Season One of The Heart takes place during Season Five of Touch of Magic, and focusses on the activities of the Hainasoni Bloodline and The Curtis Family.

In this season, we uncover the horrible truth about the Hainasoni bloodline, a bloodline that has become brutal by working under the command of May Miller. Several generations have been traumatised by torture and loss, causing the elder family to be very unattached to their children and lacking any true parenting. The one thing that holds, is the bond between the youngest generation, who try to look out for one another. They plan to be the first generation to make their own decisions, and escape the wrath of May Miller, but first they have to make sure they survive their parents.

When Naomi gets chosen to go and work for May in Greek Hill Nick is against it and he demands that his parents take him instead, but they don't listen to him. After shipping off Naomi, they insist Nick apologizes and the figure he should marry soon. They arrange a meeting, but Nick lashes out violently, causing his dad to injure him and Nick is locked away from the rest of his cousins.

This causes trouble for Kendall, who is not only cousins but also good friends with Nick. She resents her sister from leaving on an internship and not caring for the ones who are still behind. When she talks to Louis about it, Louis says he was lucky that he was allowed to study architecture and leave the compound, before their parents became heartless. Louis uses his limited access (as oldest wizard of the family) to care for his niece Caitlin, and look for his younger half-sister Hailee.

Hailee shows up with Cassidy at her internship, having run away from the compound when Peter Thornton said he wanted to keep her there permanently to strenghten the family's power. However what Peter doesn't know is that there is a way younger member of their family that he has no idea of. His three children, Louis, Laura and Lydia, all try to keep the existence of Caitlin hidden. Laura especially suffers from the separation from her daughter, who was born out of a violent marriage. Laura also still carries the emotional scars of her time in jail, for the death of her husband and Caitlin's father. In the meantime she gets a lot of pressure put on her to be the most powerfull she can, as she and Louis endure hard training by their father.


In Season Two

Emilia travels to the house the Hainasoni witches are staying in, asking them for help. Nick agrees to help her, in exchange for her help in rescueing his sister who is still kept in Greek Hill even though May Miller is now dead.

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