Season One of Bloodlines introduces the other bloodlines in the witch community. The story this season revolves around their connections, and their lives. We focus on the Hainasoni bloodline, with the Thornton and the Hagano families. We also delve into the mystery revolving the Curtis bloodline, and we learn more about the deceased Arlen and Garfunkel bloodlines.

Plot Edit

1x01 1x02 1x03 1x04 1x05 1x06 1x07 1x08 1x09 1x10 1x11
Laura & Yuri

1x12 1x13 1x14 1x15 1x16 1x17 1x18 1x19 1x20 1x21 1x22

- Laura & Yuri (Lydia killing him)

- Cassidy & Drew

- Cassidy @ internship (meeting and starting to date Charlie)

- Naomi & Drew

- Nick & Jade

- Bash & Ruby

- Hunters in London

- Drew's death (mercy-killed à la Finn)

- Hayden & Eloise

- Hailee's escape

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