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Carrington Farm, Boston

The Carrington Family was a wealthy family of merchants in the Boston area, originating in the middle of the 18th century. It is the family of Jason Dawson and Jared Carrington


The Carrington family was a well-known family around the later half of the 17th century and the 18th century in the larger Boston area. Henry Carrington jump-started the family's fortune and fame, contributing to the family's name and fame the most. His eldest son was originally bound to take over the family name. When Jared dissappeared, the family had just gotten the tragic news that their second son Jason was killed in battle during the 1812 war. The family got taken over by the third son in the family, Phillip. Oldest daughter Catherine married a spice trader. After their son died, the procreation of the Carrington line went to Louise and Rebecca Carrington, who got 16 children combined.

Currently there are still several families in the general Boston area called Carrington. One of them is a family of descendants from Ava, who had 2 children with her husband Lewis, before being turned into a vampire. On a trip through the country with his girlfriend Nathalie, AJ Dawson (son of Jason with Payton Silverstone in the 21st century) encounters the family and discovers they are discendants of his father. 



The Carringtons didn't have many properties, aside from the Carrington Farm and a small warehouse by the port, because Henry Carrington was a trader which they later build up to a huge empire of several storage facilities. They gained a lot of land after this.