leadership onto a board made up by the Miller council, in case of her passing.
  • The term 'commander' will still be used, along with 'second in command'. Jade will be second in command of the Millers. 

Remaining systems Edit

Operations The Millers maintained the operations systems, consisting of Primary, Secundairy or Tertiary Operations.

  • Primary Operations is monitored by Scott Hayes and are primarily executed by Jade Miller. This includes a mission to The Anconi to secure the compound and the massess of vampires thre after the death of its active leadership. Primary operations also covers any international or vampire-political missions, especially if it includes a trip made by a member of the court, such as Alyssa and Justin's international world-trip in 2017.
  • Secundary Operations is monitored by Ingrid Clearwater and includes long-term surveillance such as the territorial borders. The surveillance done by Emilia Clarke and Mason Woods at SJBS in 2030 is a secundary operation
  • Tertiary operations are a group of classified operations, monitored directly by the court. This includes the early stages of Alyssa's pregnancy in 2016, like May's pregnancies with both Alyssa and Jade, in order to keep them on a low profile and to not upset the members of the group. Also included in this is Jade's identity before it gets revealed.


The CourtEdit

Alyssa has much experience with The Millers seeing how it is where she grew up as a child. She has some fragile connections with the other vampire leaders that she needs to work on. Justin's inclusion in the magical world through his best friend Claire make him a great fit as a human member of the court. He also has the motivations to wanting to turn the aim of the Millers into a more charitable direction after his parents were killed by his precessor, Jared Carrington. Justin has received training on order to physically measure with the vampires he will be surrounded by.

Jason's military experience makes him an excellent leader, and his role as a father adds to his character as a compassionate person. His personal involvement in the war against May Miller is an inscentive to do things different under his watch. Payton is a magical royal, and she has experience with leadership from her responsibilities as Queen of Divitia and Slivatica. Although her pressence will be minimal, she has made it a priority for The Millers to loos their army ways after it is a frequent reminder of who killed her parents.

The CouncilEdit

Jade's experience with The Anconi make her the best candidate as Alyssa's second in command. She is an excellent advisor to her sister and her uncle. Due to her connection to the vampire community in the European continent, and Pierre's roots being there, Jade is also often the Millers 2.0's prime international ambassador.

Emilia Brown is one of Alyssa's close friends, who also acts as her executive assistent, a job she persists on performing despite being overqualified for it, like Alyssa mentions countless times. Emilia is well loved with the other members of the community, and is a talking point for any of their concerns. She follows up on any needs they have, and she represents the masses in councilmeetings to keep their best interests at heart.

The guardEdit



  • Blonde girl from the original motel meetup (reducing 22 to 21 vampires then)


See The Miller Motel Formerly an abandoned property that May Miller claimed as a temporary home base for her attack, it will now serve as HQ for the Millers 2.0

See The Miller Compound The Miller Compound is a property in Pennsylvania. It is the homebase of the Millers. The compound is said to be the most secured vampire home base ever seen (as Alyssa mentioned). It counts 4 separate houses with more than 10 bedrooms in total , and multiple luxury features. This is the house May and Grace use to host important meetings in , and where the majority of the vampire-army is located.

The Miller Hunting Base is a property in Minesota. It is used as a house to stay at during long hunting trips. Because of this property , the Miller territory is the biggest of all vampire groups , stretching from the Hudson Bay in the North , the Atlantic Ocean in the East , the Gulf of Mexico in the South and the Mississippi river in the West. 

See Coral Gables House The Coral Gables House is one of May's residential properties across the country. This one is special because it was the first home base they had on the American continent. However , they moved away rather quickly because most new vampires couldn't handle sunny Florida. Never the less ,it stayed one of May's favorite spots.