This page is an overview of important things that happened in Sint-Joseph's Boarding School For events happening on a larger scale, see Waterfall Creek/Events

Annual EventsEdit

Winter FormalEdit

  • Payton and Pierre sneaked out to the bleachers at the event.

  • Claire and Seth attend together
  • Jason gets some cool-points with the rest of the junior class by pretending to spike the punch.
  • Payton attends the event with Mike
  • Mila and Katie kiss in the middle of the dancefloor, later leading to her being cyberbullied by a friend of Chris Saphire.

  • Payton gets invited for Winter Formal by her former classmates, but she declines because it would remind her too much of Jason
  • Seth doesn't attend due to his transition
  • Claire attends as part of her junior prom queen campaign.
  • Mila decides not to go because of the memories to the last winter formal

  • Alyssa and Justin publically make out, causing Anna to storm out of the event

  • Chris explains his history with Winter Formal to Phoebe. They choose not to attend the event that year.




Katie at the 2007 winter formal

Winter Formal has been hosted since 2003 at Sint-Joseph's Boarding School at the request of the social comittee. The event is sponsored by a bakesale. From 2010 onwards it receives donations from a source later revealed to be Katie Sampter

Winter Formal used to be limited to seniors from 2003-2006 but was later opened up to be attended by all SJBS students with the compromise that the event would end one hour sooner.

Since the beginning of the tradition, winter formal has been the first event hosted by SJBS that presents the potential candidates for the debutante parades. Claire Silverstone made a good impression at the 2008 edition, and starts her Junior Prom Queen campaign there. Later she is seen showing pictures to Seth when he returns.

In 2007 the event was the starting point of an online bullying case at SJBS causing the school to collect phones at the entrace from 2008 onwards. The rule became more leniant in the years following and phones were allowed again since 2014.


  • Payton does not attend prom because of the breakup with Pierre.

  • Alyssa attends Prom with Justin
  • Seth attends Prom with Claire
  • Jason attends Prom with Payton


Claire as Junior Prom Queen 2009

  • Claire becomes Junior Prom Queen.









2008 prom poster, designed by Samantha Washington.

SJBS Prom is an annual event in Waterfall Creek. It takes place in Sint Joseph's Boarding School and is usually situated right after finals week. 

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