Season One

Waterfall Creek
Wake Me Up When It's All Over
01/09/2007 - 28/06/2008
Waterfall Creek
Ordinary town with a touch of magic

Minka Kelly as Payton Silverstone

Dianna Agron as Claire Silverstone
Ben Barnes as Jason Dawson
Alex Pettyfer as Seth Dawson
Tyler Posey as Justin Saphire
Crystal Reed as Alyssa Miller
Matt Lanter as Mike Creeton
Skyler Samuels as Mila Romano
Alex O'Loughlin as James Dawson
Shantel Vansanten as Elisabeth Dawson
Chris Hemsworth as Dylan McKenzie
Olivia Wilde as Alyson McKenzie
Jenna Louise Coleman as Lauren Dawson

Douglas Booth as Nate Dawson

Shiloh Fernandez as Jared Carrington

Candice Patton as Katie Sampter
Zach Roerig as John Dawson
Blake Lively as Julie Dawson
Jennifer O'Connell as Lillian Silverstone

Brain Krause as Christopher Greene
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 Season One is the first season of Touch of Magic. The season shows the Dawsons and the Silverstones on opposite sides of the line, before being forced to work together to defeat a common threat, establishing the base for their future connections. Also featured in the season is the bravery of SJBS students accepting their sexuality, online bullying, forbidden love, an alternate dimension and estranged family members.

The season introduces The Travellers, Alyssa Miller and builds the foundation for future romances of Claire and Seth, Jason and Payton and Alyssa and Justin.


  • Arrival of the Dawsons
  • Lies and conflict between Dawsons & Silverstones, resulting in their eviction (september 2008)
  • Becoming allies, Charity Ball. Homecoming: Alyssa secretly being in town (october 2008)
  • Warning about and fighting The Travellers (october 2008)
  • Claire & Seth development (fall/winter 2008)
  • Winter formal: Mila & Katie get outed (winter 2008)
  • Aria's revenge : attack in Paris (spring break 2009) - MIDSEASON FINALE.
  • Jason & Payton development after Anconi (spring 2008)
  • Jason's trial & The Anconi
  • Graduation (Jason's return): Katie's death faked by Alyssa to protect her from Jared.
  • SJBS homophobia (Mila/Katie and Max/Doughlas) (spring 2008)
  • Alyssa's visit on prom night. Claire's kidnapping. (May 2008)
  • Mike, Mila & Justin learn about magic (june 2008)
  • Claire's recovery and Portland preparations (secret letter funding Payton's education coming from Pierre) (june/july 2008)
  • Mike & Mila summer fling/FWB travelling in Europe (Late july 2008)
  • Seth's transition. Liam arrives in town - SEASON FINALE Cliffhanger.


The story of Touch of Magic starts in season one when two witches who lost their parents to a vampire attack, are faced with vampires at their boarding school. The Dawsons, a group that made a truce with Payton and Claire’s ancestors, send their two members, Jason and Seth, to the school to investigate the town and feel the pulse of the community. However they are faced with great resistance, mainly from Payton who’s past traumas to her parents death make her unable to see that the Dawsons are harmless. James and Elisabeth, two founding members of the town and the leaders of the Dawsons, try to establish an understanding.

In doing this, Payton and Claire discover that the Dawsons have kept things from them, and Payton threatens to evict them. Claire doesn't agree with this however, and when she messes up the spell to do so, Payton comes around and allows the Dawsons to stay in exchange for the spell that hurt Lauren and Nate.

They become allies with the upcoming threat of hostile vampires heading to town. The Silverstones attend a magical gathering during Homecoming weekend. Alyssa also arrives into town that weekend, but erases her pressence from Justin's mind who saw her in the woods. Alyssa then continues her journey, and she returns to the town just in time to help out when The Travellers attack. The Dawsons and the Silverstones manage to defeat them together, although some vampires get away.

In the weeks following the defeat, the Silverstones and Dawsons grow closer. Payton and Jason often train, and after weeks of flirting, Claire and Seth admit their feelings for one another. They start their relationship, and are met with some objection with Justin but he is too occupied with the missing link in his memory of Homecoming weekend. Mila and Katie also develop their romance, as they start dating in secret, just like Max and Dean. Samantha suffers from an episode after she accidentally discovers about Max and Dean.

During Winter Formal, a picture of Mila and Katie kissing gets shown to the entire school, causing for Katie to get outed. The picture gets tracked down to one of Chris Saphire's delinquent friends. Justin releases a picture of the kid in exchange, with the help of Claire, Max and Dean.

In the spring of 2009, The Dawsons get a tip of Aria being in Paris. However this turns out to be a trap, and Payton, Jason and Seth are tasked with fighting a dozen of Anconi soldiers. The Anconi build their case against Jason based upon this. In Paris, Jason tells Payton about his feelings for her, but Payton waits a while to reply. When she does, she opens up to him and they fall in love.

Briefly afterwards, Jason gets summoned to the Anconi like expected, and he goes to imprisonment where he is punished and tortured. Alyssa manages to weaken Jason's sentence at The Anconi due to her contact at The Anconi.

Jason returns at Graduation, and they have a party to celebrate the accomplishment and Jason's return. During the party, Jared arrives in town and he goes up to the third floor. When he finds nobody there, he gets drawn to Katie's room. Alyssa, who realizes something is off, finds Katie in a bad shape but not fatal. Knowing who Jared is and that he never leaves a job unfinished, she fakes Katie's death by adding more blood to the scene. She takes Katie away, and hands her over to Jade to hide her away.


emphasizing they need to work together when they find out more vampires are heading to the town, several of them carrying bad intentions. Meanwhile, Lauren and Nate try their best to adjust to town they don’t know, while trying to accept the fact that they didn’t get to be high-school students. 

However we find out that is not always such a joy, as we meet Payton and Claire’s human friends who struggle with much more mundane but not less live-changing matters. When Mila and Katie share a kiss, Mila embraces her sexuality while Katie struggles with what she’s feeling. Mike tries to get over his popular past, but gets a lot of backlash over last year from Dean Lewis, the jock athlete who is secretly gay. His relationship with Samantha Washington is a public front, but choosing his secret boyfriend Max over the principal’s daughter and editor-in-chief of the newspaper might be challenging. 

Meanwhile Justin and Seth have a healthy rivalry on the school’s track team, causing Claire to draw a picture of her life she never saw possible: A normal human life, with a Touch of Magic to it. It’s because of this that Claire makes efforts to unite the Silverstones and the Dawsons, but this only pushes Payton further away to the point where Claire deceits her sister during an exile spell to keep a fragile truce. But neither one of the sisters has much time to be mad at the other at the arrival of The Travellers, front in line of an expecting wave of vampires trying to use the Dawson’s presence in Waterfall Creek to enter the town as well.

The Silverstones and Dawsons are forced to form an alliance as they head into a fight, headed by Alyson and Dylan whose history with the Travellers motivates them more than anyone. Together, the group forms the first foundation of a long-standing peace and as they bring in the victory Payton and Claire learn more about the Dawson’s most notorious unofficial member: Alyssa.

A name now turned into a person, Alyssa is the base of many questions Claire has about Seth’s past, which he all answers with the same calm. However one of those conversation reveals more than just Seth’s past, as he mentions his vision of the nearby future, which he states he wants to spend with Claire as much as possible. Claire rewards Seth’s bravery with a kiss, and the two of them realize they have been growing towards this for a long time, shining light on a connection they formed the first day they met.

The first real outing for them as a couple arrives at Winter formal, but another couple steals the spotlight as Katie gets blackmailed with pictures of her kissing Mila at the event. A new member of the gay minority at the school, Dean enlists the help of Mike to figure out who Katie’s stalker is, bringing up memories to an old friendship that turned out wasn’t all that bad. It’s a discovery that prompts Mike to be genuine about his Jewish ancestry to Payton, which strengthens their friendship even more.

However their plans for a spring break to never forget get put on hold when Jason gets lured to Paris and Aria Woods gets her revenge on him for killing the other members of The Travellers. Luckily Payton and Seth manage to put a stop to that, although the close call makes Jason realize his subtlety in regards to what he wants in life is not working. He then tells Payton she was the person he was thinking about when he thought he was going to die, stating he wants to be a part of her life in a bigger way than he is now. As Payton struggles with this confession and her own healing heart, she goes to Claire for advice and some good old sister bonding. Eventually Payton accepts her destiny after a reasonable time, during which she has a vision of her mother giving her the approval to date a vampire, as long as he makes her happy. Payton then opens herself up to Jason and the two of them start a relationship as well.

Sadly their happiness is not meant to last over the summer, as Jason’s brother Jared decides to crash their prom-memories by abducting Claire. Alyssa, who was in town on a visit, tries to clean her conscience by helping in Claire’s rescue, but is unable to stop the guilt. It is then revealed Jared is Alyssa’s biological father, making Jason Alyssa’s uncle. To make matters worse, Justin stumbles upon Alyssa in this state and the fact that he just found out about magic complicates things to a point where Alyssa makes a desperate moves. 

Collecting all memories of her in the past 24 hours, Alyssa makes Justin forget about all of them before walking away, prompting Justin to leave on his family vacation, unable to remember that his best friend Claire is in a coma. Fighting for her life after the ordeal with Jared, Claire recovers under the medical supervision of Elisabeth, forming one giant nightmare for Payton, who’s past and worst fears are combined into the sight of seeing her sister this close to death.


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►Touch of Magic S1 Promo


The return History Walking on thin ice Bloodbrothers Do you believe in magic Home Room 317 Sacrifice Dance with me Trust issue Paris, Je 't aime Cursed Waterfall Creek Show me your teeth Learn There will be blood Dance with me

  1. Waterfall Creek - We meet de Silverstone sisters for the first time during move-in day (August 18th, 2007) It soon becomes clear this school year will be different when they discover two new student in each of their classes who are also their neighbours, and are also vampires. Payton warns Claire to stay away from them. Later that day, the Dawsons meet with the principal. Claire and Payton spot the group of vampires in the hallway. After an awkward talk at the office, Seth emerges and makes eye contact with Claire. As he walks off, Payton keeps an eye on them. The next morning (August 19th, 2007) Claire meets her friends downstairs for Claire has an unplanned interaction with Seth. TBA. Seth joins the track-team, and after tryouts he finds out there has been a body found in the woods by Lauren & Nate.

(Chapters 1,2,3)

  1. Room 317 - Alyson & Dylan arrive in town. When Payton gets attacked by another vampire in her special plac, she blames the brothers for bringing more vampires here and tells them to stay the hell away from her and her sister. The brothers only wanted to help and are both concerned about the attack as well. They tell James Dawson, the leader of their coven and they decide to find out why that vampire was here. Once they conclude that he was a mercenary, Seth meets with Claire to exchange the information. Claire agrees to give Seth a tour, despite Payton's objections. When Claire gets a papercut, Seth vamps out momentarely, but is able to regain control. However Payton has already witnessed it, and is now more determined then ever to get these vampires away from the school.
  • Title refference : 317 is the room number of Seth and Jason which they are emptying out at the end of the episode

Payton tries to have business go as usual. She does some work for the paper and has lunch with her friends Mike, Justin, Mila and Katie as well as her sister. She makes it clear to Seth and Jason that just because they share their secret doesn't mean they're friends. That doesn't stop Jason from trying to find out more, after all that was his mission. Jason approaches Payton in the music room, something Payton does not appreciate at all. Meanwhile Claire discovers vampires aren't just bloodsuckers, and they have powers too. When Seth reveals this, Claire is upset because he wasn't honest with them. Payton then realises her sister is gone and she interrupts Mike grilling Jason. As Mike and Payton go into the woods, Jason stumbles upon Claire and drives her to the Dawson house. There Payton is furious, and as she arrives at the house she meets all of the Dawsons in one room for the first time. She then demands the Dawsons to leave the school, which they do.

As the friendship between Claire and Seth is getting closer, Payton moves mountains to prevent them from falling in love. She argues and fights with her sister about it, but Claire doesn't listen. She takes her comfort in her drawings and ignores the advice of her sister. Payton recollects a memory of her childhood that has het doubt if she can truely trust the people she trusts. When she talks to Claire about this they get into an even bigger fight and Claire storms off angry. She falls asleep outside against a tree and Seth is the one who wakes her up. She decides to spend the night with her best friend Justin and leaves Payton wondering where she could be. 

Seth and Jason try to explain to Payton and Claire how the world of vampirism works, what all the different types are and what the difference is. Payton tries to understand and takes as much in as she can. Claire is only intrigued because she is very interested in the way Seth looks at that moment. Excited but still serious. When he finds her sketchbook with a drawing of him he starts doubting his own intentions and he leaves the room rather confused. Claire feels that there is something off and when she realises what might be up with him she feels a little down. When he returns after a little while his mood seems changed and he asks Claire to join him for a little hike. During this hike Claire finds out why Seth is so hesitant about them and she reassures him that he shouldn't be scared about what might happen if they get together. Seth shows her one of his special places in Waterfall Creek, one of the hidden waterfalls, and they share there first kiss under the sunset. 

The relationship between Seth and Claire seems to get stronger everyday and as his friends keep asking about her, he decides that he is going to introduce her to them. Claire is very nervous for her first encounter with the vampires and her sister isn't happy with that idea either. Seth ensures Payton that there is nothing to worry about and eventually Payton agrees to let Claire go. We learn that there is more to family then blood as we meet the Dawsons for the first time. A group of vampires who live together like a family. As Payton doesn't hear anything from Claire after she has left her several messages she decides to go check it out on herself. She performs a locatorspell and is able to find the location of the Dawson house. There she meets Dylan in a rather unsettling way and that doesn't really help with her trust issues. Jason comes to the rescue and explains to everyone what is going on and who she is. After that he takes her upstairs and shines a light on his past for Payton, so she might be able to trust him more. 

As the relationship between Claire and Seth grows closer, the relationship between Justin and Claire gets weaker. She has known him for quite a long time, but the fact that he is jealous of Seth and that Seth wants to join the track team doesn't do much good for their relationship. Claire tries to convince both men in her life that they should get along, because she would die if she had to chose between them. Justin on the other hand thinks of it in a different way and he states that if she wants to stay with Seth he can no longer be friends with her. This seems like the end of their friendship of years and it leaves Claire a little heartbroken. In the meantime we follow Payton and Jason who spend a little more time together. Payton is still on edge around him, but now she knows more about him it seems like she is able to put a little bit more trust in him. Their relationship is very platonic at this point, but they are both trying very hard.

Although Payton still really doesn't like Jason, the fact that she knows more about his past seems to help a little. Claire wants them to get along and she convinces them to go on a hike and picknick with her and Seth. Payton doesn't want to at first, but she doesn't like the idea of her sister being alone with Jason and Seth, so she agrees to come with them. While they are settling down for lunch at the side of the river some uninvited guests join their party. The three unknown vampires make an attempt on killing both Payton and Claire, but Jason and Seth seem to be able to prevent that. Back at the Dawsons James shines a light on who those three vampires might be. They're his long lost siblings who want to take revenge on him. 

As a result of the treath from James' siblings they decide to have a magical gathering, also known as the Dawson Charity Ball. Because of the treath Julie and John pose, they invite their closest vampire friends and relations to a chique party at their residence. Special guests that evening are Payton and Claire. This attracts a lot of attention from the invited vampires, but they are asked not to make a big deal about it. Payton doesn't want to do it anymore at the beginning of the night, but when she realises Claire is alone with a bunch of vampires she decides to go after all. Claire on the other hand doesn't mind the pressence of the many vampires. She enjoys the company and the attention and she gets to meet Alyssa, Seth's best friend. At first she is taken back a little by the confidence of this beauty, but soon she realises she has nothing to fear from Alyssa regarding Seth. Alyssa makes very clear that she and Seth are just friends and that Seth doesn't stop talking about how crazy he is about Claire. At the end of the evening Claire has gained a new friend. Payton ends the night a little different though. She didn't realise how much alcohol there was in the beverages she stole from the bar and she isn't able to stand up straight at the end of the evening. Jason is the one to pick her up and take her to bed, leaving the party behind him and taking care of his 'still not friend'. 

The treat of Julie and John is getting closer everyday and the tension at the Dawson house is very high. Everybody is on edge and that doesn't really help Payton as she doesn't only feels her own tension, but also the tension everybody else experiences. Because of that she gets into a fight with Jason over some little stupid thing and she leaves the house in anger. This is a stupid move as Julie has picked this night for her attack. They stumble upon Payton in the middle of the woods and they don't hesitate. They go over to action. Meanwhile in the Dawson house the group of vampires and Claire decide to go after Payton and make sure she gets home safe. As soon as Jason smells the blood he alerts the others and they know they have to prepare for a fight. When they find Payton, she is trapped in the arms of Julie. Seth wants Claire to go home at first, but she is determined to help out. A fight with the three enemies emerges, but they are able to eliminate two of them. Payton is hurt, but alive.

Payton recovers from her injuries just in time to go on the school trip to Paris. All Juniors are allowed to go and Payton is excited to explore that amazing city with her friends. In Paris they visit some of the beautiful places, but when a familiar face appears things get pretty disturbed. Aria's revenge on killing her sire isn't mild and he has brought some friends with him. Some guards from the Anconi (a vampire group where we learn more about in future seasons) have joined him to punish the vampire who has killed two of his own. Jason and Payton are able to fight them off in the end, killing Joachim in the process. But does this mean that this fight is over? At least Payton and Jason think it is. Their visit to the Eiffel tour seems to be the best thing about the whole trip as they finally spend a true moment together. Payton opens up and tells Jason that she doesn't really hate him, but that she isn't sure about whether or not she can see him as a true friend. Jason accepts that and he is glad that she had the courage to be honest with him and explain why things are so hard on her. 

When the friends get back to Waterfall Creek Payton and Jason spend more time together. She gets to know him as a person rather than a  vampire and we see her finally opening up to him. When they accidently meet each other at Payton's personal spot they finally share the long expected first kiss. Meanwhile Claire tells Seth how his species truely came to be. She thinks it's a good thing for him to understand how much power she might be able to have over him and she wants him to know what he is getting himself into. This is one of the moments in their relationship when we see them bonding on a very high level. Meanwhile Justin hits another athletic low causing him to question his skills. Mike and Mila are the ones to tell him that he shouldn't let Seth get into his head and that he knows what he is good at. He just has to shut his mind up. At the end of this midseason finale Payton and Jason's happiness proves to be short-term as judgement awaits Jason. 

Payton is closing the door on everyone as she feels like she has lost one more thing that she loves. She feels like there is nothing that could go right for her once in her life and we see her falling into a depression more and more. Claire reveals the whole magical royalty aspect to Seth while she is also trying to cheer her sister up. Both attempts fail as she isn't able to help her sister and she makes Seth feel more insecure about their relationship. With Winter Formal knocking on the door she needs to make up with both of the most important people in her life. She isn't able to get Payton to go to the party, but in the end Seth shows up with her corsage anyway. He feels insecure about the whole thing, but if there is one thing that he knows, it's that he wants to see his girlfriend happy. And there is nothing in the world that could keep him from it. 

Payton continues to be in a miserable place as the Dawsons try their best to cheer her up. Alyson takes Payton on a shopping trip, Dylan tries to watch movies with her and Nate even tries to explain to her how the alarm system around the house works. None of those attempts on cheering her up are succesful. Claire and Seth go on a scavenging trip that brings out memories from Seth that will reveal some of his backstory. In the meantime Justin runs a new record and he seems to win his old confidence back. While Seth and Justin compete for the titel of captain their relationship doesn't really seem to get better. 

After the storm comes sunrise. The Dawsons travel across the globe to celebrate the holidays and Payton and Claire are invited. Claire convinces Payton to come too and in the end Payton will be thankful to her crazy little sister. While everybody enjoys spending time on the beach and with each other Payton wonders if she has made the right call opening herself up. Her doubts quickly get a definitive answer as a special surprise awaits her for New Years Eve. While the others are toasting on the new year she decides to go take a walk on the beach. The person she meets there will make her whole holiday a lot brighter. Jason has returned from his punishment with the Anconi and they couldn't have a better beginning of the new year. 

Jason doesn't want to talk about what happened while he was with the Anconi, but every time Payton touches him he seems to get a little bit more distant from her. As she confronts him about it he finally opens up and he tells her that they tortured him with the sight of her. As she tries to recover from that news she also makes a promise to herself never to hurt him. In the meantime the Dawsons do some charity work in the area as they want to give back to the community. They have so much wealth that they think others deserve some of that too. 

When the group of supernaturals get back to Waterfall Creek things seem a lot brighter. Jason is able to touch Payton again as his toxic memory of the time with the Anconi starts to fade and the others all go back to their normal lives with the memories of a great vacation. The four love birds also decide to have a do over of the first double date and this time make it an official one. When Alyssa shows up to bring her holiday gifts things get heated up again. We learn that Alyssa and Alyson really can't get along. And when the two of them get into a big fight Alyssa decides it's best for her to leave again. Due to the fight we do learn more about Alyson's background. 

While we learn more and more about the world of supernatural in Waterfall Creek, there is a whole back story about how magic even became to exist. In this episode we meet the seven beautiful young witches who were the first of the seven ancient bloodlines. As we uncover who they are and why they have their own specialities we also meet the faiths of several other bloodlines existing in the human world besides the one of Claire and Payton. This special is introduced to be able to shine a light on the world of magic and all it's secrets. 

While the relationship between the witches and vampires get stronger, there is a force that doesn't want them to be together. Payton and Claire get an ultimatum from the elders, but they decide to ignore their warning. As a result the elders take away the active powers of the sisters, leaving them to fend for themselves without being able to protect themselves. As a result the sisters also debate wheter or not they should tell their friends about who they are. This would mean great danger to their friends, but their friends would also be prepared for any attack. The sisters won't be able to protect them anymore from this point. They decide to tell them, but they gather at the Dawson house, because they think a neutral place might be a better idea. When they break the news everybody seems very shocked and doesn't really know what to say. Justin on the other hand gets really mad. He walks away and there is a possibility that this may have ruined his friendship with Claire for good. 

As Claire and Payton try to deal with losing their powers the vampire brothers are struggling with some other stuff. All of their pasts are very complicated, but they feel like they need to tell their girlfriends everything. Seth invites Claire over to come and take a look in the big closet that houses all of the vampires clothes from centuries ago till this day. Claire is intruiged and this is a great opportunity for him to tell her more about who he is and why he has become this person. In the meantime Jason and Payton share a very special moment as Jason reveals more about the women of his past. He talks about his mother and sister, but we also hear the word May for the first time. Payton is so glad he has finally opened up to her in that way that they share a very special night after...

With the finals almost over and everybody busy with what dress they should wear to prom Alyssa couldn't have picked a better time to drop by for a visit. She is a big party animal and she decides to invite herself to the party. Not knowing if he has already a date she decides that Justin should take her to prom. He is very thrilled at first because Alyssa is one of the most beautiful and most confident girls he has ever seen in his life. At prom she seems to have more eyes for other boys and he soon realises that he has been used as an excuse to get inside. Payton, Claire, Jason and Seth enjoy themselves and have no idea about what is going on with their friends. At the end of the party Alyssa decides that Justin has seen to much of her and she makes him forget everything that he knows about her. This also erases his memory of knowing about vampires and witches. 

The morning after a cleaning crew has to come back to the school to help clean up the mess from the night before. Claire and Justin have volunteered in an attempt to save their friendship and talk to each other. Claire had spend the night at the Dawson house, so she has to get back to the school for the clean up. She just never makes it there. When Justin gets worried he decides he needs to call someone. Seth is immediately alarmed when Justin tells him Claire is still not at the school and he says they'll go search for her. In the meantime Claire is locked up in a cabin wth an unknown vampire. He plays some very bloody games with her and as she tries to escape things get even messier. She loses a lot of blood, but there is nothing she can do about that. As the others search for a way to find her, her condition keeps getting worse. 

Payton is finally able to find out where the kidnapper is hiding Claire. She and the Dawsons are trying to figure out how to get her out of there and when they have a plan they go to the rescue. With a little distraction and Seth rescueing Claire they are able to get her out of the cabin in the woods. When Jason sees who has kidnapped her he feels a great shock. Payton notices, but she knows now is not the time to ask him about it. The kidnapper escapes and Nate and Dylan go after him, but they are not able to catch him. At the Dawson house Elisabeth is the one to take care of Claire but they are not able to wake her up. The blood she has lost is too much and they need to keep her in a coma to keep the pain away. Payton confronts Jason with the identity of the kidnapper in the meantime. When we find out who it is, all we know about Jason will change forever. 


Season One is set from August 2007 untill June 2008. The majority of the story takes place in Waterfall Creek, with storylines expanding to Paris n 1B.


  • Akon - Don't Matter
    • Party scene
  • Rihanna - Umbrella (edit)
    • Midseason finale fight - Jason, Seth and Alyssa scene
  • Euriel - Hate Me
    • Payton and Jason scene
  • The Scientist
    • S1 finale

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