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The Greene family



  • Greenhollow
  • Starryoak
  • Bushley
  • Fayhedge
  • Hedgeview Point
  • Wildedale
Slivatica is one of the main regions of the Magical Dimension. It is inhabitat by the Greenes. Slivatica is ruled from the Greene castle situated in the forrest of Slivatica.

Slivatica's king was Frank Greene. Upon his death, and with the previous passing of his eldest son Christopher, the throne passed on to Lucy Greene, who became queen of Slivatica and queen Regent of Divitia at the time. With her death, the throne of Slivatica passes on to Payton and Claire, who are both known as Queens of Slivatica. Sophia Greene has been made the next heir of the throne by her aunts.

Bloodline & CastleEdit

The Greene-bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the 5th Ancient Witch, Lysra. It is the second activated bloodline (activated in 1715) , and therefore the second longest active until today. However , the activation didn't bring any big active powers , just the one to connect to the earth and plants ; having the ability to control fauna and flora , as well as anything else related to earth. Despite the power of the bloodline being questionmarked by the whole of the magical community, the inhabitants of Slivatica don't pay attention to that very much. They are very loyal to their royals, formerly Payton and Claire, as well as welcoming to Liam as their new King. They held festivities all over the region for them. The Slivaticans also respect their land, and keep it safe, nice and clean. They also guard their gates and portals very well, and are known for that across the dimension.

The castle of Slivatica is the Greene castle. It is completely covered in mosses and plants and is considered one of the most impressive castles. It is one of the smallest, but with the most space on the inside. It is very light and centred deep into the woods in a little meadow.


Sliva means forrest. The name Green is probably the most obvious name , since this bloodline is still most related to nature , especially earth and woods. Because of its specialty it is often considered weak because earth and woods are the first elements any witch can control.


The people in Slivatica honor nature and you won’t see people harming anything that has to do with that. People in Slivatica are kind and honourable people, that live for family. Nature day is a celebrated holiday and people honour the tradition of planting one tree by magic that day.

Location & ClimateEdit

Slivatica is located in the North/centre part of the Island and consists of mostly forrest, flowers and bushes. It is the place where lapis Galaxitis is made. The most common colour is Green and people say it is a nice and peaceful place. The people of Slivatica live in nice green cottages and have green fingers.

The climate of Slivatica is moist, for the plants and flowers to grow. The sun shines almost every day of the year, but the air is filled with water. People say the climate can be compared to that of a rain forrest.

Significant placesEdit

The Meadow LandsEdit

An area that is rather flat, with a few small hills in it. It's the only area in the region where there's no forrest. It is situated near the northern coast, and streches a little more towards Divitia ,where it gets a bit more hilly.

  • The Meadow, an area between Starryoak and Greenhollow where people get together. It takes rougly half a day to cross it on the road that runs in between.
  • Greenhollow, a gate-town that among others houses the gatekeepers of the nothern gate between Divitia and Slivatica.
  • Starryoak, a medium sized coastal city. Unlike many other cities in the northern part of the dimension, it does not have a port.

The GreenlandsEdit

An area completely covered in forrest, in the central and eastern part of the region. It goes from the coastline in the north, along the border with Aerqua up untill the crossing point of the Silver River between Aerqua, Slivatica and Sanguis.

  • The Greene Castle
  • Bushley, a gate-town near the Silver River. It guards the gate/bridge between Slivatica and Sanguis. It has the worst weather of whole Slivatica.
  • Fayhedge, a gate-town in the east of Slivatica. It maintains the balance and the gate with Aerqua. It's a metropolitan city with Newind, in Aerqua.

The HillsEdit

  • Hedgeview Point
  • Wildedale

Significant inhabitantsEdit

Members of the Council of Elders

  • Marc Green
  • Lucy Greene 


  •  Christopher Greene