Skye Moreno
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1765
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 229 (20)
Occupation Personal guard of Alyssa Miller (former)
Lawyer and legal aid for the Millers and The Millers 2.0
Residence The Miller Motel
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By None
I killed them. They asked for it.
— Skye's reply when asked what she did to the people who attacked Alyssa.

Skye Moreno is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. She is a vampire and member of the Millers. She was the personal guard of Alyssa Miller, before she dissappeared.


Skye Moreno was born in Sweden, and joined the Millers briefly before Alyssa's 16th birthday. When Skye caught Alyssa sneaking off the property, May Miller appointed Sky as Alyssa's personal guard. Alyssa was gratefull, because Skye had told May that someone had crawled in and was attacking Alyssa, instead of the truth. Skye and Alyssa bonded, and became close friends. When Alyssa decided to leave the Millers, Skye was assigned to shadow her. She however respected Alyssa's wish and she didn't follow her instructions. (see more : Alyssa and Skye)

She stays around Alyssa for a little while, before heading up north to Canada. She talks to James about her time in his hunting territory, stating that there are a lot of lost vampires up north. She then continues on to live around the canadian border. When in 1920 the Dawsons move to chicago, she heads more south. Aiming for Louisianna, she gets intercepted by Grace who has been following Skye's movements for the past 50 years. She blackmails Skye to go and spy for her in the NYPD in the early 1950's, after the second world war. This provides Skye with an alibi for the ever more suspicious May. Skye studies at Harvard and gets her law degree, before she becomes a lawyer all in Grace's assignment. 

When Grace arrives in New York with a baby, Skye assumes she has stolen him. When Grace revealed she also had a fertility potion made, Skye is the one who gets Liam's legal documents sorted. Grace moves to the rural countryside of the UK, why Skye works at the DA's office. She is on her own during Liam's childhood, and when Grace returns to New York following Liam's 18th birthday, Skye recognizes Mason Woods as one of the people on the plane.

Skye gets used to her new lifestyle, and things become less hard by the day. She carries out a pretty basic life from the 80's to the early 21st century, changing her identity a few times. When she gets compromised by another member of the Millers, she is forced to drop out and go into hiding. May Miller finds out she has not been following her orders for decades, and orders her to be killed. Skye is able to hide, along with the help of Grace and indirectly Alyssa, at whose hideouts Skye stays. She is on the run for the better half of the 21st century, untill May is reported dead. Wondering if the rumours are true, Skye returns to the millers in 2014, finding Alyssa Miller in charge. She agrees to rejoin them, and she stays at the motel for the rest of the year. She is one of the people convincing Alyssa that Mason should be allowed in, despite not knowing him really. She does get to know him, and they hook up once but they decide not to proceed anything when Mason takes an interest in Rose Creeton. When the relationship gets ended after Mike finds out, Skye comforts Mason and their old flame recandles. (see more : Mason and Skye)

Skye agrees to join the guard, but she steps down again when Jade takes her position. Skye and Jade do not get along at all due to Jade's jealousy of her bond with Alyssa. This causes Skye to leave the motel. She remains a liason and she helps out with legal stuff for the Millers. She visits once a year from there on.

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