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Silver Fox Hideout
Location Information

Liam Miller
Mila Romano (against own will)




Buchanan, Virginia



The Silver Fox Hideout House is a secret property of The Millers, only known to elite members. It is partially underground, hidden in the woods of Virginia in a formal industrial area.


The property was bought by Grace, intially to raise Liam there. But when May discovered the secret purchase, they got into a fight. Grace ended up leaving to the UK, but May kept the property because it could come in handy in a future time. However, May actually never set foot in the property. Liam found the area when he was going through some stuff of his mother in an attempt to rejoin her, when he found her plans to make it his childhood home. That's when he decided to go there and take Mila. Some members of the Millers who wandered off after May's death are believe to have found out about it amongst the chaos and may have taken residence there.


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