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Tenebris is one of the regions of the Magical Dimension. It was formerly inhabitat by the Garfunkles, but is a deserted area since that bloodline died. Tenebris was ruled from the Black Castle situated in the centre of Tenebris.

Bloodline and castleEdit

The seventh witch , Ayla ,was the youngest but often to most underestimated. Her descendants are characterized by ferocity and fearfulness. It is also believed that descendants of the seventh witch practice dark magic that tap into the powers of death and cruelty. Therefore , the seventh bloodline was almost killed by followers of the Council of Elders because it was evolving into a dark bloodline. The name of this family was Garfunkle. Most of the inhabitants of the magical dimension fear Tenebris.

The Black Castle is as dark as the magic that the Garfunkles are said to use. It’s not as big as the other castles, but it is said to be the most frightening thing anyone has ever seen. It’s all black, as the name of the castle reveals, and it is always covered by a dark sky with thunderclouds. Not many people have seen the inside of the castle, but the ones who have claim it’s sinister.


Tenebrosi means dark and it fits the description of the whole bloodline. It is said that the Garfunkles weren’t using dark magic in the beginning, but that the place where their castle is located has made them that way.</p>

Location & ClimateEdit

Tenebris is located to the Centre Eastern part of the Island. It is the main place where the lapis Carbuncle is made. The castle is the centre of Tenebris, but many people have never been close enough to see it with their own eyes. All dark, black and grim. The climate of Tenebris is cold and dark. Most of the times there are thunderclouds hanging above the centre Eastern part of the Island. Rain and thunderstorms are very common in Tenebris. And it’always cold. There are approximately two days a year that the sun comes through. Around the time of Halloween this part of the Island is at its darkest. At night you can hear the wind howling around the towers of the castle.


As a result of the dark past of Tenebris there is no real culture of Tenebris. During Halloween some kids from other parts of the Magical Dimension dare to go over to Tenebris and spend the night in the castle of nearby the Dark Whole. Most of them go crazy during that one night. Tenebris is said to be the most haunted place in the Whole Magical dimension as the mad spirits of the Garfunkle family still linger around.

Significant placesEdit

The GhostwoodsEdit

The ghostwoods are located at the north of Tenebris. It spreads from the border with Aerqua in the West to the shore in the East side of Tenebris. Once people thought that the woods were haunted, because a lot of people found the dead there. It was believed that their spirits still haunted the woods. Now all that is left are dead trees and burned down bushes. 

  • Hangman Rock, A lot of people killed themselves there. Every year there are about 7 suicides at that spot.
  • The Dark Whole,There is a cave on the north side of Tenebris, but no one dares to go in there, because they think the place is haunted.

The Dark ForestEdit

The Dark Forest covers the mid part of the region Tenebris. It spreads from the West right till the shore on the East and has to gates that connect Tenebris to Aerqua and Sanguis.The Dark Forest is known for its tall dark trees and meadows that are covered in dew. Dark creatures still live in these woods.  

  • Hollowfield, This is a gate town in the South-West of Tenebris. The gate seperates Tenebris from Sanguis. The gate has been unguarded for about 500 years now.
  • Shademeadow, Is actually the least horrific place in whole Tenebris. Once in a while the sun may come through the dark clouds a little. Shademeadow is known for it's lack of sound. It's so quiet there that people tend to get crazy if they stay there to long. 
  • Shadowhill, Is a  place where you would not want to be around midnight. The people of Tenebris thought the hill was a holy place, because of the energy in the air and they made it their most used cemetery. It is located between the Black Castle and the farest eastern point of the dimension.

The DeadlandsEdit

The Deadlands are located at the south part of Tenebris. It is a flat piece of land, that once was a dark desert, but is now completely covered in dirt and pools of poisoned black water. The only living creatures found here are creatures that should only exist in nightmares. 

  • The Black Castle, originally the Garfunkle family lived there, but since the whole family didn't survive no one ever sat foot in the castle again. Leaving it neglected and full of pests.
  • Shadekeep, is located at the East part of Tenebris. It once was a place where pirates would come a shore and drink until they couldn't walk straight anymore. In the little alleys of Shadekeep has been a lot of bloodshed and some people say you can still hear the screams of women sometimes.
  • Vertice, Is located at the most South point of Tenebris. Vertice is the place where the court would punish people for their crimes. They would sentence a suspect and act out the punishment immediately. 

Significant inhabitantsEdit

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