The Creek Daily
Type: Newspaper
Also Known As: TCD
Location: Downtown Waterfall Creek

The Creek Daily is a newspaper based in Waterfall Creek, Oregon. The historical newspaper is located downtown and also houses the Culture Comitee.


Elisabeth has recalled the early creation of the newspaper, stating it was there at the crib of the town centuries ago.

In Season One Payton has a cut-out of the article that the Creek Daily published on the death of her parents. She also mentions working at the Creek Daily as one of her future perspectives.

In Season Three Payton meets with an alumni in college who works at the Creek Daily. She offers her business card to Payton.

In Season Six Payton revisits the Creek Daily when she got arranged an interview as a birthday favor. However she ignores the interview when she gets approached by Simon Fell, who tells her he has his eye on her and her family.

When he publishes an article on 20th anniversary of the death of Payton's parents, Payton confronts her and he officially states he will not stop digging untill he has found dirt on her or her family, specifically mentioning Alyssa Miller. Payton then blackmails him in order to get him to back off.

Significant EventsEdit

  • Payton has a confrontation with Simon Fell about his investigation on her and her family (and the Millers) in Season Six.


The Creek Daily has been a reliable source of news for decades. 




The Creek Daily is located in a historical building in downtown Waterfall Creek on the top stories of the building. They share a lobby with the headquarters of the culture comitée.