The Anconi
Also Known as Dracula Headquarters (Nate)
Founder Jim Finch
Frey Waldor
Other members of the First Coven
Founded None
Status Existent
Membercount Unknown
Base Andros
Motto N/A
Allies The Millers
Enemies The Millers 2.0, witches
The Anconi is the biggest vampire-group in the world , and is situated in the Greek island of Andros. They are lead by five members of the First Coven, including Costa Gianopoulos although daily leadership falls upon Jim Finch and the other commanders. They are vampires and all of them are forced to feed on human blood. 


The Anconi was founded in 1345.

Touch of MagicEdit

In Season One, the Anconi was first introduced in a conversation between James and Elisabeth. Later Lincoln, the vampire Claire killed in the woods, was confirmed to be one of theirs. Throughout the season they have kept a presence at Waterfall Creek through their spies and hackers. Constance Wilkes, one of the more higher-ranking members we have seen up untill this point, comes to collect Jason to transport him to Andros.

In Season Two the Anconi is involved in the storyline through Elliot, a promising vampire who was sent to Waterfall Creek after Jared attacked Claire. In the aftermath of that fight (which they did not rule as law-breaking), Elliot was tasked to hunt Katie down and kill her. However the chaos in Portland distracts him, and he brings the situation in Portland to the attention of his superiors. Jade then announces she has tracked down Katie. This causes Elliot to be deemed unfit for his first solo mission, and he gets benched. Meanwhile Jade convinces Jim to let her keep Katie as a handmaiden.

In Season Six The rest of the Anconi then come to the West-coast, for a full confrontation with the Silverstones. Costa Gianopoulos leads an army of vampires to take down The Millers 2.0 during the fight he stays behind to watch his people do the work for him. When Jade approaches him, he warns her that May used a trick from his book. He tells Jade that his entire vampire bloodline is linked to him. Knowing this includes Jade herself, but also Alyssa and her entire family, Jade hesitates for a moment. Eventually Elisabeth shows up and kills Costa, taking the chance and calling his bluff. Later she reveals that she was the only one who could take him out because she wasn't scared of dying.

With Costa taken out, the majority of the army is aimless and reckless, which ends up being their downfall. Alyssa finds herself facing Jim, who recognizes her. He is stronger than her, and overpowers her, but his ego is his doom when he continues to talk about the deal he made with May over Jade. Eventually Jade stabs him in the back, whispering in his ear that she always knew who her true family was. Jade and Alyssa hug each other after that. Demitria surrenders herself but gets killed by Jason, and Frey is killed by then



The Anconi have created several laws for vampirism all across the world, but they themselves are relatively flexible with them. They created the law saying vampires can not kill other vampires in order to keep the vampire population strong. They were also responsible for creating the rules of succession in the Miller Throne, as well as the laws and territories of the Independent Vampires.


The Table - level 5Edit

The Table is a group of first coven representatives who run the Anconi. The Table is judge, jury and executioner on cases of vampires breaking the laws. Table members are notorious for keeping secret identities, only one member, Costa Gianopoulos is known to be on the table. It is only known that the remaining members are members of the First Coven

  • Gosta Gianopoulos is a table member and he is also in charge of the human fraction; both humans inside (mates) as humans outside are in his control and are to obey his orders. He spends most of his time prepping the mates of the Table, but also enjoys sparring with new recruits.

The Commanders - level 4Edit

The Commanders are 4 people who control the Anconi Army. They are an elite group and superior to any other vampires. They each have a special job assigned, besides training recruits.

  • Jim Finch is responsible for recruits and in this way he is Jade's direct boss/equal (depending on the type of recruits). He is one of the people who helped raise Jade, and he was formerly her person of trust. He is also in charge of communication.
  • Jade is the second oldest commander. She stands above all other spies within the Anconi, and technically above all commanders, but she doesn't take much importance in it.
  • Frey Waldor is an elder vampire with the appearance of a 40 year old man. He is very much respected by the recruits, and spends most time training them. Besides that he is responsible for housing and hunting
  • Demitria Barbos is a commander in charge of wealth. She believes in training recruits with etiquette and disguise, rather then combat.

The Spies - level 3Edit

The Spies are a group of special vampires , who get send out to gather information on other groups.

  • Jade is a spy for top-secret missions. While all other operations of spies are accesible by the group's tech people, the ones Jade are on are labeled with a code, creating an error when anyone tries to find them. Jade is an excellent spie, yet admits to being bored occasionally. She often has other spies surveillence for her, while she takes her time to be with Pierre.
  • Xavier Simmons: Xavier is a spy, specialised in tracking military operations of other groups. His connections in the army and nuclear movements provide him intell when someone purchases amunition.
  • Nina Ward : Nina was one of the first official recruits for the Anconi in 1345. Originally turned for her beautiy, she quickly developed into a a skilled spie and the trainee of Demitria herself. She has a legendary status and has almost the same fame as Jade.
  • Jensen Whitfield: Jensen is one of the best spies in the world, and only a few people knows what he looks like. He briefly had a romantic fling with Jade but they both decided it compromised their job.

The Trackers - level 2Edit

The Trackers are vampires from The Anconi who follow the movements of people of interest, such as vampires with a strong pressence in vampire politics. They usually delegate the missions to the people in the field, but occasionally they will go out into the field themselves

  • Riccardo: Riccardo is one of the best trackers. He was send after Jason when he left the Millers, and is tasked with following Jared's wherabouts.
  • Constance: Constance is one of Frey's most loyal sires, and operates mainly on his command. Her loyalty extends to the point where she tracked Jade's movements, until Jade outsmarted her. As a result, Jade accused Constance of being the mole. After the fight with the Anconi, Constance offers her loyalty to Jade. To that Jade kills her and Constance gets used as a toxic example of blind loyalty.
  • Felix: Felix is a tracker that is best liked by the IT-ers to work together, and he is friends with Erin Coulson as a result of it. Felix is highly efficient and the 'showboy' of the trackers, going the extra mile to impress his superiors and making it all seem effortless.

The Recruits - level 1Edit

The recruits are rather young vampires, who are considered to be trained for a level above 1. They are individuals who show an exceptional talent or even a power occasionally. They are hand-picked by the Table at the advise of the commandors. Jade was a recruit before her 11th birthday.

  • Cassie was a recruit within the Anconi. She had potential to become a spy, but she had authority issues. When she left, she was put on the black list to be killed on sight if any of the trackers or spies ever found her.
  • Jeremy was a bright scientist in the 20th century. He got turned when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He became a recruit before his second year at the compound when they discovered that his genius brain was even more genius as a vampire.

The Soldiers - level 0Edit

The soldiers are the common folk within the Anconi. They live in rooms below the main structure of the Anconi compound. They never remain soldier for longer then 10 years. After that, they're either promoted to recruit, or killed. Usually it's option number two. The soldiers never see daylight unless they get send out on a mission.


The Anconi CompoundEdit

See The Anconi Compound.

The Long Island BaseEdit

Location Information

The Long Island Base is a property on American soil, which they pay rent on in an agreement with May Miller, who formally owns the property. In exchange it is accesible to vampires from The Anconi, who use it as a base during recrutement in New York or New Haven, where it's located centrally of. It is the only place in the world where vampires from The Anconi share equal rights with vampires from The Millers and it's considered neutral territory. 


  • Bad Moon Rising