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Neill Davis
Tristan Davis
Parker Davis
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Riley Davis


Westgate Lofts, Salt Lake City

The Davis Family is a family of hunters. They are recurring in Touch of Magic and mentioned in Once Upon a Blue moon. The group is lead are lead by Neill Davis, who's responsible for the north-eastern United States branch of hunters. They are considered the main protagonists after The Millers


The Davis Family is a family of hunters that has existed for many years on the downlow. In the 21st century they start hunting and killing supernatural creatures less secretive, worrying the magical community in the Americas.

Neill Davis leads the North-Western branch, with headquarters located in Salt Lake City. There he lives with his family consisting of his children from various different relationships with different woman over the years, and his wife Savannah. Neill and his family has a specialty for hunting down vampires, but when large quantities of vampires and witches both settle in Waterfall Creek they start training to take down well-trained witches like Payton and Claire Silverstone, believing they are responsible for natural disasters such as hurricanes and such.

They decide to test their luck in an attack, but they fail in causing much damage to their numbers. They then regroup, and work together with other hunter families in order to create specialised weapons that would take out witches powers and severely weaken vampires. 

Sebastien Ambroise and Ruby Lennox work together for years to infiltrate the hunters and figure out their plans, a scheme that takes them nearly a decade to accomplish. When they do they are able to sabotage an attack on the Silverstones.

The family falls apart when it is revealed that Riley is not Neill's biological daughter but instead a witch, and Neill faces a lot of backlash for not recognizing a witch amongst his own children. Neill, under peer pressure from the other hunters, claims he will kill Riley next time he sees her. Tristan is morally questioning his alliances because of his love for Riley, and supposes a truce, instructing the hunters to only hunt vampires who actually hurt people, and leaving witches alone. Neill agrees, and the majority of the family goes their own way after this.



    • Riley and Tristan are in a relationship, after previously assuming they were related.