The Independent Vampires
Also Known as None
Founder Julian Price and Nicole Price
Founded None
Status Unknown
Membercount Unknown
Base New Orleans,USA
Motto N/A
Allies N/A
Enemies Unknown
The Independent Vampires are a vampire group that are based in New Orleans. They are lead by Pearl Price and Julian Price. The amount of vampires varies from time to time, which is why they are classed lowest, but usually fluxates around 20 members.


Pearl hated to consider a life without her brother, so she had herself and her little sister turned into vampires too, so that they could all remain together forever.

When Lindsey found her brother and sister in bed, she expressed her disgust. She got into a fight with her siblings, and left the group. After filing a request with the Anconi, she founded her own group The Trebles in which she acts as a way to mock with the vampire rules. They have a supporter amongst the table, thus they can get away with it relatively easy, much to the displeasement of Pearl.





The Independent Vampires have one main property, which is the main base of the vampire group. They also have an agreement with the other vampire leaders about their hunting territory.


Current MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit


  • The infamous Lindsey Price, founder of The Trebles is the younger sister of Pearl and Julian. She was once a member of the group, untill she founded her own.
  • Dante Benito declared war to the Independent Vampires, because Julian killed his brother. Lindsey turned him to make her older brother angry, and because she 'finds the testosteron filled bitching' amusing.

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