The McKenzie family are a family that consists of Dylan McKenzie, Alyson McKenzie and their children through adoption or fostercare.


Touch of MagicEdit

The McKenzie family started when Alyson and Dylan started a relationship, but really took shape when they got married in the spring of 2009.

In 2011 they adopt 2 year old Aylin.

In 2022 Dylan works as a firefighter and he meets Jay, a 10 year old boy who got orphaned when his house caught fire. Even though they had not planned to be fostering, Alyson and Dylan decide to get their foster license renewed so they can offer Jay a home. It takes some time getting used to the new family, but Macy and Aylin bond together to make him feel at home.

In 2029 they have been forstering for 7 years and they have offered their home to several kids. One of them is 15 year old Macy. She is staying with them for almost 2 years when she gets injured, but Alyson and Dylan's foster-parent status causes some trouble with Macy's medical situation. Because of this they consider adopting Macy too, because they feel they would miss their point if they were only willing to be a family temporarely. After Macy gets out of the hospital they talk her through their family and the difficulties, before proceeding to ask if she'd be okay with them adopting her. Macy agrees, stating that her only parents are the ones sitting in front of her.

Blue MoonEdit

They celebrate Macy's 1 year adoption at the beach.

In 2030, a teenage boy named Wilson witnesses Alyson feeding in the woods. When Alyson regains composure she goes after him, and she asks him what he saw. When he tells her she saw her as a monster, Alyson realises they're in big trouble. However she also sees the kid is troubled, and needs help. She is able to talk him into going with her to her house where she would explain everything he just saw. There, Alyson and Dylan tell him who they are, and that they use their lives to do good. When Macy walks in she tells Wilson how the McKenzie's embraced her in their home. She offers him her room for the night, and he gets a warm meal and a shower. When Wilson observes the family in the morning, he catches himself forgetting they are vampires. When Dylan is at work he overhears the name of Wilson's mother as the lady who set fire to a liquor store because they didn't want to give her any more alcohol. When the report shows she was taken into psychiatric hold, Dylan goes to talk to Wilson, who then admits he has no place to go. The McKenzies agree to let him stay with them, and they foster him.

In 2027 they meet Dawn, a troubled girl that Jason often sees hanging around the club. When Dylan finds her unconcious he takes her home, where they discover she had tried to overdose. Alyson and Dylan help her get clean and offer her stability and support. She lives with them for 2.5 years, untill her brother finds her. She decides she wants to go with her brother and leave the McKenzies. However Dylan talks to Dave, and makes him promise he will offer the same stability for Dawn. When Dave realises he won't be able to do that, Dylan offers both the siblings a place in their family. They adopt Dave weeks before his 18th birthday, and Dawn the same day.


Alyson and Dylan are married and have several children together. Their marriage took place in 2009, and they have adopted children in 2011, 2022, 20209 and the following years they have also continued to foster children.


Alyson and Dylan's wedding theme consisted of gold accents with spring colors. They got married at their beachhouse and held a reception there. Among the guests were some of Alyson and Dylan's old friends from Scandinavia, as well as the Silverstone sisters.


Alyson and Dylan have never saved expenses for their children in raising them.



Alyson and Dylan have lived in Waterfall Creek for a large portion of the time since starting a family. There they have a beachhouse, and they also have resided at the Dawson house. Aside of that they have also lived in London, in Lauren and Nate's former apartment. Thirdly, they also have condo in downtown Paris, but they have not resided there recently.