Season Four

Moving In
22/09/2010 (Jasons Birthday) -
01/2012 (Twin reveal)
Portland, Oregon
Family First

Minka Kelly as Payton Silverstone

Dianna Agron as Claire Silverstone
Ben Barnes as Jason Dawson
Alex Pettyfer as Seth Dawson
Crystal Reed as Alyssa Miller
Tyler Posey as Justin Saphire
Matt Lanter as Mike Creeton
Skyler Samuels as Mila Romano
Alex O'Loughlin as James Dawson
Shantel Vansanten as Elisabeth Dawson

Sophia Bush as May Miller

Chris Hemsworth as Dylan McKenzie

Olivia Wilde as Alyson McKenzie
Skyler Samuels as Mila Romano

Colton Haynes as Mason Woods
Previous Season
Next Season

After the birth of Alena, Payton and Jason try to figure out parenthood. They get back up from Alyson and Dylan, before they leave town again. Claire also has to leave her sister and her niece to start her first year of university, and Seth joins her in California. Meanwhile Mila is also going to university, and she is adjusting to her new level of normal.

While the majority of the characters leave town, a new witch arrives in town, named Phoebe. When Claire hears about her at Jason's surprise birthday party, she expresses her concerns but Payton assures she can handle it. While Alyssa also shows up at the party, Justin remains closed off in his room. Seth offers to be there for his friend when he goes to stay with Alyssa and Justin for a while.

At Thanksgiving, Payton reveals Alena's full name to be Alena Lillian Lauren Dawson, and she skypes with Mila to show her the baby. Mila herself celebrates Thanksgiving with Mason, who she meets that night. Also away from her family is Phoebe, who stays at her grandmother's home while her siblings are on the east coast.

When an old acquantance of James reveals that the situation on the east coast is rocky because of May Miller, James is immediatly allerted and warns his friends and family to keep an eye open. 

In Season Four  many characters will be geographically separated from one another, and we'll find out how they keep their relationships intact despite that. We see how the characters in the story handle parenthood with a baby in the family. Life continues to go on as four characters go to college or university. This forces our characters to welcome new people in their lives all the while dealing with the traumatic events of the past season.


Season 4AEdit

Season Four Plot Overview
Jan '11

4x10 Feb '11

Alena/Portland x x x x x x x x x (Payton school)
Justin/Alyssa x x (absence) x x x x x
Claire/Seth/Cali x x x (Seth wisconson) x x x (Seth Portland) x x
Phoebe/Linda x (Phoebe Introduction) x x x x x (Linda Introduction) x x
Lynn x (intro part1)  x (intro part2)  x x
May/Millers x x x x x
Mila/Mason x x x x x x (kiss) X (focus episode)
Club x x x x (aftermath of visit) x


  1. Aftermath of Alena's birth - SEPT 2010 (ep 1/2)
  2. Phoebe Curtis - SEPT 2010 (ep 1/2)
  3. Spreading out to California & Wisconsin & Hamptons & Portland (Settling in) - Sept 2010 (ep 1/2)
  4. Justin's depression + Seth goes to Wisconsin - Oct/Nov 2010 (ep 1/2)
  5. Linda & Lynn - nov 2011 (ep 4/5/7)
  6. Mila & Mason in Italy (ep 4/5/6/8)
  7. May prepares her plan (ep 4/6)
  8. Cleaning up Portland (7) 
  9. Payton & Justin both go to school - DEC/JAN 2011 (ep 8)
  10. Seth at magicschool - starting Oct 2011 (ep 7)
  11. Payton's pregnant with AJ & quits school - nov 2011 (ep 8)
  12. Mila & Mason Fight - nov 2011 (ep 10) 
  13. Alysa starts worrying about money


  1. May attack (Jason death + revival) (ep 12/13)
  2. AJ's Birth - Apr 2012
  3. The Valkyries
  4. Claire's summer internship - June/Jul/Aug 2012
  5. Claire gets pregnant - dec 2012
  6. Claire's store with Alyssa - dec 2012
  7. Chris and Nora start dating - dec 2012

PROPOSITION : END SEASON with store opening party and Chris flirting with Nora, foreshadow to Twins reveal and return of the valkyries with some type of profecy of how in duo's there's always one good and one bad (the valkyries being an example of bad witches)


Season Four takes place after a timejump, and starts in September 2012. A four month timejump takes place in the first half of the season, and another two months are skipped towards the end. The season finale takes place on ____, putting the season's total run on roughly ____ months.

Season four is largely set in Waterfall Creek once again, with Portland and California as major recurring locations.


1 - Everything Has ChangedEdit

Three days have passed since Alena was born, and Payton's health is slowly improving. When she talks to Jason, she says Alena should have his last name, something they hadn't discussed before. Alyson and Dylan stay at the Dawson house to help the young family out as much as they can the next few weeks. Claire dislikes having to be away from her sister, but she has to return back to California for her first year at university. Justin and Alyssa also go back to Wisconsin. At the end of the episode, a young witch arrives at the doorstep of the Silverstones.

2 - Back to SchoolEdit

Mila heads back to school where she focusses on her photography. While taking pictures of couples, Mila thinks about her own lovelife and her sexuality.Payton receives a letter from the Elders congratulating her with Alena. This makes everyone wonder what Alena's powers will be. Claire and Seth travel back to town to attend Jason's surprise birthday party. Alyssa also visits. After the party, Claire gets introduced to Phoebe. When Payton explains Phoebe's situation, Claire is concerned about the promise Payton has made. At the end of the night, they say goodbye to Alyson and Dylan, who leave town again. 

3 - Step by StepEdit

Claire gets worried for Justin's condition after he wasn't at the club. Seth then offers to travel to Wisconsin to help Alyssa out with supporting Justin. There, Alyssa admits to Seth that she doesn't know how to help Justin anymore. Seth talks to Justin. Afterwards, Justin asks him to go running with him. They decide to train for a marathon, and Justin starts to slowly recover from his depression through working out more. Meanwhile Jason and Payton discover the first signs of Alena's magical genetics. While being a mom for Alena, Payton also tries to do some research for Phoebe.

4 - ThanksgivingEdit

After spending several weeks in Wisconsin, Seth travels back to Waterfall Creek to meet up with Claire for Thanksgiving at their California condo. Mila skypes with Payton that day and meets Alena that way. As Payton talks about Thanksgiving preparations, Mila decides to have a thanksgiving herself. While being clumsy in the dorm kitchen, she meets a guy who points out the turkey is too big to eat alone, and so they celebrate the american holiday together. Phoebe celebrates Thanksgiving at he grandmother's while she thinks about the rest of her family.

Meanwhile May Miller is in less festive mood, and she is starting to worry the people in her council.May can't track down Alyssa who is in Wisconsin celebrating Thanksgiving with Justin's family. When May finds out an old friend of James is on her way to Waterfall Creek, she tries to have her convinced to join the Millers, but Lynn is very loyal to her friend and sire, James. She arrives in town, and parties at the club.

5 - The Distance BetweenEdit

When Lynn shows up at the door, James reveals she is his sire, causing Elisabeth to wonder why he never talked about her. Lynn explains her situation, and James agrees on letting her stay. Elisabeth decides to accept it for now, but notes the inconvenience now that May Miller is still watching them, as well as the remainder of the situation in Portland and the recent troubles in Eureka territory. James realises Elisabeth is right and he calls Seth and Claire to inform them and to check up on them, interrupting a romantic date between Claire and Seth.

In Portland, the guilt starts to weigh in on Jason for having Mike run the daily affairs. He decides to make a surprise visit to the club with Alena. Payton skypes with Mila who tells her about school and Payton decides to reconnect with some of her old classmates as a result of it. Phoebe skypes her older brother Connor, who tells her their mother hasn't contacted him in a few days.

6 - Heads Will RollEdit

Mila receives a letter from her sister, and she gets worried aboutt he situation in her parent's hometown. Mason comforts her, saying she is better than her parents and encouraging her to follow her dreams. Meanwhile Payton and Jason learn the struggles of parenthood in combination with school and work. When Payton gets attacked while strolling with Alena, she realises Portland still has a big vampire population, and she fears for her daughter's safety.The biggest threat for Alena's life comes from May, who is recruiting new soldiers, but she gets frustrated when they don't listen. While May is on a rampage, Grace tries to balance things out to create an invironment her son can find his place in again. 

7 - Future Tense Edit

Jason decides to call in the help of Seth and Alyssa, and they work together to get rid of the remaining vampires in Portland. There, Alyssa tells them aboutt he disturbing reports from within the Millers. Alyssa also says Justin has started a business degree in college. Mila also continues to go to school, and grows closer to Mason.Meanwhile James discloses more of his relationships with Lynn, and we learn more about their past. Lynn talks about May's recruitment attempt, and James decides to keep an extra close eye on the Millers' actions to prevent another attack.

8 - Serve and ProtectEdit

When Alyssa returns to Wisconsin, Justin says he might go into the army after college after seeing a flyer at school. As the first snow falls, Mila and Mason share a kiss in the courtyard of the school. Payton starts to think about going back to school after hearing about Justin going to college too. She talks to Jason about this over their romantic Christmas dinner, and Jason says he supports her all the way.Claire and Seth celebrate Christmas in California by themselves, and Claire shows off her very first personally made dress. At the end of the episode we witness Christmas at the Curtis house, where Phoebe celebrates with her grandmother. As they are about to eat, Phoebe's mom Linda makes a surprise visit.

9 - In sickness and in healthEdit

In 2011, Payton starts school again after returning to Portland from the holidays. Meanwhile Phoebe tries to ignore her mother's arguments for coming back home. They get into a fight when Phoebe says she has enrolled in SJBS and plans to graduate there, forcing Linda to realise this is not just a phase.

Halfway through January, Justin falls ill, and when he starts to act more withdrawn, Alyssa fears he might slip into depression again. But when he recovers again, Justin continues to work out and Alyssa's concerns prove wrong. Justin continues to play around with inlisting, much to Alyssa's displeasement. Meanwhile Claire and Seth take pleasure in having more time together, now that the climate is a bit more durable for Seth. As a surprise, Seth drives Claire up into the mountains and they watch the sun set over the city.

10 - La dulce Vita - Focus episodeEdit

In Italy, Mila and Mason are in a relationship for several months now, when Mila starts noticing strange behaviour. When he is on the phone with Liam, Mila overhears him and she gets furious at him. Mason tells her he did actually feel something for her, but he wasn't in love with her, yet. Mila breaks up with him and kicks him out of her apartment, breaking all contact with him. She wants to tell Payton about Liam's spy, but she can't press send when she reminds herself how happy Payton and Claire are now without Liam in their lives.

11 - ShatteredEdit

Phoebe and Linda's relationship remains strained, but Linda makes an effort to mend things with her youngest daughter  by choosing to stay at the house and working at a women's clinic nearby. Meanwhile Phoebe keeps on learning more about magic, and get's assistance from Claire. She suggests Phoebe could stay in the guest bedroom on weekdays when the study sessions got late, because it was closer to SJBS. Jason has his nose in the books as well, when he finds out the club isn't as profitable as he'd have hoped by now. Payton then gives him some pointers to work on, to which Jason reaches out to Lynn to ask for some help in the club. Lynn also remains cautious from word on The Millers, who have now all been called back to the homebase because May is planning something big.

12 - Happy BirthdayEdit

7 months have passed and as the summer comes to an end, Payton is planning Alena's first birthday party. We see Phoebe has now permanently moved into The Silverstone House. She has continued to learn magic from Payton or Claire over the summer. Across the Mississippi, it is revealed that May is planning a vicious attack by enlisting the help of the Hainasoni, a group of witches she has forced into working for her in a special facility called Greek Hill these past few months. 

Lynn and Mike have been getting to know one another over the summer as well while working at the club and babysitting Alena together. Alena's godparents, Justin and Alyssa, arrive in town to celebrate Alena's first year of life. The night after the party, Payton tells Jason she is pregnant again. At the end of the episode Seth receives a letter from Magicschool asking him if he would like to teach about vampire politics there.

13 - AmertasEdit

Seth and Claire go on a double date with Justin and Alyssa while they're all in town, and they recall their senior year together. That night, Seth tells Claire about the letter and they agree to go to Magicschool together. In the magical dimension his pressence is received with both excitement and joy. Phoebe asks Payton questions about the magical dimension, and Phoebe progresses onto the next stage in her magical education.

While Justin listens in on Phoebe's magiclessons to refresh his memory, Alyssa and Jason go on an extended hunting trip for the whole day. After returning from the magical dimension that night, Claire and Seth then leave back to California. As Payton and Jason return to Portland, Alyssa and Justin accompany them to spend some more time together. As they arrive in the loft, Alyssa finds trails that indicate someone recently lived there. 

14 - Fangs and bloodbagsEdit

We find out Mason has been hanging around in Portland recently, but has now moved on to the Miller Headquarters hoping to join them. He gets rejected, despite May calling in her army and preparing her special weapons. During a halloween party in california, Claire get's attacked but Seth is able to prevent any harm. They inform the Dawsons who then go on high allert for the next few weeks.

When the Dawsons are gathering for Thanksgiving at the Dawson house, she times her attack. With special weapons, she heads to Waterfall Creek with her best fighters. Luckaly, Lynn has been alert and she is able to spot some of the vampires she met last year, but they prove to be faster than her and they take her out of the equasion before she can warn the others. Mike finds her in the middle of the woods at the end of the episode.

15 - Edit

May attacks, and as they fight they scatter through the woods, making it impossible for them to help each other out. As Payton goes searching for Jason she gets attacked from behind and almost gets killed. Jason is the one to safe her, but he gets stabbed in the back by a poisoned knife. As he falls down in the snow, Payton sees the love of her life die. Payton is devastated and when she is running away from the battlescene she ends up at the waterfalls. In a momentary lapse of judgement she considers to jump. Phoebe arrives just in time at the scene to stop Payton from jumping using her magic. Payton then saves Phoebe's life in exchange, and they return to the battlescene. When Payton touches Jason, he revives. Hearing about what happened, Linda attempts to get Phoebe back home, but Phoebe refuses, feeling like she was able to finally do something with her magic.Mike is bouncing Alena when Lynn awakes again, and they share a moment together. At the end of the episode Alyssa reveals she intercepted half of the weapons after following Mason's trail from Portland. 

16 - RevivalEdit

As Jason regains his strength, Payton faces the aftermath of the battle as her health declines due to the stress... When Claire asks a lot of questions, Payton reveals she is pregnant again. While everyone processes the news, Seth is called away from his friends and family to magicschool to explain the situation, which he finds not to be an easy task. Claire then experiences the difficulties of combining school and her family when she is forced to go back to California because of a school assignment.

17 - ExileEdit

Seth's time in magicschool increases by the day over the winter months, while Mike offers to tutor Phoebe with her exams. When May finds out Alyssa was involved in the faillure of her plan, May decides to cut down Alyssa's funding in frustration that Alyssa can't be tracked down while she's in Wisconsin. Alyssa gets officially exiled from The Millers, but she decides not to tell Justin because she doesn't want to distract him from school. Claire also keeps a secret from Seth when she receives an offer for a summer internship. When Seth finds out they have a brief fight, but they reconsile later in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile Payton makes the decision to quit school, and Jason and Payton announce they're moving back to Waterfall Creek over the holidays. As they unwrap Christmas presents Payton recalls a memory with her parents and she tells Jason she is scared she will die and leave her kids to the same fate.

18 - J.L. MeierstreetEdit

Claire works hard on her spring collection, which will be her ticket into the New York internship. Now that Payton and Jason moved back into the Silverstone House, Phoebe helps out with the kids occasionally. When she notices disturbing symptoms of Payton she decides to call her mother. When Claire receives the text that Payton is in labour she can't reach Seth, who has been severely wounded in magicschool. When Linda arrives, she and Elisabeth help with the birth of Andrew Jason Dawson, Payton and Jason's son.  

Seth awakes in magicschool and learns he was targeted by a group called 'The Valkyries'. When he returns home, he greets the new baby and decides not to tell Payton about the valkyries yet when she learns she had to rest a lot to regain her strenght. Meanwhile Alyssa reaches out to Thomas, but gets burned by asking him for help when he calls her a traitor. Thomas tells her her actions in the past will come to haunt her. After Chris tells Justin he's been expelled, Justin gets worried about his school grades.

19 - Lesson learnedEdit

When Chris is failing a lot of his classes, his aunt and uncle send him to Justin and Alyssa's condo during spring break so he can study and make up for his grades. However Alyssa takes Chris' pressence hard, because she already has limited hunts at the risk of getting tracked down. Eventually Alyssa is not carefull enough, and Chris discovers Alyssa is a vampire. Meanwhile Claire gets praised over her work and over spring break she and Seth travel to New York to find a place for her to stay. Seth then tells her he can't go with her because it's Miller territory, and they are forced to consider spending the summer apart. Meanwhile Payton and Jason get used to know their newborn son, and they discover some life lessons about raising kids in a world of magic.

20 - A Trail of BodiesEdit

Payton runs into people from the school newspaper who suggest she should come and work for the Creek Daily. She decides to go on a job interview there, but doesn't tell Jason untill she actually gets accepted. Thomas doubts if ratting out Alyssa was the right thing and finds comfort in his friend Darcy at Greek Hill. He leaves a trail of bodies on his way there, causing for some other vampires to pick it up and attack Greek Hill. When May finds out she now no longer has a witch to work for her after the attack on Greek Hill, she reassigns Matt O'Connell from tracking Alyssa to finding a new witch. This gives Alyssa a bit more breathing room, but it doesn't help mend the situation with Chris, who feels very much lied to. At that point Claire calls Alyssa and invites her to New York. Alyssa accepts so that Chris and Justin can work things out.

21 - Black and WhiteEdit

In New York Claire shows her designs so far, and the two of them spend the majority of the break discussing designs. When Alyssa suggests Claire should get a store to display them in, Claire considers it. When Seth encourages Claire to go for it, Alyssa drafts up the paperwork. When Claire returns from New York she reunites with Seth at the airport, and they make up for lost times. Meanwhile Alyssa sticks around in New York for the weeks after that, making business connections for her business with Claire. When she returns to Wisconsin she tells Justin about the store idea. When Payton finds out she is beyond excited for her sister. At Claire's 21st birthday at the club, Jason gives her the owner's papers for the retail space at the front of the club building as a present to her.

22 - Down the Rabbit HoleEdit

Now that they have a retailspace, Claire and Alyssa go to work on creating the store, which Claire decides to name Down the Rabbit Hole. Alyssa spends a lot of time in Waterfall Creek, and she helps out a lot with Alena and AJ as well.

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