Greene Family
The Greene Family
Family heritage

Witches and some Humans

Notable family members

Payton Silverstone
Claire Silverstone
Liam Greene
Christopher Greene


Alive (Payton, Claire and Liam)
Deceased (All other members)

Related families

The Silverstone Family

The Greenes are a family that consists of both witches and wizards of the Greene bloodline, their spouses and issue. There are currently three people known to be alive in this family. The current generation consists of Payton Silverstone, Claire Silverstone and Liam Greene


The Greene family never had been really big in numbers. From the moment the bloodline got activitated the family became concerned about their appearances. They didn't want anybody finding out about where there family came from and so they decided to keep the secret in the family, or at least marry someone who already knows about magic. Most of the people who married never told their spouse about the magical world. Making the Greene family one of the few that didn't expand that much. Some times they even preferred to marry someone out of their own family (a far cousin or a far uncle). 

Due to that the Greene family is one of the magical families with the least descendants. When their family started to get even less members they decided that it was time for a change. The Greene family had to keep on existing. In the future they were allowed to tell their spouses about the magical aspect of their family and so the Greenes started marrying other people again. Most of the Greene family members worked in a family bussiness. Around 1900 they owned a lot of farms and were known as farmers families. Those businesses went from father to son and from father to daughter. 

The Greene family never really was something special until the moment Christopher Greene fell in love with the beautiful Lillian Silverstone. Several generations had tried to marry someone from a different bloodline, but that never really worked out. Christopher Greene was the first one to escape the endless line of farmers. So when Christopher and Lillian welcomed their first child the whole magical community was excited. For the real world it was just another happy couple, having a wonderful baby girl.  For the magical community, there finally was a twice blessed child. That brought a lot of danger with it, but they decided that they wanted a second child and so Claire was born. After only two years of (asumed) happiness disaster struck when both Christopher and Lillian were killed. This left Claire and Payton as one of the few remaining family members. 

A couple of years later Claire and Payton find out that their father had a short relationship with Grace Miller and that resulted in them having a half-brother, Liam Greene. When their aunt Lucy dies, he becomes the legal guardian of Claire, because she is still a minor. Later on the family gets expanded when Payton gets a daughter Alena, who is both Silverstone as Greene because of her mother. After that the family gains seven more family members when both Claire and Liam also get children and Payton gives birth to two more children. 


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Gardernerville ResidenceEdit

The Greene Family has their family residence in Gardnerville, Nevada. The house was built by the grandparents of Christopher Silverstone. Christopher was raised there with his 2 siblings.

Lake Tahoe CabinEdit

The Greene Family has a cabin at Lake Tahoe, at a short drive from their family residence. They spend a lot of summer sundays here, as well as holidays, etc.