Season Two

Little Italy
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
29/06/2008 - 25/08/2009
Portland City Limits

Minka Kelly as Payton Silverstone

Dianna Agron as Claire Silverstone
Ben Barnes as Jason Dawson
Alex Pettyfer as Seth Dawson
Alex O'Loughlin as James Dawson
Shantel Vansanten as Elisabeth Dawson
Chris Hemsworth as Dylan McKenzie
Olivia Wilde as Alyson McKenzie
Jenna Louise Coleman as Lauren Dawson
Douglas Booth as Nate Dawson
Crystal Reed as Alyssa Miller
Skyler Samuels as Mila Romano

Matt Lanter as Mike Creeton

Xavier Samuel as Liam Miller

Shiloh Fernandez as Jared Carrington

Sophia Bush as May Miller
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In season two we meet back with the characters as they try to move on from various events. Payton tries to focus on school in the midsts of her break-up with Jason, while Justin tries to get the mysterious girl out of his head. Seth and Claire's relationship remains going strong with them enbarking on Junior Year. However, a new dimension in their relationship occurs when Seth goes into transition and we get to see a different side of Alyssa.


In the second season, we see a new dynamic and a heavy weight on the Silverstone sisters appear. The long-lost brothers of both Payton and Jason causes a lot of pressure on their relationship, and Claire discovers first-hand the reality of dating a vampire. Meanwhile we discover more about Alyssa, who is trying to keep the lid on a large amount of issues that could potentially be catastrophical if they were all to come out. At the same time, old familiars show up in Waterfall Creek and in her grieving process, Mila makes some mistakes that could effect her friendships.

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Season OverviewEdit


Season 2AEdit

Season 2BEdit

Season SummaryEdit

Claire awakens and the teens of the town try to get the events of the past weeks behind them with a trip. Justin's amnesia plays in as he tries to get over something or someone he doesn't even remember. Jason and Payton don't go as they prepare for Payton's college in Portland. Then suddenly, Payton has to face one of her biggest triggers when a son of her father shows up, who happens to be a vampire. The pressure proves to much when Payton snaps and she and Jason break up. As he takes off, Claire and Seth make the best attempt to comfort Payton upon their preparations for a new year of school. However, those get put on hold too when Seth appears to be in transition. Claire gets offered the ultimate distraction by competing for Junior prom queen, while everyone else is far from celebrating anything. Payton tries her best to distract herself by training and connecting with Liam in Portland in the first quarter of the season, while Jason also goes through transition in Canada. Payton's help gets inlisted eventually, and Jason is able to make a recovery from the bad cold-turkey attempt. 

We get introduced to several town events in the second quarter of the season with the Debutante Parades, as well as Alyson and Dylan's wedding in the mid-season's finale. When Payton and Jason reunite, it quickly shows that neither but mostly Payton is not ready to be with him again. Meanwhile, Mila makes a bad call of judgement and sleeps with Pierre, Payton's cheating ex boyfriend. It strains her and Mike's... something, but they eventually come clean about their feelings for one another and they travel to Europe together at the end of the school year, when they graduate. The beginning of July also marks a new page in Alyssa's book, a darker one this time. After a bold move to show her mother she has spunk, she seeks comfort in Matt, and old friend of hers. He takes advantage of her weaknesses and poisons her, shutting off her humanity and making her do horrible things. 

NOT CHRONOLOGICAL : Liam returns to his duties as Claire's guardian, arranging all the paperwork for his little sister. Seth's task is to distract Claire in the meanwhile, and he does so by helping out with the house as much as he can.

The first stone to the new path she takes is layed out when the elders demand a magical gathering. Unlike in season one, this time it's witches and wizards only. The renovation of the Silverstone House causes for a massive gathering of witches and wizards, friend and foe. Neither Jason, Lauren and Claire are happy with what they see, caused by the hand of the elders. When it appears that Liam did not get an invite he makes his displeasement towards the elders clear.

Claire is able to make things right with her own party, this time inviting her human and vampire friends along.


Season two is set from June 2008 untill August 2009. The main storylines take place in Portland and Waterfall Creek.


1 - Little ItalyEdit

Claire makes a full recovery after her coma. She stays at the Dawson house for a little while longer, untill Mila offers to take them on a well deserved holiday to Italy. Payton and Jason decide to stay home when a letter arrives saying Payton is able to graduate early due to her extra credits. On the other side of the story, we meet a new enemy, The Millers. We discover who send Jared to the town, and we discover the deeper secrets of the people who influenced Jason and Alyssa's life in a big way.

  • (title refference : Little Italy is also a neighbourhood in New York City, where we meet May)

2 - Bad First Impressions Edit

We see May in full leadership role, with her sister by her side. Grace is reluctant when May decides to send Liam to Waterfall Creek, but she can't object if she ever wants to keep Liam's paternity a secret. Liam goes to Waterfall Creek to attack Claire, but ends up attacking Mila. As soon as Alyssa hears about the assignment she makes a U-turn back to Waterfall Creek, but will she be in time?

3 - The Enemy of My enemy is My BrotherEdit

We see Justin's POV on the fight from Claire with Liam and we find out where he's been this summer. After Liam 'failed' his mission he heads back to the compound, where a fight has ignited between May and Grace, and Liam finds out who his father is and that the Silverstones are his sisters. Alyssa meanwhile makes sure Justin doesn't rush to the nearby newspaper, after which Claire explains everything about magic once she realises he has no memory of the night they explained him.

  • (title refference ; The Silverstones find out the Millers made an attack. Liam declares he is not a real member of the Millers, he did it to gain respect but he doesn't really like them. So the enemy (Liam) of my enemy (The Millers) is my brother (Liam). ~ Hint to 'The Enemy of my Enemy is My Friend'

4 - Hello Goodbye Edit

Liam is now eager to make ammends, and heads back for Waterfall Creek. However Alyssa stops him, and tells him that the older sister Payton might be a better option. Claire and Seth deal with the fact that Justin now knows everything, and Claire feels guitly that her best friend was in the dark for so long. Liam and Payton meet and talk in her apartment in Portland. Payton and Jason get into a fight over him and they break up. Jason disappears (and starts transition off-screen).

5 - Portland City LimitsEdit

Alyssa knocks on Payton's door in a worried mind. According to Alyssa, news about the breakup has spread because vampires in Portland had been keeping a close eye on Payton. Now they assume she's weak, and they might be out to get her. We get to know more about Portland and Portland's environment while Payton goes to college. In the meantime she doesn't come of as strong, but they made the plan that Alyssa takes down every vampire who goes after Payton. This goes on for a little while, until Payton decides that she wants to train to be able to take down the vampires herself.

6 - Titans Edit

When school starts again, that also means the track team pick up their chronos. But Seth finds it difficult to fall back in line, and he gets into fights. We then find out he is going into transition. Seth is forced to leave town for Claire's safety and he hands over the leadership role in the track team to Justin.Before he leaves, Claire and Seth make a stroll and they stumble upon Claire's old family home. Seth then offers his family to buy it instead of letting it go to waste. He talks to James, who agrees, and is able to provide Claire with plenty of distraction while he will be away. In Portland, one of Alyssa's conditions to training Payton was that Payton had to come to dinner with Liam and Alyssa. Payton agrees because she doesn't have anything to lose now that Jason is gone. She also wants to show Claire that she is doing fine.

7 - Everybody's got somebody Edit

Liam and Payton find some common ground in their childhood stories. When Liam asks her to go jogging Payton agrees. While Payton tries to pick up her life again, Jason is in a totally different situation and is discovered to also be in transition, as we find him in a log cabin in Canada. It is revealed his transition started the night he and Payton fought and broke up. Jason prepares for the worst as he doesn't think he'll make it through without Payton there. Meanwhile, another duo has found themselves drawn to eachother more and more every day. Mike and Mila have been frequently hanging out, but they're both scared to cross the line of friendship. Claire finds out Seth has signed her up for Junior Prom Queen.

8 - Happy HolidaysEdit

Claire and Mila start working on Junior Prom Queen, while Mike and Mila also keep growing closer. All the old high school friends celebrate Thanksgiving at the Creetons. Mila and Mike admit their feeling to each other that evening. That evening Jason escapes from his cabin in Canada and visits Portland, but he is strong enough to resist the urge of visiting her. The next morning Alyssa breaks the news that Jason is also in transition and that he escaped from the cabin the night before. Payton is shocked, but realizes that Jason needs her during his transition. So she agrees to meet him and they talk. She says she needs time before they can be in a relationship again, but she does want to support him during transition. Jason encourages her to have a carefree holiday season. Payton takes that advice and hosts a Christmas Eve dinner. On New Years Eve all the friends gather in the school and Alyssa and Justin have a moment on the rooftop.

9 - Cause of Death Edit

We jump time 2 months. In those 2 months Payton focusses on school while helping Jason with transition. Claire is delighted to have Seth back for the second semester. When word hits that aunt Lucy, Claire and Payton's guardian who lives in Texas, has been killed, Payton is asked to come over to Houston to identify her. She agrees to let Liam accompany her since she can't deny she is family to him too. Liam has flashbacks of when his mom came to Portland to bring him back to the Millers. Seth has been noticing that Claire got into art more and more since his absence. At the end of the episode we find out that Lucy's death causes some guardian issues for Claire.

10 - I doEdit

In the spring Claire participates in the debutantes parade. She wears a lot of fancy dresses, including one to attend Alyson and Dylan's wedding. At the wedding Payton and Jason meet each other at the beach. Jason tries to find out whether or not they can be in a relationship again. Payton says she still needs time and she wants to focus on school and Claire's guardian issues. Jason asks Payton if he can stop by the next morning. Payton agrees and after they have breakfast together Liam stops by as well. He offers to become Claire's guardian after he finds out about the issues. We then skip to Mike and Mila's graduation in June. After which Mila asks Mike to come to Italy with her for the summer vacation.

11 - bad sometimes Edit

Justin celebrates fourth of July with his dad, who has a couple of free days from the army. Alyssa commits an attack on some vampire leaders and then seeks sanctuary with the Dawsons, who are having a fourth of July party. Alyssa feels like that place isn't safe and so she accepts the help of Matt (an old friend from the Millers). Matt uses Alyssa's moment of guilt to his advantage and sets a long time plan in motion. He uses an old potion that takes away Alyssa's humanity.

12 - Darkness Edit

Alyssa goes to Portland to attack Payton. Seth and Jason go there to save her. It's the first time since Jason's transition that he is allowed to participate in any activity and he is glad he is able to finally help out again. Claire decides to ignore Seth's advice to stay in the car and she takes Nates gun with her. When she needs to shoot Alyssa to save her friends and family she finds herself not able to. Eventually Jason and Seth beat Alyssa with the help of Lauren and Nate, but only after they get shot down by one of Alyssa's arrows. This causes both Seth and Jason a lot of pain. On the way back to Waterfall Creek Seth talks to Claire about the use of guns and how that takes away her innocence.

13 - HallucinationsEdit

ALyssa is taken back to Waterfall Creek where everybody tries to get her humanity back. When all things fail Justin recalls a conversation in which Alyssa says she cares enough about him to not see him in pain. And so Justin injures himself to trigger Alyssa's humanity back. Seth and Jason suffer from severe hallucinations due to the poison Alyssa used on her arrows. Seth thinks Claire is his younger deceased sister Amanda and Jason calls Payton May, after which Payton leaves in anger and confusion. Claire is left to find a solution for Seth and Jason's hallucinations. She does the things Payton usually does and she is very proud when she eventually finds a cure on her own. Alyssa leaves town because of the guilt she feels. But first she goes to talk to Justin so she can thank him for being the one to bring her back.

14 - 1934Edit

Lauren and Nate move to Portland to keep an eye out for Payton and to spend some time together. Jason decides to go to Portland too, just to be around. We learn more about Lauren Dawson and Nate Dawsons backstory in this episode through several flashbacks.

15 - Old friends, new friendsEdit

We learn more about Payton's new social life in Portland. Payton goes out in Portland with some of her new friends and when she isn't feeling well she goes outside. She runs into Mason and almost dies in an attack of him. Jason is there to save her and takes her back to the apartment. Payton is severely bleeding out of her leg and Jason is very worried. He ask Elisabeth to come to Portland as soon as possible. 

16 - Home sweet homeEdit

After Elisabeth came to Portland and tried to fix Payton up a little the Dawsons decided that is was best for her if she came back to Waterfall Creek with them to recover some more. Payton, not able to stand on her leg due to nervedamage, hates the fact that she has to depend on others again. At the Dawson house they talk to each other about the Silverstone house and what they want to do with it. This gives Payton a little distraction and she enjoys talking to her sister about the possibilities for their house. In the meantime we still see her struggle with the revalidation of her leg. In this episode we also see a cute moment between Claire and Seth while they try to paint the sunroom.

17 - Take of your maskEdit

After discussing what the possibilities were for the house they started working on he safety and the vibe of the house. As Claire receives a letter from the elders that states that they want her to throw a party so she can prove herself worthy she freaks out. The house isn't nearly done and that means they have to work very hard on it. They finish just in time for the masquerade ball Claire planned. Several royals from the bloodlines are invited and she hopes everything will go well. The whole party she is busy with entertaining people and making sure there is enough food on the table. Payton on the other hand runs into a long lost friend and they start talking. Sebastian Ambroise came with his wife, but seems more interested in Payton. At the end of their conversation he states that it might be a good idea if they got married one day. His wife is not able to receive a child and the two of them would do great together. Payton tells him that she appreciates the offer and that she will think about it, but she states that there is still someone in her life that she has great feelings for. 

18 - The French QuarterEdit

Jason overheard Payton talking to Bash the other day and we meet him in this episode while he has a flashback of his conversation with Payton. He stated that he was scared she would pick Bash over him and he begged her to reconsider. Payton said she had no idea what she wanted to do yet and she explains to him why Bash would be a good husband for her. Back in the present time we see Payton in New Orleans meeting up with Sebastien. They have a coffee and Payton there tells Bash that she really likes him as a person, but that he can not be the one to marry her. Her heart still belongs to someone else and she wouldn't be happy if she couldn't be with him for the rest of his life. Bash understands and wishes her the best. After that they spend the afternoon together, taking 'walks' and laughing as friends. 

  • (title refference; Sebastien is originally from France.)

19 - Letting goEdit

The next day we meet Payton and Mila in a small coffeecorner in New Orleans. Mike and Mila are in the USA so Mike can search for the right college and study for him. After a coffee and a little talk they go to an exhabition that Mila really wanted to go too. There Payton and Mila talk about Mila's future. Mila states that she wanted to do this last trip to the USA with Mike because it would be the last thing she could do with him before she has to go back to Europe. She also tells Payton that she is going to break up with Mike, but that she still needs to figure out the right way. She can't keep him on a leash while she is on the other side of the ocean. Payton is concerned but eventually does agree with Mila. She tells Mila she only hopes this wouldn't hurt Mike too much. The episode ends with Liam who has a confrontation with Claire about Payton and Jason. Liam sees his sister falling once more for the guy who hurt her, so he tries to intervene but Claire stops him, asking him not to get involved in their love lives. He outs his frustrations to her before he leaves the guardianship papers on her bed and leaving town.

20 - Little red dressEdit

With the house almost done Payton wants to try and do some of the work herself. Her leg still isn't fully healed, but it gets better by the day. When Jason drops by to lend her a hand the two of them start talking. They talk about their past and a little bit about their future. When Payton opens a box of photo's she suddenly remembers which day it is. Today is her mothers birthday (August 11)  and her mood switches instantly. She is mad at herself that she didn't remember and Jason tries to comfort her a little. Something that at first doesn't seem to work, but eventually she lets him in a little. In the meantime Claire goes to visit her parents grave with Seth. She puts some flowers on her mothers stone and she talks to Seth about the picture she has from her mothers birthday where she and Payton are wearing matching little red dresses. We see a flashback to that specific birthday. Payton also tells Jason the story of this birthday after which Jason takes her into his arms and looks into her eyes. She smiled and nods at him. Payton and Jason then share their second first kiss.  

21 - More than a friendEdit

With the end of the summer coming closer the friends start to think about their new years in school. What will this senior year bring them? How is the first year in college gonna be? Mike outs his concerns with Payton about Mila, because he hasn't heard from her in over a week. She supposedly went back to Europe after she broke up with him, but he hoped they would still be in contact. At the Saphires house Claire has a whole other drama she's got to deal with. Justin's father is leaving for the army again and that's a hard fact for her best friend. She tries to be there for him as best as she can. At the same time we meet Chris Saphire. Justin's younger brother who went to another school, but is reassigned to SJBS due to rebellious behaviour. Claire tries to help out in that family as much as she can, but things seem more complicated than she thought. 

22 - Everybody Wants To Rule the WorldEdit

When Claire and Payton haven't heard from Mila either they start getting worried. They ask Mike again when he saw her for the last time and they decide that finding Mila should be a priority. Payton goes to the Dawsons where she asks the others to keep an eye out for any information about Mila. Claire on the other end tries to get in contact wth Mila's parents, but she can't get a hold of them. Through little flashbacks we get to know what happend to Mila in the past few weeks. We see her get taken and put in the trunk of the car. We see her tied down to a chair and we see her bleeding. But we never see the face of the person who did this to her. At the end of the episode we meet Claire and Payton who state that they think their friend is being kidnapped, but they have know idea by who. In the last scene of this season we hear a farmiliar voice talking to a tied down Mila and before the screen goes dark we catch a glimpse of his face. Liam. 

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