Sint-Joseph's Boarding School
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Waterfall Creek

Sint-Jospeh's Boarding School is a half-boardingschool named after a mayor of Waterfall Creek. The school is a campus, that has six buildings. 


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Sint-Joseph’s Boarding School is the one boarding school in Waterfall Creek since 1783. Sint-Joseph was the grandfather of the first principal, so that’s why the school is named Sint-Joseph’s. At first it was a boys only school, but when the mayor of Waterfall Creek got a daughter and he decided he wanted his girl to go to Sint-Joseph’s Boarding School, they decided to change it to a school for both boys and girls.  Now, Sint-Joseph’s Boarding School is one of the biggest schools in the area of Waterfall Creek. Lots of students from different city’s go to SJBS, which is the short name a lot of students use for the boarding school.

As every boarding school SJBS is located in a big complex, where students follow courses, but where they also have their own rooms where they can study and hang out with friends. Students can share a room, but not with someone of the opposite sex.SJBS has a no tolerance policy as it comes to boys in the girls rooms and the other way around. Therefor there are teachers walking rounds on every floor checking if no one is disobeying the rules.

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Touch of MagicEdit

Below are the students of Sint-Joseph's High School ordered by senior graduating class.

Class of 2009

Class of 2010

Class of 2012

Class of 2015

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Class of 2029

Class of 2030

Class of 2031

Class of 2032

Alumni CouncilEdit

Below are the students of Sint-Joseph's High School attending the Alumni Council by year.

  • Payton Silverstone
  • Chris Saphire
  • Florian Morris


  • Mr. Fell - English teacher (sophomores)



Every student has to be in their rooms by ten at night.  Every morning breakfast starts at 7.00 and ends at 10.00. During lunch the cafeteria is opened from 12.00 to 13.30. During classes the cafeteria is usually closed, but students can still get their caffeine bombs, as the cafeteria sells coffee and tea to students during classes.


SJBS offers the students 29 subjects, throughout 7 periods a week from Monday to Friday. Students have 6 free periods throughout the week.

The curriculum is composed of following classes on a weekly basis: 

  • 4 hours of maths
  • 4 hours of social studies (2 hours econ & 2 hours sociology)
  • 4 hours of English (2 hours of English language & 2 hours of English literature
  • 3 hours of science (1 hour biology, 1 hour chemistry & 1 hour physics)
  • 3 hours of history
  • 2 hours of a foreign language (french or spanish)
  • 2 hours of gym / P.E
  • 1 hour of health class
  • 6 hours of electives, 2 hours for each elective chosen by the students.

Math, English, Science, History and Foreign Language are available to take as AP classes.


  • Payton:
  • Claire:
  • Jason:
  • Seth:
  • Justin:
  • Mila:
  • Mike:
  • Katie:
  • Chris:
  • Alyssa:
  • Samantha:
  • Dean:
  • Max:


Track is the main sport in Sint-Joseph's Boarding School and the Waterfall Creek community. The SJBS Warriors often run against other teams in the region, for Sectional, Regional and National track competitions. Their biggest competitors include the Lions and the Tornados.

The cheerleading squad cheers for them, as well as for the basketball team, the second team. They do compete in games, but they do not compete for titles in the sectional/regional competitions. All 3 sports can be chosen as electives and are credited.


SJBS includes several building, the main building being the big U-shaped building in the south-west of the property. Surrounded by a large parking lot in the south and south-west, the U-shaped building houses the school's main facilities such as the administration's office, principal's office and the newspaper. SJ High School and SJ Middle school are taught in the classrooms in this building. For High School students, there are also dorm rooms for individual, duo (2) or group (4) residents for each room. (see more : SJBS/Dorms)

There is a kindergarden with it's own building at the far north end of the campus and an 'elementary' schoolbuilding in the north-west. Middle- and High school are in the right wing of the headbuilding. The administration is in the headbuilding and the boardingschool's rooms are in the left wing. The rooms are individual, in duo's or in a group of four students. Boys and girls in one room is prohibited. In total, there are about 500 boardingschool students devided over the three floors.