Silverstone Enterprises
Type: Commerical/residential
Also Known As: Magical Headquarters
Founded: 2015
Founder: Claire Silverstone and Payton Silverstone
Location: The Hellman Building, Los Angeles
Silverstone Enterprises is a conglomerate company founded by Claire and Payton Silverstone. Among their enterprises are a magazine and several clothing stores.


The company was founded as a cover-up for all things magic-related. It provided an answer for the elder's growing concern of the rising amount of magic in Waterfall Creek. Therefore the project got their blessing.

Significant EventsEdit


Silverstone Enterprises functions as a headquarters for magic, just like Andros and the Miller motel and the many facilities of the hunters. Among it's tasks are

  • Organizing whereabouts of witches and wizards all around the world, ensuring their protection
  • Battling hunter-threats on the species
  • Housing witches and wizards
  • Containing and neutralizing warlocks and witches of black magic
  • Main comunication platform for the magical dimension, through the creation of a new portal


  • Down the Rabbit-Hole
  • Pressed On
  • Decade


Witches and WizardsEdit

  • Nick Thornton : Leader of the communications division. He is in daily contact with other witches, as well as his friend Scott from the Millers.
  • Ariël Curtis (by default, upon recovery) : Bio-chemist and in-house potion expert.


The company is based in 354 S Spring St, Los Angeles, also known as the Hellman bulding. Every year, Payton and Jason spend a few weeks there during the winter. Claire also travels to LA at least once a month and Alyssa is in town at least one weekend every two months. Daniel Thompson resides in LA and is present in the company , just like Samantha Washington.

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