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Solos is one of the constituent regions of the Magical Dimension. It was formerly a sovereign realm known as the Highlands before the realms were merged with the accords. Solos is ruled from the Castle of Glory situated in Sothros Bay. The Ambroise bloodline rules the region.

Bloodline & castleEdit



The name Solos derives from the Latin word Sol, meaning sun. Many other places in the region are derived from this, such as Sothros Bay.

Location & climateEdit

Solos is the reagion in the North-East of the land. It is neighboured by Aerqua in the east , Divitia in the South(-West) and Slivatica in the West.  

The region is the region with the smalles coastline of the main island but makes that up with an abundance of grasslands and riverbanks. The climate is to be compared with South-Western European Climate.



Significant placesEdit

The LowlandsEdit

The Lowlands are the lowest point of Solos. It is said to be 6 meters under sealevel and it is the most plat part in the whole magical dimension. The Lowlands are known for its great green grasslands and small rivers. The Lowlands are situated on the West of Solos. 

  • Sothros Bay, The Golden Castle is located at Sothros Bay. That's the main reason why this is a significant place. But also because Sothros Bay has one of the main harbours of Solos and the whole magical Dimension. 
  • The Golden Castle
  • Crystalcourt, is the place where the first castle of the Ambroise Bloodline was situated, before they build the Golden Castle. Nowadays the people living there are a wealthy family in the Magical Dimension. 


Goldmount is the higher part of Solos. It is situated on the East part of the kingdom and lays next to divitia. That's also the main reason why it is higher. This part consists of some hills and small mountains giving the land more shape. 

  • Highfort, is located between two mountains and very hard to find. The fort located here was a place for the higher ranked families to go to if they needed to be safe or stay hidden for a while. 
  • Estermere, is a city at the foot of a mountain. During the day the mountain casts a shadow over the city, but at night the city seems to be glowing due to the setting sun. 
  • Starrygate, is the border between Solos and Divitia. It consists of a river, some mountains and a waterfall. Crossing the border is not a hard thing to do here, but you will have to make sure you can show the guards who you are. 


The coastfields are situated at the North of Solos. The coastfields are known for its rivers and riverbanks that lead to the coastal area of Solos. There are lots of grasslands and beaches in this area. 

  • Southgrass, is more of a big grassland than a city. The houses are scattered around the place, giving it a very medieval feel. Many people tend to describe it as 'cute'. 
  • Whitenesse, consists of only white houses giving it a very unique look. The sun makes it look like the houses are shining. 
  • Spellhall, Is a city were the biggest library of Solos is situated. It's is the second largest library of the magical dimension and many spells have been invented there. Therefore it is called Spellhall. 

Ambroise BloodlineEdit

In Europe , where the bloodline is mostly located , there are only few portals to the magical dimension. Therefor , the Ambroise-bloodline rarely visits this area of the island. Instead they keep an eye out for the rest of the witch-community in Europe.

Castle of GloryEdit

The Castle of Glory is home-base to all of the descendants of the Ambroise-bloodline. It's called after it's glorious golden reflection (gold as a color that is often associeted with the bloodline)
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