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The Ambroise Family is part of a larger family consisting of the (mostly) wizards of the Ambroise Bloodline, their spouses and issue. The current generation of wizards include Pierre Ambroise, Charlie Ambroise and Sebastien Ambroise.


Charles Ambroise was born only 13th to the throne of Solos, as many of his cousins and uncles were in line before him. Therefore he was raised with little importance to the magical legacy. When he was 18, he got send away from his elderly home like many Ambroise wizards. This was done out of precaution, to avoid to many members of the Ambroise bloodline in one place and so their magic couldn't be tracked to hem. He got sent to a piece of land that had been in their family previously, but had been abandoned for several decades. Along with his new wife, he freshened up the establishment, later on turning it into a bed and breakfast.

Charles and his wife were blessed with three sons, Sebastien, Pierre and Charles Jr. , coming from a long bloodline of mostly male wizards before them. Charles soon found out that the property his parents had send him to had specific flora growing in the area, and soon he realised the importance of that when Lillian Silverstone contacted him, stating she was looking for certain herbs she wanted to use in a spell. 

Lillian brought her four year old daughter over in the spring, and they stayed for a dozen days or so. This is where Charles gained the idea of how to restore his family's importance within the larger Ambroise bloodline, spread across all of Europe. Inspired by Lillian's twiceblessed daughter Payton, Charles aspired his own sons to marry another witch. This way gaining importance. However before he could do so, he had to secure his family's safety first. With Lillian's arrival, he had endangered his wife and his sons. And so he opted to send Bash away to England, to live with his maternal great-aunt at the age of 9.

According to the plan, Pierre was supposed to be send to Waterfall Creek where Lillian had promised at her departure that she would look out for the little boy. However since Lillian died briefly afterwards, Pierre was kept in France untill he would be old enough to defend himself. Bash remained in London, despite the fact that Payton Silverstone wouldn't join him there. He did keep in touch with his childhood friend, both of them exchanging letters and later e-mails on new magic they had learned, or on the current situation on their respective halves of the world.

Meanwhile, when the time came, Pierre made his way to Waterfall Creek.Rather than using his family's name, he was instructed to use his mother's maiden name, Dumoulin, in an attempt to hide his identity from the hunters. On the contrary to his brother Bash, Pierre had not learned of the other bloodlines. As a result of this he had no idea who Payton Silverstone and Claire Silverstone were. However his magical legacy caught up with him soon enough when his brother discovered Payton Silverstone was Pierre's new girlfriend. 

Charles and his wife then admitted he was sent there to