Season Three

Senior Year
Hello Cruel World
01/09/2009 (Tuesday) - 14/09/2010
Family Matters

Minka Kelly as Payton Silverstone

Dianna Agron as Claire Silverstone
Ben Barnes as Jason Dawson
Alex Pettyfer as Seth Dawson
Crystal Reed as Alyssa Miller
Tyler Posey as Justin Saphire
Matt Lanter as Mike Creeton
Skyler Samuels as Mila Romano
Alex O'Loughlin as James Dawson
Shantel Vansanten as Elisabeth Dawson
Chris Hemsworth as Dylan McKenzie
Olivia Wilde as Alyson McKenzie
Jenna Louise Coleman as Lauren Dawson
Douglas Booth as Nate Dawson

Xavier Samuels as Liam Miller

Sophia Bush as May Miller

Shiloh Fernandez as Jared Carrington
Jared Padalecki as Thomas Chamberlaine JR Bourne as Keith Saphire

Sarah Clarke as Jodie Saphire
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Season three follows the students at SJBS in their senior year while Payton and Jason try to balance college and romance at once while living together in Portland.



Season OverviewEdit


  1. Senior Year : Alyssa enrolls in SJBS - Sep 2009 (ep 1)
  2. Chris Saphire - Sep 2009 (ep 1/2)
  3. Claire wants to be a designer - Sep/Dec 2009 (ep 2/3)
  4. Homecoming & Fall Fest (Alyssa and Douglas) - Oct 2009 (ep 4/5)
  5. Bash divorces Celeste - Jayton angst - Oct 2009 (ep 5)
  6. Alyssa & Justin's relationship (BOTM) - Oct 2009 (ep 4/5/6)
  7. ALYSSA VS THOMAS 1 Dec 2009 (ep 7)
  8. Mila's rescue / Liam's banished - Dec 2009 (ep 7/8)
  9. ALYSSA VS THOMAS 2 (ep 9)
  10. Mike moves back to WC. (ep 10)
  11. Jason starts the club in Waterfall Creek - Feb 2010 (ep 10 onwards)
  12. Douglas and the video (ep 10/11)
  13. ALYSSA VS JARED (ep 11)
  14. Death of Jodie & Keith (midseason) - March 2010 (ep 11)
  1. Alena's pregnancy - May/Sep 2010 (ep 11-22)
  2. Graduation Claire, Seth, Alyssa, Justin (barely) - June 2010 (ep 13)
  3. Elisabeth & James move away (study) - June 2010 (ep. 14)
  4. Anconi - Aug 2010 (ep 15)
  5. Death of Lauren & Nate - Aug 2010 (ep 15)
  6. Alyson & Dylan move away permanently - Aug 2010 (ep 16)
  7. Alyssa joins Justin in Wisconsin - Sep 2010 (ep 16)
  8. Displeasement in the MD - Sep 2010 (ep 18/19)
  9. MAY 1 - Sep 2010 (ep 20)
  10. Alena's Birth (everybody returns) - season finale - Sep 2010 (ep 22)

Season 1AEdit

Season 1BEdit

Season SummaryEdit

Claire, Seth and Justin embark on the final years of highschool but they get joined by an old friend when Alyssa returns to town and as a surprise she has enrolled in SJBS too. Another new student is Chris Saphire, Justin's younger brother. As soon as the first week, Chris gets in trouble though and Justin is forced to use his charms on Anna, the cheerleader who discovered Chris' mischief. This forces Alyssa to think about why she came to the town. She thinks about this while talking about designer clothes with Claire. 

When Fall Fest arrives, Justin attends with Anna and Alyssa attends with Douglas despite Seth's best efforts to get the two of them to attend together. It takes many more weeks of matchmaking (and a breakup between Justin and Anna after a mere 3 weeks of dating) untill Alyssa and Justin finally seem ready to have their happy ending with one another. 

But their happiness after their first kiss is shortlived, as Alyssa gets information about Liam's whereabouts. The information comes at a prize that Alyssa can't pay and she helps out The Dawsons instead of going with Thomas, despite the prize it takes. Jason and Payton arrive at the location But instead of just Liam they also find Mila in captivity as she has been for the past months.  After Mila's rescue, she leaves town to deal with the trauma in her own way. Meanwhile, Alyssa tries to prevent Payton from doing something to Liam. Alyssa tells Liam to leave town and never come back. When Liam arrives at the Millers he is seen as a disgrace, and he is forced to leave and live on his own. Meanwhile Alyssa also decides to turn her back on the Millers, as she chooses for Justin.

Even though Alyssa had expected this to bring issues, she was unprepared for the fallout. More than once she is attacked for being a betrayer, and  they have to do their best not to reveal vampires to the rest of the world. Alyssa considers joining the Dawsons, but she decides she has to handle the consequences on her own. But when the people who hate her go after the families of the people she loves, she feels more weak than ever.

After the events of the midseason finale, Alyssa tries to be there for Justin but he shuts everyone out. Alyssa wants to take revenge at the Millers for crossing that line, but she realises soon enough that she can't. Meanwhile Payton cracks under the weight of the grief. She relies on Jason to keep her in a good place. It's a proces of weeks, but ultimatly most of the people recover from the attack on their family.

However the meaning of family shifts soon enough, when Payton is revealed to be pregnant. Payton's pregnancy and Justin's pending depression are very distracting factors for Claire, but she doesn't have to carry it on her own with Mike stepping in to help Justin through finals and with The Dawsons taking of Payton's care. Alyssa also suffers, and surprisingly Dylan is one of the people to remind her what life is all about. Family.

Ultimatly graduation does come, and Claire sees a light at the end of the darkness for the first time since last spring. She  starts making plans to go to California, while Justin gets taken away to his aunt and uncle's in Wisconsin. Alyssa stays behind to help out her best friend who is now a soon-to-be father. Her pressence proves usefull when the Anconi decides to step in. 

When they attack, they are beaten by the smarts of Payton, who has now regained her powers in order to protect her unborn child. They are victorious on all accounts but one when two lone vampires decides to be heroic and attack a litle while later. Nate is able to protect Payton with his life, and when the Anconi find out they demand justice for the two vampires by claiming another live. Lauren sacrifices herself instead of Alena, and so both Lauren and Nate die protecting the child.

After this tragic loss, Alyson and Dylan move away. James and Elisabeth too realise how limited their protection is. With half of the Dawson coven now gone, the Dawsons come across very weak and May Miller wants to find out what all the fuzz is about. Alyssa is able to prevent a full-on attack, but May is able to get close enough to find out the reason of al the drama and she sets up her plan to break the Dawson-Silverstones.

Halfway through september Alena Lillian Lauren Dawson is born. Elisabeth's medical knowledge saves Payton's life, while Alyssa's focus and clear mind were of big help during the delivery. Seeing as Justin seems to be happy when he holds Alena for the first time, Jason and Payton ask Justin and Alyssa to be the godparents.


Season three is mostly set in Waterfall Creek and Portland. It takes place during the school year of 2009-2010 as well as the summer of 2010. The season finishes halfway through September 2010.


1 - Senior YearEdit

It's back to school for Claire, Seth and Justin who are about to enter the final year of highschool. When Alyssa shows up again after a summer of absence, Claire is happy to not be the only girl in the trio anymore. Seth jokes about going on a double date, but he can notice immediatly that it might not be entirely off the table. Meanwhile, Jason and Payton keep growing together. At the same time, Chris arrives at Sint-Joseph's Boarding School as well, which his parents hope will be able to reform the bad boy inside him.

2 - Bad BoyEdit

Chris makes a name for himself in his sophomore year pretty fast, by vandalizing school property. Justin is able to prevent Chris from being expelled by using his charms and his athlete status on Anna, the cheerleader who discovered it. Justin agrees to go out with her in return, and the two go to the movies together. Claire and Seth have one of their future conversations once more, driven by Seth who wants to make sure Claire gets in the best schools.

3 - Well ConnectedEdit

When Claire mentions she wants to go to a designing school in California, Seth starts calling his connections. Meanwhile, Alyssa watches Justin and Anna go on a second date. When she asks Seth if they had something going on before she enrolled, Seth says they didn't. Alyssa says he is very into her, to which Seth akss her why she cared. Alyssa says she doesn't, and walks off, but her face says otherwise. Meanwhile Jason gets to talking with Ruby, one of Payton's closer friends. Jason notices she acts strange around him, but then reminds himself not to be as paranoia. He doesn't want to ruin Payton's social life, and so he acts normal. But what is normal for a guy that's over 200 years old....

4 - HomecomingEdit

Jason and Payton come back to Waterfall Creek for Homecoming and the track game that's held. While Seth breaks a state record once again, Justin is having an off day. Alyssa goes out to him when he's at the sidelines, and offers her time to help him train supposedly because she wants Justin to kick Seth's butt. Anna confronts Alyssa about her conversation with Justin. Alyssa almost vamps out on her because Anna accuses Alyssa of being a slut who sleeps with everyone. Jason is able to step in and prevent that. Douglas then hosts a victory poolparty at his house, but when Justin almost drowns Alyssa realises she cares greatly about him and that she might be jealous of Justin and Anna like Anna said she was. 

5 - FallEdit

Payton receives a letter from Bash, saying he has ended his marriage with Celeste. When Payton tells Jason, he feels intimidated and scared that he might loose Payton again. Payton reassures Jason that he has nothing to fear from Bash, and that they are just friends. When Fall Festival happens, Payton and Jason go on a date in public for the first time, and the town is surely interested in their relationship. Alyssa, who tries to figure out what she's feeling, bumps into Douglas again. When he asks her out to Fall Fest, she accepts in an effort to cancel out the reality that she has feelings for Justin. When Justin sees Alyssa and Douglas, he can't stand it and when Anna keeps demanding his attention he breaks up with her.

6 - I Know What You Did Last SummerEdit

Jared decides to pay another visit to town, and he has his eyes set on Alyssa after what she did to the vampire leaders the summer before. When Jared accuses her of not knowing what the word family means, Alyssa tells him it's he who is bad at family. She says she knows he is Jason's brother and her father. Justin watches the conversation go down on the parkinglot, along with Claire and Seth. While Seth takes a trembling Claire as far away as possible, Justin balls his fists. Chris stops his brother, warning him about the school's zero violence policy, which he has learned about the hard way. But Justin's efforts haven't gone unnoticed by Alyssa, and she thanks him for caring. Alyssa heads to the roof of the school to think, but Justin refuses to let her go. When Justin asks where Alyssa has been last summer, Alyssa mentions she has been with friends. We find out those friends are Thomas Chamberlaine and his followers. Justin tells her she deserves better than Thomas and Douglas for that matter. When she asks how he knows what she deserves, he says he has seen her true self. Alyssa is taken back by his love confession, and they kiss.

7 - I'm Only Human.Edit

Alyssa gets doubts about her humanity after what Jared said. Seth steps in, and reminds her that her humanity is what gives her character, and that it is what makes her instresting and not shallow like some others. Justin agrees with Seth, statting he has always loved her spirited personality, her eagerness to fight and her love for her friends. He tells her he hopes he can be one of those people to her one day,even though he is only human and she is the Babe of The Month. She tells him he is more then just a human to her. They make out in the locker room showers. In flashbacks we find out what happened with Liam and Mila these past few months. When Alyssa gets a phonecall from Thomas saying one of the properties is habited without permission, she finally lands the breakthrough she wanted for months. But the information comes at a cost, as Thomas wants her to come back to the Millers in return. Alyssa gives her friends the info, and walks over to Thomas' car. When she looks back at Justin, she stops. She remembers what Justin told her, and tells Thomas she won't go with him.Payton and Jason travel to the secret hideout because it's closest to Portland.

8 - My Best Friend's KeeperEdit

They stumble upon some members of the Millers, and Jason fights them off. Payton realises Jason's past with the Millers is bigger than she imagined, but before she can think more about that she goes in to confront her brother. Payton is in shock when she finds Mila, and she asks her brother why she did this. When Liam himself has no idea, Payton gets mad but Jason prevents her from using her athame on Liam. Payton tends to Mila as Jason beats Liam up. Alyssa catches up with them and prevents the Miller vampires to kill Liam. Alyssa warns Liam to leave town and never come back if he wishes to remain alive, because otherwise she will kill him herself.  Payton is trying to hold back all the rage she feels, but tells him she never wants to see him again before they leave back to Waterfall Creek. When they get there, Elisabeth takes care of Mila while Alyssa talks to Claire and Seth.When Liam arrives at the Millers he is seen as a disgrace, and Liam tells his mother he needs to live on his own for a while, and he moves away. 

9 - AgainEdit

After the betrayal of her brother Claire is awefully silent, as she visits the grave of her parents and her aunt Lucy, commemorating the family they have lost. She mentions that now she also lost her brother, and she's scared of ever having a family of her own. When Seth catches that final sentence, they talk about their future and the possibilities of having a family. Thomas makes one more attempt to get Alyssa to come back, and he follows her into the woods. Alyssa gets pinned down, but she states that she would rather die then be a part of the Millers ever again. She then fights back at Thomas and defeats him. She tells him to spread the word about her choice so everyone finally will know where her loyalties lie.

10 - Family MattersEdit

Mila informs them she can't stay and she also leaves because she is constantly reminded of what happened. Mike too makes a drastic decision as he decides to quit school to be closer to his friends, as he moves back to WC. Lauren walks in on Jason smashing the piano, and jokingly puts on a techno remix of an old classical song. Jason wonders to himself what happened to the world to be so cruel. He starts digging in some old records and researching on the new music scene. Several weeks pass, and after the holidays He takes Payton to a property downtown that used to be a club a decade ago. He says he wants to buy it to turn it into a nightclub. Payton agrees because she knows she can use the distraction. Meanwhile we find out that Alyssa's decision to turn away from the Millers in a very definite way has consequences, as she has been attacked a few times in the past weeks. In March, Alyssa gets stabbed in the middle of the school yard in the most public attack so far. Seth has to step in to avoid chaos. At the end of the episode we see how Douglas Lewis plays a recording of the attack on his computer as he says 'Who are you, Alyssa Miller'.

11 - Daddy IssuesEdit

Payton visits the newspaper to look for a set of pictures Mila made when Douglas enters with the video footage. Payton is able to intercept it, and 'accidentally' destroys it, preventing a major disaster. When Alyssa recovers, Jason suggests Alyssa should ask James to join his coven. But Alyssa says she'd never do that because of what she did to Alyson and Dylan. Alyssa says this was probably a one time thing, but then we see who really was behind the attack. Jared overhears Alyssa, and continues his plan of terror. He takes away Alyssa's blood supply, causing her to be very moody and on edge when Justin's parents come over for a visit. That night, he goes one step further and at the end of the episode we see how Jodie and Keith's car drives off the bridge, caused by Jared. 

12 - RubiconEdit

Two months have passed and iwe see the aftermath of Jodie and Keith's death. We watch as Justin has fallen into a severe depression. Claire and Payton struggle, the latter who caries the grief of everyone at the same time. Payton seeks comfort and distraction from the loss with Jason. Jason tries his best to support Payton, and he tries to focus on the 

13 - Light in the DarkEdit

When Payton starts getting more and more ill, Jason tries to take care of her. After a while Rheagan, Payton's roommate, complains about Jason being constantly in their room. Payton says Jason is part of her life, and the roommates fight over that. Jason  tries to make amends by getting to know Rheagan a bit better but that doesn't really work. When Payton and Jason go to Elisabeth to see what's wrong with Payton, Lauren suggests they should move into the condo, since it's empty now anyways. Jason and Payton decide to think about it. A while later, Elisabeth has another diagnosis that leaves everyone in the family shocked and wondering. Meanwhile, Mike tries to help Justin through finals with his old notes and his insights of last year's finals. Alyssa keeps a very very close eye on Justin throughout the day, and studies at night. This causes her to have little time to feed properly, and Dylan and Nate surprisingly help remind her about it and bring her bottles so she doesn't have to go out.

14 - Sint-Joseph's Boarding SchoolEdit

The students of SJBS in their senior year say goodbye to the chapter in their lives as they graduate. But not everyone has time to celebrate. Justin and his brother get awaited by his uncle and aunt as soon as the graduation ceremony is over. Alyssa decides to give Justin and his family some time, while she visits Jason and Payton in Portland to help them out. Meanwhile Elisabeth tries to wrap her head around the existence of a baby, and she comes to realise she is all but equiped to handle this. She decides to go on a medical internship in a women's clinic.

15 - Old EnemiesEdit

At the early days of July, the thing Jason has feared the most comes true when the Anconi are reported to be headed their way. Jason asks James to stand with him in protection of the two people he loves the most. The Dawsons agree, and face the intimidating army that has the upper hand over all vampires in the whole world. Initially they appear to be civil, but when they are shown making a backstabbing move, the precautions taken by the joined witches and wizards prove to be a good move. When Payton lifts the astral projection and reveals to have her powers back, they are able to hit the Anconi hard and defeat him. While everyone is happy about their victory, Nate spots a recruit left in the trees. Before the recruit is able to reach Payton, Nate stops him. The sound of Nate's scream as he gets killed allerts the remainder of the Anconi army which was slowly backing away. However they head back. When they see Nate has killed one of theirs, they claim they will not take revenge if they can get one life in return. Lauren then sacrifices herself, to prevent the Anconi from getting to kill Alena.

16 - BrokenEdit

The whole family is broken by the death of Lauren and Nate. Mainly Alyson and Dylan seem  to struggle, and after several days of grieving they decide to leave town for a while. As they move to the Hamptons, James questions if he is still a good leader now that half his coven is gone. Payton reassures him that he is, saying that her daughter will wear the Dawson last name with pride. Meanwhile, Alyssa feels she is not at her place at the Dawsons, and she realises she has no real home. She decides to go to the only family she still has left, Justin.

17 - DhampireEdit

With the pregnancy progressing, Payton realises a lot of things are about to change. Along with Seth and Claire they think of ways to hide the rapid pregnancy, and the baby's developing powers. They research on baby vampires and ask Alyssa for information but she states that the people who raised her all almost all got killed, aside from a friend of her who is now on the run from her mother. When they come to the obvious other source, Payton refuses to ask Liam, and says her baby will not even know he exists. We find out what exactly Liam has been up to, as he finds refuge with Mason, the guy who attacked Payton. We discover more of Liam's childhood growing up in England, with Mason.

18 - Not all monsters do monsterous things Edit

Another message arrives from Bash, but this time Jason is confident in the matter. Bash congratulates Payton and Jason, and this makes Payton realise that all royal must know. This inevidently leads to the magical dimension, where the news has been spreading like wildfire. The fact that a princes will have vampire blood and the fact that aside from Payton's baby there are no magical offspring from this generation causes an uproar of discontent. Because of this, Claire goes to the magical dimension and she brings Seth along. She hopes to make the people of the magical dimension realise that the vampires are no threat. Meanwhile, Jason realises he won't have much time to work at the club himself soon, and he permanently hires Mike to take over the bar..

  • title refference : "Not all 'monsters' do monsterous things." is something Claire tells her advisor when they tell her vampires are the monsters who comitted the monsterous murder of her parents.

19 - The lion, the witch and the fashion designer Edit

Payton asks Sebastien's help in the Magical Dimension. Bash travels to Solos to help Claire convince the masses. However the masses are equally displeased with Bash, because the lack of providing an heir. Claire then gets mad, and says they would have kids if the elders didn't abandon them and gave up their protection the minute they showed some independence. Seth calms Claire down, and in that moment Claire's powers return to her. One of the elders' emissaries tells her they regained their powers in order to protect the future princess of Divitia. Claire is thankfull, and she travels back to the normal world.

  • title refference : The episode focusses on three characters in particular ; The Lion (nickname for Sebastien), The Witch (Payton) and the fashion designer (Claire). Play at 'The Lion, The Witch and the Warderobe.'

20 - Mother  Edit

On her way to Waterfall Creek, Alyssa catches word that May Miller herself is heading to Waterfall Creek too, planning to prey on the weak state of the local residency. Alyssa rushes and meets her mother at merely a few miles from the town boarder of Waterfall Creek. When May tells her what a disgrace she is, she sees certain members of the Millers disagree, and Alyssa regains hope that she still has a family there after all. But she also knows the majority of the army is on her mother's side. May heads for an attack, but she decides to put her plan on hold when she realises just why the Anconi came to the town exactly. The long held secret of Payton's pregnancy gets witnessed by May herself, and she retrieves to re-model her plan for times to come.

21 - We All Have a Family (Part 1) Edit

The episode ends with Elisabeth having to decide who's life she will safe, Payton or Alena.

22 - We All Have a Family (Part 2) Edit

Seeing as Justin seems to be happy when he holds Alena for the first time, Jason and Payton ask Justin and Alyssa to be the godparents.

HUNTED - Anconi



  • Thoughts - Michael Schulte
    • Justin & Alyssa's first time, Claire and Seth scene

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