Sophia Greene
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born April 15th 2015
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 15
Occupation Fashion photagrapher
Residence The Silverstone House (early to late teens)
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Omnikinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Physical description
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By None

You can save everyone. But you can also kill everyone
— Phoebe describing Sophia's powers

Sophia Greene is one of the main characters in Descendants. She is the daughter of Liam Greene and Chloë Curtis, which makes her a twiceblessed witch. She is potentially the most powerfull witch to date based on genetics.

More specifically she is part of both the Greene bloodline and family as well as the the Curtis bloodline and family. She also is an unofficial member of The Millers by birth, although she shows no genetic vampire abilities.


Early LifeEdit

Sophia was born the night that her mother died. Her mother got into a car accident that send her into labour early. Her mother dies giving birth to her leaving her motherless. Her grandmother and biological father Liam Miller fight over the custody, but eventually her father wins and decides to take good care of his daughter like Chloë asked him to. 

Sophia lives with Liam in the apartment up until Liam starts going downhill. Sophia then moves to Portland and lives with her aunt Phoebe and uncle Chris for a few years, which causes trouble between her aunt and her grandmother, but eventually things settle. When she is 16, Sophia chooses to return to Waterfall Creek where she moves in with her paternal aunts Payton and Claire. She starts attending SJBS like her cousins. 

While living at the Silverstone house, Sophia finds a diary that her mom wrote, which was hidden but Sophia was drawn to it. As she reads it she finds out why her mom chose to leave her dad even though she knew she was pregnant. She also finds out her mom planned to raise her with Sebastien Ambroise

Sophia asks about what happened in the summer of 2016 but her father is reluctant to talk about it. She gets mad at him for this, but her uncle Jason convinces her that it's no good to ask Liam about those events. He and Payton tell her what they know, and her aunt Ariël fills up the blanks.

Season OneEdit

When she goes to high school she is very excited to meet other people and make new friends. With her best friend Amore she signs up for a lot of musicals at their school but Amore seems to be a bit better at that than she is.

Season TwoEdit

So when Amore goes to study for a musical career Sophia decides to go study something else. Like her birthmother she has a great passion for fashion and where her mother got a scholarship for cheerleading Sophia starts working for Pressed On's fashion department immediately as a fashion photographer. She always liked the photo's her (steph)mother Mila made before she went to Artschool in Italy, so that was kind of her inspiration. Claire helps her out a lot by teaching her some drawing skills and eventually she becomes head photographer for the magazine.

During her time as head photographer she meets a lot of people, but when she meets a young actor during a photo shoot she falls in love with him. It is not very professional, but there is no way those two won’t get together. When they are together for about two years they decide to move back to Waterfall Creek from LA so Sophia can start working for herself. She gets the liberty to focus more on her own stuff, while still assisting her aunts photographically.


Sophia has the 'Curtis curls' in her blonde to dark blonde hair. She resembles her mother a lot, according to her father, mainly when she smiles.

Sophia's style tends to be on the casual fashionable side; She often wears clothes that have soft, female touches but she can also wear converse and a sweater. Usually she is seen wearing ankleboots, skinny jeans and a colorful or flowy top.


Sophia is curious about the world and everything in it, and she says she likes to discover the world throught the eyes of a lense. She is pretty headstrong, but also bubbly and she even has a flirty side. She tries to live up to the expectations of her family, while trying not to loose her own identity.


  • Nick and Sophia met when he visited Waterfall Creek once more after his departure. He meets Sophia at 15 years old, and is amazed by the legend standing in front of him. On Sophia's end there is mostly confusion about the boy who is seemingly in his 20's, but she knows he's way older. They get to talking about Nick's slowed down aging and Sophia's rapid growth (mostly her magic side, not so much physically). Nick expresses he struggles with his powers because he hasn't been around witches, yet withing 10 minutes he is already able to make a fireball, something he hasn't done in years. They remain close friends over phonecalls and e-mails.

Powers and TalentsEdit

Sophia is estimated to be born the most powerfull witch on the planet. She comes very close (if not equal) to her aunts Payton Silverstone and Claire Silverstone. She exceeds them in range of powers, but lacks usage and experience.

On her own, Sophia possesses Omnikinesis, the ability to control... everything. Her wilde rang of natural (and nurtured) abilities also make for a nice mix. She has easy control of Agrokinesis, and she has a touch for emotional powers. She is the one person Payton naturally can't read the emotional state off, and who Claire can't read any thoughts off either. Sophia only shows one aspect of vampirism, and that is slightly enhanced healing, but this might be due to self-defense when she was an unborn child and newborn.

Mundanely, Sophia was sparked by photography early on in her life, and she has a real eye for it.


  • Sophia is one of the five twiceblessed witches and wizards on the planet, but perhaps the most powerfull one as she is capable of Omnikinesis on her own. She is unstoppable when she gets help from her aunts, and the Ambroise siblings Camille and Lucas. She has shown to be able to surprise Jade Miller to the point of suffication and practical death, from which Jade recovered eventually. Sophia's powers as an infant were channeled by her aunts Payton and Claire to break the anti-magic dome during the final battle with the Anconi.
  • Sophia speaks Italian, thought by Mila. When she goes to Milan for fashion photography she finds out her paternal grandmother was also Italian.
  • Sophia was raised in the pressence of all her cousins, including the Saphire and the Ambroise kids, who she calls cousins but they are not. They are in fact cousins once removed.
    • Sophia has a close relationship to one of each set of siblings ; Amore, Declan and June.