Seth Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born December 4th, 1802 in unknown woodlands
Turned 1825 in unknown woodlands
Died Struck by lightning (survived by being turned)
Age 23 (physical)
203/204 (Season One)
Occupation Student at SJBS (former)
Residence The Dawson House ( S1 - S3 )
SJBS dorms ( S1 )
The Silverstone House ( S4 - S7 )
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline James Dawson's bloodline
Abilities Formerly limited Electrokinesis

Supernatural Hearing
Supernatural Speed

Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Payton Silverstone(sister-in-law)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Lindsey Price (one-night-stand)

Claire Silverstone(engaged, two children together)

Children Amanda Dawson

Alexis Dawson

Physical description
Height 6'
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Alex Pettyfer
You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me. But for the love of god, don't touch her.
— Seth protecting Claire

Seth Dawson (born Seth Delaine) is one of the main charachters in Touch of Magic. He is in a relationship with Claire Silverstone and is the father of their twin girls; Amanda Dawson and Alexis Dawson. He is best friends with Jason Dawson and Alyssa Miller

Seth is an SJBS alumni, and later becomes a history teacher there. He has guest-lectured vampirism at Magicschool. He also has shares in Club Decade

Seth is a vampire and part of The Dawsons. His two best friends, Jason Dawson and Alyssa Miller are both vampires ruling another vampire group and he also wants to maintain a stress-free friendship with them.


Early LifeEdit

Seth was born in a very poor family. His father was a forrestguard, his mother a housewife. As a young child, he went on trips to find food and stuff to survive on, living in the middle of the forrest, miles from civilasation. He often missed his mom for more then a week. When he was 14, his parents expected a baby. Unfortunatly, his mom died giving birth in the horrible conditions. His little sister, named Amanda, died soon after. Seth's father quickly went into depression, leaving Seth to take care of him.
Seth as a kid

Seth as a kid

On one night, during a storm, Seth is forced to go out to hunt. In the middle of the storm, he is struck by lightning. He is on the verge of dying when James finds him during hunting. James at first is against turning someone this young. James only doesn't know Seth is already 23. He founds out about this when Seth wakes up at James and Elisabeth's house, now as a vampire. James explains to Seth he can never visit his father again. Seth is sad about this, since he was the only person he had left, but later on excepts it. He agrees to join their group and quickly bonds with Jason, the other vampire in the group. Due to amnesia, Seth takes the last name from James, Dawson.

Elisabeth teaches Seth on feeding on animal blood and Seth is the one to teach the other members, such as Alyson, Dylan, Lauren and Nate. His knowledge of forrest and wild animals comes in handy with this.

Season One

In Season OneSeth and Jason get sent to Sint-Joseph's boarding school. He quickly meets the young witch Claire on their first day, and a young romance is born at first sight. He proves to be a true romantic, and takes his girlfriend along several romantic picniks and hikes in the forrest, which is still his favorite place to be.
Seth meeting Claire

Seth meets Claire

Seth also joins the high school's track team. In the beginning, he doesn't get along very well with star-runner Justin Saphire, who also is Claire's best friend. Luckaly, after Justin (and the other friends) find out about their nature, things get better.

Season Two

Exactly one year after first meeting Claire, Seth starts to show signs of transition, and is quickly sent away to brazil before he is able to hurt Claire. Claire proves to be his rock and support system throughout and Seth is nearly finished with transition at the beginning of the 2nd trimester.
Seth's first kisses Claire

Seth kisses Claire

He spots his best friend, Alyssa, taking a particular interest in his teammate Justin Saphire, and decides to help her finding her happy ending. He acts as a matchmaker between them, helping both parties who are both not willing to admit their true feelings.

Season Four

After finishing high-school, Seth decides to move along with Claire to Los Angeles. But because of the weather, he is forced to travel back and forth a lot, to give himself a break from the always sunny city.

After having expierienced some difficulties in both high school and college, Seth and Claire's relationship jumps to another level when Claire finds out she is pregnant.
Seth in suit
At first, Seth is mag at himself after he had promised Claire just before that they wouldn't start a family -unlike Payton and Jason, who had welcomed a daughter already-. But when he is able to accept fatherhood, things are fine again. That is, untill Elisabeth reveals hearing two baby-heartbeats, resulting in the announcement of twin girls. Overwhelmed by the news, Seth goes on an accesive hunting trip with Jason. When he returns, he starts prepping the Silverstone house they lived in during senior year for twins girls. He also learns a lot from being an uncle to Alena, and get's very protective. 
Seth angry

Seth angry

Things go the bad way when Seth gets too protective. He takes Claire with him to Chicago because he thinks Elisabeth and the others are going to steal his baby. Eventually, he bites Claire and toxicates her and the babies. However, the babies are able to fight the toxic off. James then finds out Seth has been shot with a special bullets, causing the paranoia and the toxic (since Seth didn't drink human blood). When they remove the bullet, Seth returns to his old self, just in time to witness the birth of his twin girls. Claire and Seth decide to name them Amanda and Alexis. Amanda refers to Seth's little sister.


Seth is described as strong, protective, fierce yet noble and gentle. He is nice, an has a willingness to protect those he loves at all cost. He is also smart, but remains humble about it. At Justin's opinion he has a strange sense of humor, but to the same opinion he also has a very rightous mind, one that will do anything to make Claire happy. Jason often mentions he wishes to be half to father to his children Seth is. He is able to gain respect of young students at SJBS, not by being a teachertype, but as more of a friend.Seth is kind hearted, caring and he is very loyal to his family. He is a very family oriented person, and he has a large attachement to tradition.


Seth and his power

Seth and his power

Seth has been a Type A vampire for a large majority of his vampire life. His sire is James Dawson. As a result of being struck by lightning right before being turned into a vampire, he has limited electrokinesis up to the point of his transition.Aside from that he has the other standard vampire abilities as well

  • Supernatural hearing:
    Seth as a vampire

    Seth as a vampire

    Seth can hear far better than humans. He is said to be able to recognize Claire's voice in a crowd of a thousand people. He also hears her heartbeat in a crowd.
  • Supernatural speed: Seth can run faster then humans. He is said to be the fastest runner of the Dawson family.
  • Supernatural strength
  • Formerly Electrokinesis (limited): Being struck by lightning, Seth could create little lightning-balls in his hand and steer them to a target.

Education and CareerEdit

He has graduated from high school 5 times in the 20th century, 4 of which with Alyssa and 3 of which with Jason. The sixth time was in the 21st century, along with Alyssa.

  • In the 1940's Seth attended an all-male school in the south, where he aided minority students with tutoring sessions, along with Jason.
  • In 1952 Seth attended high school in the netherlands while doing research about the post-war aftermath.
  • In 1963 Seth attended high school with Jason and Alyssa in Sweden.
  • In 1978 Seth attended high school in Australia, where Elisabeth was doing medical research about AIDS.
  • In 1988-1989 Seth attended high school in Bern, Switzerland to protect the last living relative of a friend of his.
  • In 2008 Seth, along with Jason, attends high school in Waterfall Creek instead of Lauren and Nate.

He has also attended college 6 times throughout the 20th century, 2 with Nate, 1 degree with Alyssa and 3 times he studied college with Jason.

  • Seth has a degree in English literature from 1985.
  • Seth has a degree in History from 1993.
  • Seth has a degree in Law, and was licensed to be a lawyer in Seattle from 1999.
  • Seth has a degree in Engineering from 2003.
  • Seth has a degree in Social Law from 2007.

Seth has had several professions throughout the years.





Claire and Seth, nicknamed Cleth, met in their sophomore years at SJBS. They began dating after a little over a month when they had started to develop feelings. Together they have battled a lot of things, including life and death situations. They live together in the Silverstone house with Jason and Payton. In 2013 they had twin girls together, Amanda and Alexis. (see more : Claire and Seth)

Seth met Lindsey Price when he was travelling on his own. She offered him sanctuary amongst The Trebles to lay low for a while without having to watch out for vampire politics. Eventually Lindsey found herself in a place where she needed to lay low herself, and the two of them stayed at a small house together. Their sexual relationship formed over a lack of sex in the recent past for both of them, but eventually their pillowtalk turned into long conversations and they fell for one another. Despite of this, they always knew their bliss would be temporary and when Lindsey was needed back at the Trebles, they split up after 3 years together. Seth met up with The Dawsons again and told stories about his time but never those including Lindsey, stating he wanted to keep that relationship private and close to his heart. Only his closest friends are aware that it was in fact Lindsey Price, others don't know her name.



Seth and Amanda are siblings, that have been estranged due to Amanda's early death as a child. However when she is resurrected after Seth's hallucinations, they easily find their way to eachother.



Seth has a very good friendship with Jason and Alyssa,who he both considers his best friends. 


Seth and Justin are close friends, and they spend a lot of time together. In high school they were track teammates, and after that they kept in touch during their college experiences. After moving back to Waterfall Creek, they remained friends and they developed a real bromance. 


Seth and Payton are friends, in-laws and partners in the Claire protection program. Originally they weren't friends, but Seth acted as the gateway to Payton's tolerance and later acceptence of vampires. They began spending a lot of time in High School, and in college they saw eachother more frequent than Claire and Payton did. They have always been supportive of one another and can relate to one another very well, for example in their mutual love for Claire. 


Seth and Liam have a relationship that early on was mostly shaped by Payton's distrust and his actions later on. Seth allowed Liam to be Claire's guardian in good faith, but when Liam left everything behind and kidnapped Mila, Seth was very angry. Upon Liam's return, Seth has decided to assume his good intentions and he's one of the people to support Liam. Liam is thankfull because of this, and tries to show Seth that he is worth the trust later on. 






  • Seth is one of the fastest vampire characters on Touch of Magic. His increased speed compared to other vampires is potentially due to his human ability to run really fast, which got heightened when he got turned.
  • One of his daughters is named after his sister, who died when she was really young. 
  • Seth's huntingbuddy's are Jason and his best friend Alyssa.