Season Six


Minka Kelly as Payton Silverstone

Dianna Agron as Claire Silverstone
Ben Barnes as Jason Dawson
Alex Pettyfer as Seth Dawson
Crystal Reed as Alyssa Miller
Tyler Posey as Justin Saphire
Xavier Samuels as Liam Greene
Matt Lanter as Mike Creeton
Skyler Samuels as Mila Romano
Alex O'Loughlin as James Dawson
Shantel Vansanten as Elisabeth Dawson
Chris Hemsworth as Dylan McKenzie
Olivia Wilde as Alyson McKenzie
Indiana Evans as Phoebe Curtis
Jensen Ackles as Matt O'Connell
Max Irons as Pierre Ambroise

Shelley Hennig as Jade Miller

Sophia Bush as May Miller

Shiloh Fernandez as Jared Carrington
Ian Somerhalder as Grayson Fitzgerald
Nina Dobrev as Aria Woods and Ivy Woods
Colton Haynes as Mason Woods
Elisabeth Shue as Linda Curtis
Candice Acolla as Chloë Curtis
Jennifer Lawrence as Ariël Curtis
Chace Crawford as Connor Curtis
Paul Wesley as Tom Wayland
Holland Roden as Emilia Brown
Sinqua Walls as Antoine Blanchard
Janina Gavankar as Maria Delgado
Robert Sheenan as Scott Hayes
Scarlett Johanson as Kayla Manning
Caity Lotz as Skye Moreno
Elinor Crowley as Ava Carrington
Katie McGarth as Beth Raleigh
Steven R. McQueen as Tristan Davis

Malese Jow as Riley Davis
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Season Six is the sixth season of Touch of Magic. It parellells Season Two of Bloodlines and features an introduction to Justice.




Season Six brings many new responsibilities to the characters of Touch of Magic. The season mainly revolves around the Millers, and the changes that occur in their dynamic. Many relationships are tested, some preveil and some do not. Seth gives up his job and agrees to help out Liam in the second half of the season, all the while secretly planning a proposal for Claire. Claire is ambitious as ever in creating a succesful collection once again. Justin and Alyssa find some trouble on their path, and their relationship is tested the most, both by internal and external sources. Meanwhile Justin also tries to help out his brother while working on giving his family a new home they deserve.

Jason steps up with Alyssa to be new leaders of the Millers, where many familiar faces and trusted friends emerge. Meanwhile Jason also focusses on his maritial duties, and helps Payton while she tries to reconnect to her royal connections after being so worked up in the war against May. She also makes an effort to include Phoebe, Liam and Chloë in these affairs, and along with Claire, teaching them magic.

As part of a crossover with The Heart, we also see the arrival of the Curtis siblings for Phoebe's graduation, and the Hainasoni bloodline who have run away from their own home. The rest of the overall theme of the season deals with uniting to fight a common enemy, which is what the characters do when the Anconi wants to take out the threat residing in Waterfall Creek.

<<<< END >>>>>>>

Season Six centers around the Millers, who plan an attack in the beginning of the season. This has consequences on the lives of Jason and Alyssa, as well as both their families.

Jason becomes a dad again shortly after Payton executes a bold move to eliminate May and her army once and for all. He and Alyssa then agree to take the throne after May is defeated. However Alyssa struggles with her bloodthirst in the aftermath of being resurrected, and she hides this from her friends.

Ultimately with the help of Justin she recovers and finishes detox, but at the expense of their house, which they lost while they were so worked up in taking over the Millers. Alyssa and Justin then move in with Alyson and Dylan. At a party, Alyssa then tells Justin about something else she lost, revealing she had a miscarriage when she died.

While Jason tries to balance his personal life with his responsibilities, Payton is stepping up to be his rock. However when Payton's ex-boyfriend Pierre arrives in town it's Jason's turn to be the support Payton needs as he reveals himself to be a wizard and having broken up with Payton for her own welbeing. Payton decides to act civilised to him for the sake of their royal connection, something she has also been doing with Liam, for the sake of the family.

Liam was turned human in the aftermath of the battle with the Millers, and connects with Phoebe's older sister Chloë. He gets a job offered by Jason at the club, and he tries to make ammends with Mila for hurting her. Meanwhile Phoebe decides to defer for a year and not attend college, instead focussing on her magic and spending time with her sister afte Chloë agrees to stay in town while dating Liam.

Meanwhile inside the Millers, we see how the remainder of the Miller army deals with their new leadership, and we see internal conflict and friendships rise. With the new establishment of the Millers, vampires from afar are once again drawn to Waterfall Creek, including people from Jason and Alyssa's past, as well as an old friend of Seth's. Luckily Alyssa gets the help from an old friend, Grayson Fitzgerald, who helps her with the business and logistics end of running an empire.

Justin goes to Claire to express his jealousy of someone from Alyssa's past, but Alyssa convinces him he has nothing to worry about. However Claire isn't pleased with Alyssa's lack of comittment lately, indicating her absence from the store due to her involvement at the Millers. Sensing it is all just built up stress from Claire's end, Mila and Alyssa take Claire out for a night clubbing, and Payton shows up eventually as well.

Payton and Claire are then put in front of a challenge when the Hainasoni bloodline shows up in town. This surge of magic, upsets the balance in the magical portal, and the Silverstones are warned of potentially catastrophic damage to both worlds if the damage is not quickly restored. When Phoebe informs her sister, Chloë is forced to face her future and decide what she wants to do, but an unexpected event changes her plans, including her relationship with Liam. All royals are then forced to work together to prevent the magical catastrophe, distracting everyone enough for Matt to make his move for the second Miller throne.

After the situation with the magical dimension is resolved Claire realises she has been way too worked up in her job and she starts the search for a co-designer and Alyssa promises she will increase her pressence at the business. Claire then finds the time to go on an escape-holiday, where Seth surprisingly proposes to her. Upon returning to Waterfall Creek they break the good news, and Phoebe promises she will be in town for the wedding when she announces she will be leaving town and heading to Portland, now that her sister Chloë has left and broke up with Liam. However a new witch from the magical dimension fills up Phoebe's spot, as she is offered by Liam to stick around their world. Liam then arranges for her to get a job like him, and they become close friends over discovering the human world and the magic in it together.

And while the elders praise the Silverstone's skills, the Anconi is not very happy with the recent increase of vampires in the Millers and the policy they have taken on, so they support Matt's claim to the throne. Alyssa then agrees to battle to the death with Matt, during which she uses the help of bloodmagic from Nick Thornton, who Emilia convinced to stick around and help.

The Anconi then search for a way to invalidate Alyssa's claim, while they interrogate Pierre who has infiltrated the Anconi as a double agent. In order to beat them to the punch, Alyssa (and Justin) have to go through a bunch of tests and rituals in order to make her claim strong enough. Meanwhile the Anconi is surprised when, with the help of Jade, Pierre is able to pass interrogation. Along with him they then prepare to take down everyone in Waterfall Creek with a battle.

Jade and Pierre then get send in to explore the situation, which is where their deaths are faked so that they can help their friends and family prepare. However Jason is distracte when Ava, his first love from back when he was a human, shows up and reveals they have a daughter, who was also turned into a vampire. While Payton is supportive of this revelation, Claire expresses her concern about another one of Jason's exes entering their lives. In the end, Beth's pressence proves to be invaluable as she is able to convince the Independent Vampires to fight alonside the Millers.

At the end of the season, the reason for Chloë's emotional departure is revealed and raises a lot of questions, however Liam remains in the dark about all of it after Chloë begs Ariël to keep her distance, playing entirely into Linda's hand who has her eyes set on distancing her children from the Silverstones once and for all.



May 29


May 30


May 30-31


2-4th of July

6x06 6x07 6x08 6x09 6x10 6x11
The Millers May prepares her attack May's attack Matt tries to portray Jason and Alyssa as poor leaders (first coup attempt) After one month timejump, order starts to come out of the chaos. Emilia gets introduced, Scott gets introduced X (paternity issue)
Payton's pregnancy Payton is put on bedrest Payton gets gets admitted to the hospital, but demands to go home. Amore is born shortly after X X (discovery)
Alyssa & Jason

Jason resurrects

Alyssa resurrects, miscarriages and fakes detox

Jason finds out Alyssa is faking her detox, drags her out of the Millers meeting and locks her up in the basement Jason defends Alyssa's abscence at the Millers. Goes to visit her in the basement

Alyssa recovers from Detox. Reveals to Justin she miscarriaged.

Jason is bonding with his one month old daughter

Jade/Pierre Justin finds Pierre and Jade Jade returns to The Anconi Pierre reveals himself as a wizard on Fourth of July
Mila Arrives back in town after stopping in Arizona to visit Mike Agrees for Pierre to stay in the appartment Urges Pierre to reveal his secret  X (training w. pierre) X (Lucy)

Liam & Chloë

Liam is revealed to be human Jason offers Liam a job at the bar. Phoebe reconnects with Chloë, they move into the condo. X (arrival AB)
Grayson Fitzgerald
  1. Preparing for May's upcoming attack (in 6x01?) - Mike & Lynn @ Arizona

  2. May's Attack (ep 6x02)
  3. Paralell timeline to Liam (6x03) - à la TWD
  4. Injuries, hospital.... Aftermath of the battle with May (6x04)
  5. Birth of Amore + Death of Diana Creeton (lead-in during hiatus) - 6x05
  6. Alyssa's detox - Jun 2014
  7. Reconsiliation of Liam and Mila - Jun/Sep 2014
  8. Jade and Pierre - Jun/Jul 2014
  9. Old Friends Return (Part 1) - Skye & Kayla - Late June 2014
  10. Miller coronation 1 - Early july 2014
  11. Phoebe's training as a royal - July 2014
  12. Alysstin's recovery - July 2014
  13. Matt VS. Alyssa - July/Aug 2014

MIDSEASON FINALE = fight to the 'death'

  1. Pierre goes to Europe - Late july 2014
  2. Mike and Lynn breakup - Late july 2014
  3. Old Friends Return (Part 2) - Beth & Ava - Aug 2014
  4. Fight with the Eurekas - Aug 2014
  5. Including Ava in the family - Aug 2014
  6. Operation volcano - Liam & Chloë breakup - aug 2014
  7. Miller coronation 2 - Late aug 2014
  8. Building Alysstin house - Aug/Mar 2014/15
  9. Fight with The Anconi - Death of James



1 - The Living and the Dead (Part 1) Edit

In the beginning episode we see Claire and Seth along with Payton and Jason face off against May and Jared. It is revealed that neither Payton or Jason was supposed to be there. Jason was told to stay away from the fight due to May’s influence on him and was supposed watch the kids. Payton realizes she can’t possibly stay away and even  though she is weakened she goes to the fight when she finds out Jason is there too. May and Jared use a handful of vampires to get their opponents tired, making a big show of how outnumbered they are.

In a 12 hours earlier, we see Justin and Alyssa contemplating how to tell Justin she is pregnant again. May sends vampires to occupy Jason while he is at the playground with Alena, thus planning to kill the little girl. This plan fails because Phoebe arrives at the playground. Jason is then allerted that May is making a move on them, and goes with Claire and Seth to the motel, deciding to take the confrontation to her, while Payton and Phoebe are with the kids. However when learning of the plan Payton goes to the motel anyways.

In the fight, May reveals she has people in place to kill all the children, revealing she will never give them happiness. Payton grants her a sense of victory and bargains her life, her blood, in exchange for her kids' safety. May agrees, which is where Jared interferes and he demands to rip out Jason's heart himself. Claire steps in at this point, telling Jared that he should take her first, giving him the chance to finish what he started 8 years ago. Jared is convinced he will be able to kill his brother afterwords, so he and May drink Payton and Claire's blood. The minute Jared and May collapse. Payton's plan isn't fail-proof as she and her sister almost get drained, endangering the baby.  Their lives are endangered when the army in the surrounding woods launches the attack under the charge of Thomas. Despite some of them getting to Seth and Jason, the fight is soon over when almost all of them fall dead. Seth is in shock to find himself the only one standing after Jason collapses too.

2 - The Living and the Dead (Part 2) Edit

James, Elisabeth, Alyson and Dylan, who were distracted by another part of May's army lead by Grace,  arrive at the scene at the motel shortly after. Seth has plunged two stakes into May and Jared's hearts to ensure they were dead, before he continues to keep Payton alive. Alyson and Dylan go to check on Jason. Dylan rushes to the motel to get Jason blood, which ends up reviving him even though Alyson said he was dead. Payton doesn't hear this, as she is being driven to the Dawson house, and she goes into shock thinking Jason is dead. Seth takes care of Claire, and when she wakes up again they call Phoebe to check up on the kids.  James watches most of The Millers evaporate.

When he calls to inform Alyssa, Justin picks up the phone in despair, stating she's dead. After realizing Jason and Alyssa's conditions are linked, James tells Justin to feed her human blood, but Justin says it doesn't work. Only when Justin spills the blood everywhere does it land on her ring, revealing to be the key in reviving Alyssa and Jason.  Jason is taken to the Dawson house where he is put in the basement to recover and start his detox, since he consumed and reacted heavily to the human blood. Payton is in the medical room, under close surveillance by Elisabeth. Downtown, Liam wakes up from his mid-day alcohol enduced nap gasping for air, and he is revealed to be human. Despite Chloë’s insisting, he refuses to call his sisters. Alyssa discovers she has lost her baby when she died.

3 - Up That Hill Edit

Claire and Seth return to the Silverstone House to help Phoebe with the kids, and Seth refuses Jason to see his kids untill he has finished detox. Claire discusses the discovery that her blood can kill vampires as shown with May and Jared, to which Seth comments stating Payton put them all at risk by keeping that secret. Meanwhile Liam and Chloë show up at the Silverstone house with the reveal that he is human. Claire gets mad at Liam for showing up, but Seth agrees they can come in. Phoebe keeps an eye on Liam and her sister, enlisting them on babysitting duty while Claire and Seth go back to the Dawson house to check on Payton. 

When Payton wakes up she insists on seeing Jason after learning he survived, and the two briefly see eachother in the Dawson basement, where he promises her to finish detox soon. Payton then gets taken home to see her kids, and is put on strict bedrest. Alyssa does the opposite, as she packs the house overnight and ships all their stuff to a storage container. When Alyson finds out, Alyssa reveals the pregnancy and the miscarriage, but convinces Alyson not to tell anyone, stating she is not ready to face it. Alyson fails to realize Alyssa is not going through detox. Meanwhile Justin tries to console Chris after she is revealed to have died at the consequences of May's plan. 

Alyssa leaves to go to Greek Hill, needing space for a little bit, where she arranges the future of the Millers by claiming her inheritence. Chris and Justin leave the house behind after a small comemoration ceremony in the backyard, and the two of them head to Alyssa's condo downtown. At the end of the episode, Payton and Liam come face to face. When he mentions his 'suffering' Payton gets mad at him, and the stress causes her to go into labor. 

  • Title refference : Greek Hill + Running Up That Hill (song used in this episode) 

4 - Power Edit

When Elisabeth tells Jason Payton is going into labor, he begs her to let him come with her. Elisabeth gives in, and Jason is able to witness the birth of his daughter, Amore Dawson. Despite that, he is put under strict supervision which is when the rest of the family realize Alyssa hasn't been kept an eye on, and they reach out to her. Howver Alyssa reveals to have emerged herself entirely in The Millers politics. Jason shows up at the meeting she's having, and confronts her about still drinking human blood. 

Alyson asks Seth to talk to Alyssa but doesn't revealing her secret, despite the danger Alyssa's humanity is in. Eventually Alyssa returns home to Justin at the condo, feeling guilty about running away from him. She informs him about the miscarriage, and agrees to go into detox, stating she will have plenty to think about because she bought a piece of land in Garden Street, where Justin always wanted to live.

While Alyssa is in detox, Jason steps in and leads the Millers, quickly ending Matt's attempts to take control, although Matt doesn't entirely put his plans for a powerplay aside, and he keeps challenging Jason regulary during the next month. Payton gets introduced to the Millers and their vampire politics, in an attempt to soften her up because Jason knows she needs to be a part of his plan to take over the Millers with Alyssa. She agrees, and a ceremony takes place to crown Jason the next leader of the Millers. 

At the end of the episode the coronation is revealed to be a play by Vincent Taylor, who is holding people captive to force the witch into assasinating Jason and Payton. The witch fails because Payton intervenes. 

5 - Reunion Edit

Chris reveals his plans to study at Portland to Phoebe, who then goes to buy furniture for the apartment that Liam and Chloë got offered above the club. Jason and Payton argue about the amount of time Jason spends in between the club, Liam, The Millers and Alyssa instead of her and her newborn daughter. Mila then arrives in town after stopping in Phoenix to attend Diane’s funeral. She stumbles upon Pierre at the appartment and has trouble processing the information about Pierre’s identity. Jade is revealed to be Alyssa’s sister and an Anconi spy who is double-crossing the Anconi.

After a few weeks pass, Mila is unable to keep the secret any longer and decides Pierre would be more helpful out of the shadows, so she gets him into the Silverstones’ fourth of July party which doubles as a belayed birthday party for Payton. At the party, Payton originally lashes out but she immediately softens when she finds out Pierre is a wizard. Witnessing Pierre and Payton reconcile, Liam has hope for a reconciliation with Mila, as he gets a phonecall from Elisabeth about his bloodwork. At the end of the episode Alyssa and Justin are finished moving into the beachhouse to live with Alyson and Dylan.

6 - Edit

Liam and Chloë decide to take Liams collegue to the beach and slowly introduce her to the family. Meanwhile Alyssa and Justin talk about what happened when Alyssa died, and she revealed she had a miscarriage. Jason also talks to Payton as he watches Amore in the crib, explaining his post-natal baby blues. Meanwhile Justin tries to comfort Alyssa and be intimate with her but her detox doesn’t allow it yet. A familiar friend of Alyssa then arrives at the motel, and Alyssa also bonds with young vampire Emilia. Justin organizes a date night a few nights later, which ends in the bedroom after Elisabeth gave the green light. The next day Justin bumps into Grayson Fitzgerald, the businessman who has a past with Justin’s  deceased parents, and he invites him and Alyssa on the yacht.

7 - Memory Lane Edit

Alyssa informs Justin about her past with Grayson, who agrees to help her 'for old times sake'. Meanwhile Pierre gets more and more irritated by Payton and Jason's attitude towards their responsibilities and Liam's free pass at a new life. Phoebe spends the day with her sister, telling tales of Portland she heard from Chris, hinting she might move to Portland herself. At the end of the episode Mila goes to the Silverstone house where she tells Phoebe she knows who drugged her, and that she used to date him. Phoebe then goes to Chloë and Liam's condo, and confronts Liam with the things Mason has done. Ivy, who at that point is at the club because Tom wanted some time apart, overhears the mention of her brother and goes to warn him.

8 - A Decade or Two Edit

Payton and Jason return from New York and are surprised by Mike. Meanwhile Liam apologises for the Mason situation, but Mila says she is not the one who needs apologising. Chloë and Liam's relationship is under pressure since the truth came out. Jamie tries to mend things with her friends, but gets her own load of trouble when she rans into Jesse again. At the end of the episode Phoebe arrives in Portland, and spends the night crashing with Chris. The next day Jason goes to the motel, and Skye informs him of Kayla's mission to infiltrate with Matt. Jason doubts the plan will work, but Alyssa supports her friend and so Jason agrees with it. Together, Jason and Alyssa come up with a plan to prepare their fighters for the confrontation with the Eureka's. At the Eureka's, incent prepares his attack on the Millers.

Return nyc

Chris phoebe update 

Mike returns to town and the club 

Confrontatie Eureka’s (Jason gezag) 

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  • In My Veins - Andrew Belle (Mila & Pierre kiss)