Season Two of Bloodlines follows the aftermath of the previous season, with tensions running high among the Hainasoni and the Curtis Bloodlines. The Hainasoni try to break free from their parents and seek out the help of the other royals. Meanwhile, the Curtis family is fractioning like never before, causing for with severe consequences.

Plot Edit

- Hailee going to Cassidy for help - Naomi gets send to Greek Hill (Drew already dead?) - Escape attempt

The youngest generation of the Hainasoni bloodline arrange their belongings to depart the next morning, to a family cabin that Haillee Ignatius arranged for them. As Cassidy hands the coordinates to Laura, she heads back to get one final bag which is when their parents are allerted. Cassidy prompts Laura to get to the car, and she gets attacked by Laura's father. Laura is quick enough to get Cassidy into the car, as Louis drives off. With Cassidy unconcious and the paper with coordinates gone, they end up in a forrest and they camp there. When she awakes, Laura asks her where they need to go, to which Cassidy says she doesn't remember. Laura burned the paper with pyrokinesis after it dropped from her pocket and their parents were in danger of finding it.

Cassidy is very unstable during their wondering. They travel around half of Alaska in a week, untill they finally get word from Haillee. Now that they get back the coordinates, they head out to the cabin in Washington. There they are greeted by the mother of Louis and Haillee, and Cassidy is sceptic about her from the start. However she learns that her aunt isn't like most of their parents, and she gets treated by the skilled nurse. After a relative recovery period, they head down further south to ultimately land in Waterfall Creek, 4 months after the defeat of May Miller.

- Crossover with TOM :

The Hainasoni witches are welcomed in the motel. During their stay at the motel, Louis and Nick take over watching over Kendall, while Cassidy goes into the woods and outs her frustration, causing a small forrestfire. She asks Lydia to teach her how to prevent anyone getting hurt again, suggesting blood magic, but Lydia refuses.<

- From WC to Seattle : </p>

Cassidy goes with Laura, Louis and Hailee to Seattle, where she starts her medical residency. She keeps in touch with her sister who stays behind in Waterfall Creek. At the hospital, Cassidy baffles the hospital staff with her skills, and it is revealed that she secretly has been using blood magic on patients in the hospital. Because of this blood magic, Peter Thornton is able to locate them.

- Nick working with Emilia - Crossover : 

Meanwhile Nick gets a surprising request from Emilia Brown, to help out with the upcoming battle between Alyssa & Matt.

- Naomi gets rescued

- Charlie prevents Peter from tracking them down (Charlie & Cassidy part 2) --> Happy ever after

- Fight with the Anconi : 

In the winter of 2014/2015, Cassidy travels back to Waterfall Creek to help fight the Anconi. She keeps the threat from Charlie, who finds out from his brother. As Charlie arrives on the battlefield, he sees Cassidy's throat getting slid. As Charlie begs Lydia to use blood magic, Cassidy tells him that's not how she wants to live. She tells him she loves him, and then she dies. Peter Thornton overhears Lydia mentions these words by Cassidy, and he decides to give up his manhunt because of what Cassidy said.


Halt and Catch Fire

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