The Eurekas
Also Known as Eureka-coven
Eureka family
Founder Vincent Taylor
Founded None
Status Weakened (3 members killed by Jade Miller)
Membercount Unknown
Base Eureka,California
Motto N/A
Allies N/A
Enemies The Dawsons
The Eurekas are a group of vampires situated in Eureka, California. They are the closest neighbours to The Dawsons and become an antagonistic group being the succesors of May Miller and her coven. 


The coven was founded by Vincent Taylor. He met Cordelia (JENNA DEWAN FC) and after they married they applied to the Anconi to be recognized. They got denied, and therefore Vincent turned several other vampires before they became recognized as a coven in 1956.

After the defeat of the Millers the Eurekas see their chance as the second biggest vampire group on the Western Hemisphere. They saw how unstable the Dawsons (and the Silverstone Sisters) were, and crossed into their territory. When Anconi spy Jade Miller was watching them, she stumbled upon the Californian vampires and they attacked her. Being the strongest vampire in the world, she took out her opponents easily. This weakened the group, but not halfed it like Jade reported.