Dawson sigil
The Dawsons
Also Known as Dawson family
 Dawson coven
Founder James Dawson and Elisabeth Dawson
Founded None
Status Alive , Deceased (Lauren and Nate)
Membercount Unknown
Base Waterfall Creek
Motto N/A
Allies N/A
Enemies The Anconi , The Millers

The Dawsons are a group of vampires that consists of James , Elisabeth , Jason ,Seth , Dylan , Alyson , Lauren , Nate and Lynn . Occasionally Alyssa joins them for several years , but she is no official member of the group , as she has pleaded loyalty to the Miller group.

It is a rather large group on the American continent , the second largest group that remains together. Therefore ,it also has two thrones in theory , but in practise this is not the case.



The Dawson's symbol is a lion.


James leads the group in political decessions , which he takes with his wife Elisabeth. Elisabeth leads the domestic plan. Jason is in charge of making sure everyone is able to fight , if needed. Seth is in charge of hunting-territory. Alyson and Dylan are in charge of public status and appearance (including school for Jason and Seth) , Lauren and Nate are responsible for defence of their property. With their death , Lynn becomes responsible for this , but this responsibility is not taken as severe as before the threat of the Millers , so it could be disgarded.


The Dawson HouseEdit

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The Portland CondoEdit



  • James Dawson is the oldest vampire and the leader. He is married to Elisabeth Dawson. They co-rule together and act as guardians for Jason , Seth , Lauren and Nate for the rest of the world. James also had 2 vampire siblings ; Julie(tte) and Jean 'John' Dawson. The name of the vampire group comes from his surname , Dawson.
  • Elisabeth Dawson is the second oldest vampire and is married to James , the leader. She co-rules with him and acts as guardian for Jason, Seth, Lauren and Nate along with him.
  • Jason Dawson is the third oldest vampire. He is the first vampire in the group not to be turned by James. After the defeat of the Miller he takes over their throne and technically abandones his spot on The Dawsons, but he still remains an active member of the family.
  • Seth Dawson is the fourth oldest vampire in the group. He was the second vampire to be turned by James.
  • Dylan McKenzie is fifth in the group of vampires. He is married to Alyson McKenzie, also a vampire in the group. He has turned two other members , Lauren and Nate, and begged James to let them in the group. He is the second vampire not to be turned by James himself. He is also the only member who does not share the group's last name Dawson.
  • Alyson McKenzie is the sixth vampire in the group. She is married to Dylan McKenzie and took his last name. Originally she also had the last name of Dawson, despite not being turned by James. Her sire and the 9th unofficial member, Alyssa Miller, was an enemy of hers for a long time, therefore Alyson in particular spend a lot of time apart from the Dawsons when Alyssa would visit.
  • Lauren Dawson is the youngest member of the group, along with Nate. She got turned by Dylan and accepted into the group by James. They are pretty private and spend quiet some time in their log cabin down the woods. However she gets along great with mostly Elisabeth and Alyson as well as Seth and Jason's girlfriends Claire and Payton.
  • Nate Dawson is the youngest vampire along with Lauren. He is very isolated and he is believed to suffer from a mild PTSD. He is usually very private and prefers being alone with Lauren. However he opens up to Payton and he starts getting more involved with the other members. Eventually he died to ensure to safety of Jason's child and the mother, Payton.
  • Lynn Sullivan is the newest member , but not the youngest. She was an old friend of James who was formerly part of a group of independant vampires in de mid to southern part of the country. She travelled to catch up with her sire, and decided to stay and become a member of the family.
  • Alyssa Miller is an unofficial member, but she might have spend equal amount of time with them as Alyson and Dylan have, just on opposing time-periods. She is best friends with Jason and Seth and gets along great with Elisabeth. She was formerly enemies with Dylan and mostly Alyson McKenzie, despite (and because of) being their sire. She now reconsiled with them. She is officially part of the Millers and acts as it's ruler when her mother's army gets destroyed. She maintains a close relationship with the Dawsons as allies.










Other vampiresEdit

  • Alyssa Miller : Most members of the Dawsons have a good relationship to her, despite the fact that she was from another vampiregroup.


The Silverstones

The Silverstones and the Dawsons are both founding families

  • Claire and The Dawsons
  • Payton and The Dawsons