Teagan Yamashiro
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born December 10th, 1990
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 22 (24)
Occupation Unknown
Residence The Miller Motel
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'6
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By None
Teagan Tamashiro is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. She is the daughter of a former US-government diplomat. She currently works as an assistant for Claire Silverstone and is in a relationship with Elijah.

She is a vampire and a member of the Millers 2.0 where she is getting trained.


Early LifeEdit

Teagan was raised in the United States in Washington DC. As a kid, she always felt a bit uneasy becasue people would look at her differently. When her dad got promoted, she went to a school in a better district, and she was no longer made fun of.

The rest of her childhood was easy, and she got multiple offers from universities all over the east coast. But before universities, she convinced her parents to let her go on a trip to Cabo. There, she got found by emisairies who recognised her as a diplomat's daughter. 

She was kidnapped from her room, and taken by her abductors. They kept her captive for several weeks, waiting for their own instructions. In the meanwhile they fed on her, revealing they were in fact vampires. When she was dehydrated and starving due to negligence, one of the vampires decided to turn her to keep her alive so they could have her randsom. 

After she got turned, it took her a long time to wake up and her kidnappers believed her to have died. The local authorities found her and declared her death, informing her family and friends.

When she woke up in the morgue, she was very confused. Less then a minute after she awoke, Grace Miller found her. She took her back to the USA and gave her shelter so she could regain her strength. Once she did, Teagan got introduced to the rest of the Miller army. 

At first she was scared. It wasn't untill 3 months after her death that she saw her father's statement on her death. That's when she decided she would regain her strenght and find the people who kidnapped her.

However she found herself at the bottom of the ladder, and she had little opportunity to be training. She got stuck with the other girls, and she never really made much friends.

Season SixEdit





Eijah and Taegan met when he saved her from being taken hostage at a bank robery. As a way of thanking him, she buys him coffee, and the two of them become familiar throughout the trial when it turns out the assailant was an important pawn in a case at the DA’s office. Things go well, until Taegan finds Elijah high one night. She concludes he was high the night he saved her too, and breaks contact with him due to her mother’s bad history with drugs. She tries to reconnect and keep an eye on Elijah, but he pushes her out. Taegan then moves away, but by chance the two of them meet up again. She makes a harder effort this time to help him. At their final court hearing Elijah announces he is clean now, making her proud. However he also reveals that he is in debt of his drug-dealer days, and asks her for money. The two of them try to escape the guys that are chasing Elijah, but Teagan gets shot in the process. When Teagan gets taken to the hospital, she is saved by being turned into a vampire. She reunites with Elijah, and the two of them officially begin their romantic relationship.




Powers and TalentsEdit



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