Hainasoni Compound
Location Information

Laura Thornton
Naomi Thornton
Nick Thornton
Lydia Thornton
Louis Ignatius
Kendall Hagano
Cassidy Hagano




Fairbanks, Alaska


Chena Avenue

The Hainasoni Compound is a residential property that contains multiple houses owned by the members of the Hainasoni Bloodline.





There are 4 houses on the property, a separate barn and 2 guesthouses. Every family has their own private house, although they share the driveway up and some facilities.

Peter Thornton's HouseEdit

Peter and his wife Victoria own the biggest mansion. This is where they raised their 2 daughters, Laura and Lydia. Peter's son Louis also lives here, when he is not living with his mother Keira. 

The house has a basic structure and layout, containing 4 bedrooms in total. Laura's bedroom leads through a tree and the gutters to the house next door, where her cousins live. They use this secret passageway to have meetings about stuff. Lydia often comments about the small kitchen, which is not big enough to cook for 5. The living room overlooks the central oak tree and the driveway, keeping an eye on everything that happens.

Bryan Thornton's HouseEdit

Bryan raised his boy Nick and his daughter Naomi along with Samantha in their house in the compound. Louis often comes into the kitchen to drink coffee because to his idea Victoria makes the worst. Their kitchen is rather large, the biggest one on the compound, with Bryan being a chef and Samantha a culinary author. This leaves them little time to manage their house and watch their kids, so the house is cleaned by Naomi mostly. She describes the living room as rather small, but cozy. Overall, the house has a warm appear to it but this is just the appearance. In Naomi's room the warmth is genuine with lots of earthy tones and comfy furniture. Nick's room is painted in a blue-grey color.

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