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Fall 2013

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NYE 2014

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early summer 2014

  1. Seth goes paranoia (season finale) - May 2013
  2. Birth of Amanda and Alexis - June 2013 (ep 3)
  3. Alyssa's pregnancy reveal - June 2013 (ep 3)
  4. Mike and Lynn start dating - July 2013 (ep 4)
  5. - MP - Alysstin financial troubles
  6. Jayton Wedding (ep 7)
  7. Birth of Damien
  8. Alyson and Dylan return to Waterfall Creek
  9. Rebel!Phoebe (car accident & partying with Chris)
  10. - MP - Payton gets poisoned at the club
  11. Claire's Disney Birthday  (Liam returns)



1 - Instead of in New York Edit

On New Year’s day 2013 Payton and Jason are cleaning up at the club when Alyssa stops by. She tells Jason she’s going to buy a house in Waterfall Creek, since she spends a lot of time in town for the store business anyways. When Justin finds out he is shocked that she didn’t discuss it with him, but he’s happy that they don’t have to stay with their friends anymore after Mike moved into their senior year condo.

Meanwhile Phoebe awakes with her first hangover, and we discover she has been neglecting her magical education a bit when she fails to show up at Seth’s magic class… Claire, also apparently hungover, reads a magazine on the couch while she recalls her job offer for Vogue last summer during her internship, which she had to pass down because Seth couldn’t relocate with her to New York. In flashbacks we see brief scenes of the summer that Alyssa and Claire spend in NYC. When Claire's annual checkup shows a vitamin D insufficiency because Claire has been locked in her room working, Seth decides to take Claire on a holiday to Crete.

  • Episode title : "If you were here besides me, instead of in New York"  is a lyric from 'New York' by snow patrol, used in the NY flashback scenes to indicate Seth and Claire's geographical seperation

2 - Home Is Where You Are - Special Edit

Alyssa and Justin are going through some of Justin's family stuff when he comes across a bunch of letters. As Justin goes over to Alyssa, she apologizes and explains the house took up half of their remaining budget but she didn't want him to think they were in trouble. Justin then drops a bomb himself, and tells Alyssa Keith is not his father. Throughout the episode we see flashbacks of Jodie, Keith and Justin's family as they help founding Waterfall Creek.

Phoebe discovers some of her family’s secrets too, when she uncovers a newspaper article about a kidnapping story from 18 years ago involving Hayden C. and Eloise C.’s body’s to be found dead in the woods. It’s in those woods that Chris and Noah decide to go on a camping trip. On the trip, Nora falls into a trap set by Thomas Chamerlaine, originally meant for Justin’s little brother Chris. Afraid to deliver failure, Thomas turns Nora and not Chris.

3 - Get This Party Started Edit

Claire and Seth enjoy spending time together in Crete for the remainder of the vacation. Meanwhile Payton decides to make her involvement in the club more serious, and she officially gets in the club management. When Chris shows at the club, Payton is concerned since Phoebe had stated they'd watch a movie together tonight. Jason suggests informing Linda, but Mike steps in stating he invited Phoebe over at his condo instead.

4 - Princess Protection Program Edit

Mike confronts Phoebe about her alibi for last night while babysitting the kids, and he tries to get through to her by showing what not studying in senior year will bring her. However Lynn steps in, and she supports Phoebe's freedom. This causes Mike and Lynn to bud heads, but not enough to create a fight. They talk, and make up revealing they have been secretly dating.

Meanwhile Claire goes to a college party, where she runs into Robbie, the guy who had send her letters one year ago. He tells her he has visited her store hoping to find her there. Seth overhears this conversation, and he beats him up in an alley.

Meanwhile Seth teaches vampirism in magicschool, where the enrollment numbers have increased, especially for his class. However it causes for strain in his and Claire's relationship. On the flip-side, Justin and Alyssa spend the weekend in bed trying to get through their long list of issues to resolve.

5 - Family TreeEdit

On valentine’s day, Jason and Payton spend the day backtracking their relationship including a visit to SJBS and the music room, watching pictures of them together and spending time with their family. At the end of the day, they visit their spot at SJBS, where Jason proposes to Payton. Claire finds out as she’s busy enrolling in her final semester at school. However when Claire collapses during a dinner party to celebrate the engagement, Claire is foced to put school on hold. When Elisabeth checks Claire’s values again

6 - She Who Shall Not be Named Edit

Meanwhile May travels to Waterfall Creek when she hasn't heard from Thomas in a while. She finds out he has turned the wrong person, and that Nora is now under the supervision of the Dawsons, learning how to be a vampire. Chris is agitated because he is kept in the dark about everything. When Chris is worried about his girlfriend's dissapearance, Phoebe comforts him but she struggles with not being able to talk to him about magic

7 - Secrets and Lies Edit

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16 - Bound Edit

Alyson and Dylan return back to town when Alyssa's health issues threaten to affect her entire bloodline. Alyson's reaction to Alyssa's pregnancy is softened when they introduce their own daughter through adoption; Aylin McKenzie.

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  • Candles
  • For the rest of our lives
  • Infinity Times Infinity
  • 212 Peter Street
  • In your Head
  • 60 days

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