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Ruby and Sebastien
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met 2014
Duration N/A
Status Friends

Sexual Tension

This is the relationship between Ruby Lennox and Sebastien Ambroise.


Ruby and Sebastien first encounter in London when Ruby is searching for her grandmother. Her first instinct is to kill him due to her hunter training. She doubts because she doesn't recall much bad said about him. In this, Sebastien uses her doubt to put her out of balance, and pin her down. He then goes on to say he doesn't hurt his own kind. Ruby is confused, yet after soms explenations of coincidentials in her life, Ruby is convinced she is a witch.

In the weeks following, Sebastien and Ruby seach for her grandmother but are unsuccesfull. All the while, Ruby learns the truth about witches and the fact that they are anything but bad creatures, they're just humans with gifts. Gifts like herself. Ruby and Sebastien make an arrangement for her to report back to him if the Hunters have any plans for the witches as Ruby re-joins the hunters. Sebastien even pops up on American soil to draw out the Davis family, which is when Ruby (again) volunteers to shadow him.

On one of those shadowings, Sebastien stays in a hotel in Seattle. Ruby is send out to investigate, and she arranges to meet up with Sebastien. The two get talking when Ruby can finally be her true self and she doesn't have to put up a hard appearance. With alcohol involved, they quickly end up in bed and they spend the night. They begin a brief romance, but they both decide that there is no point in it untill the Hunters are destroyed. Sebastien says he's working on a plan for backup on that, and then he leaves back to Europe.

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