Jade ; I sighted and rolled my eyes as I took place. A few minutes past by before I noticed  everyone was in shock. I lifted up my head and gasped. “What is going on ?”

Leader-ish person : “Don’t fuzz baby girl… Be a good girl and sit down.”

Jade ; I took my place and watched as they placed Pierre on the red chair in front of the council.

Pierre ; “I came here in peace. I don’t want to harm you , neither have I any bad intentions. I want to join you. You can have someone test my sincerety.”

Leader-ish person : “You’re very brave of coming here young wizard.” I looked at Jade and nodded. “Go ahead darling.”

Jade ; “What ? Me ? “

Pierre ; “I’m speaking the thruth , you can feel my pulse.”

Jade ; I looked once more at ‘father’ and then walked over to Pierre. When I had reached him I closed my eyes for a split second , and inhaled his scent.

Leader-is person ; “Say it again.”

Pierre ; “I have no bad intentions. I’m just as fed up with the Silverstones as you are. As you might know I was once in courtship with Payton Silverstone , but I hate them. I’m also sick of them ruling the magical dimention , and I think this needs to stop. I offer myself to give you inside knowledge in exchange for protection. I want to be part of your team. I could help you a lot..”

Leader-ish person ; “Jade , darling , is het speaking the thruth ? You know european witches , what is their connection to the Americans”

Jade ; I whimpered and looked up. “He is.” In reality I had felt his heartbeat raise from the moment he entered the room. “He has no high hartbeat. And on the subject of those witches… They are estranged. They have barely any contact with them… They don’t form a threat for spionage.”

Leader-ish person ; "Alright , send him down. Torture him untill midnight. If he still isn't saying anything we will believe him." 

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